2018 Toyota FT-4 X Concept Overview, Compact Off-Road Vehicle!

Wednesday, July 10th, 2019 - Toyota
2018 Toyota FT-4 X Concept Horsepower

The FT-4 x Concept represents the study of Toyota for a suv compact size suitable for the outdoors. ANGULAR LINES-the Toyota coined the term “casualcore” to describe the FT-4 x Concept, which targets motorists dynamic and full lifestyle living in the city but that the drop out again in favor of outdoor activities in the countryside or mountains. The Toyota FT-4 x Concept is presented at the motor show in New York (April 14-23) and compact size, not too far from the Jeep Renegade, from which reprises some body shop solutions: 425 cm long and could anticipate a production car in this category, which you would like to place a notch below the Toyota C-HR.

The BASE is the PRIUS-style the Toyota FT-4 x Concept was defined at the Calty, the Toyota Center in Newport Beach, California. President Kevin Hunter and his colleagues based the designs on the construction platform, creating a car Toyota New Global Architecture firm and brightly colored shapes, with three doors, which uses a new mechanism for opening the door: in town there are two doors in closet, while in four-wheel drive tailgate is unique and can be raised conventionally. To select the mode of operation is enough to turn the handle in one direction or another. Bumpers, behind the hooks for towing are obtained from sockets to power portable devices or a refrigerator.

Clever Design

2018 Toyota FT-4 X Concept Interior

for the Interior right-hand rear view mirror housing, Toyota FT-4 x Concept is the space for a GoPro camera, the wheels are from 18 inches and generous appendages repair the bodywork from unintentional swipe, in parking lots or when tackling a challenging obstacle. The side Windows are removable and can be replaced with opaque crystals or a different nuance. The Interior of the Toyota FT-4 x Concept is minimal, due to the appearance of the bridge shaped, but there are numerous precautions to raise the functional level: the mats are coated with a material that is easy to clean, integrated in the doors are water bottles and the tissue that lines the armrest can become a sleeping bag. The side jets can rotate along the track on which are mounted and heat so wet gloves.

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