Suzuki Ignis Sport 2018 Review; Agile and Economical

Sunday, March 29th, 2020 - Suzuki
Suzuki Ignis Sport Turbo Tuning 2018

This original Suzuki Ignis Sport 2018 (is only 370 cm long) is also available in a hybrid version (the petrol engine, 90 hp, is “helped” during acceleration by a small electric unit) and with a full-wheel drive. In this configuration, in addition to guaranteeing low consumption, the Suzuki Ignis Turbo can also move on difficult funds, but is not comfortable on the pavé: the suspension transmits some too much jolt to the passengers. Not at all tiring to drive (light steering, well maneuverable the gearbox), although improved in braking, the car has cheerful interiors, spacious and practical: the sliding sofa is standard. However, it is approved for only four persons. Not bad the ratio endowment/price of the ITOP: Standard offers also the Navigator, the headlights full led and many security systems, such as the warning of unintentional exit from the driving lane.

Suzuki Ignis Sport 2018 Review

Dimensions and consumption by supermini, good capacity in off-road thanks to the full traction and 18 cm of minimum height from the ground, the practicality of spacious interiors and the sliding Sofa (standard): The Suzuki Ignis Sport 2018 has many arrows at its bow. The look, a bit ‘ from the crossover and a bit ‘ coupe, is captivating: the front, as high as in SUVs, has a nice air. The wide fenders give the impression of a well-grounded car; The back, squared and with the rear window tilted, reminds a little of the GT. In the hybrid version, with the 1.2 petrol (90 hp) and the small 3-horsepower electric motor, the Suzuki Ignis Sport is brilliant in the sprint and the traffic moves agile, requiring the driver the minimum of the effort: the gearbox and the steering (not too precise) are light from Operate. On disjointed, however, you suffer a little, especially if you are seated behind: the rigid bridge (the rear is made up of a steel crossbar that rigidly connects the wheels, always parallel to each other), useful in the off-road, is not much “cushioning”. Colored (as well as in orange, the details can be in grey) and refined (the three recesses in the side of the console’s object holder recapture those of the rear pillar of the roof), the cockpit is cheerful and youthful; The economic aspect of plastics, all stiff to the touch, is well disguised.

On board the New Suzuki Ignis, then, the space abounds: it is a pity that, at least for the moment, the car is homologated only for four (for those who sit behind, missing the handles in the ceiling). The price of ITOP is not exaggerated for a hybrid four-wheel drive and with a rich equipment: in addition to the Navigator and the automatic “climate”, includes safety systems such as automatic activation of brakes in case of emergency and warnings against the blow of sleep And the unintentional exit from the driving lane. For those who want to face the most challenging road, there is the iAdventure (19,000 euros), with extra protections on bumpers and sides. The Hybrid iTop (without the 4×4 traction) costs 16,800 euros. Renouncing also the hybrid system, for the 1.2 DualJet iTop you spend 15,800 euros, and 14,050 for the ICool, deprived of the navigator and the safety devices of the other. Equipped with driving aid such as automatic emergency braking, as in the test version, Suzuki Ignis achieved the highest five-star rating in the crash tests that the Euro NCAP conducted in 2016. Without these devices, the score drops to three stars.

Suzuki Ignis 2018 Sport Interior

The equipment of the Suzuki Ignis sport 2018 is clear and simple, but without the thermometer for the coolant, replaced by a spy. Information (including on the hybrid system) provided by the onboard computer screen. In the console, the “Clima” controls, inserted in a cylinder structure, and the underlying barbell buttons for some onboard services are practical and original. Finally, the 7 “screen type of infotainment tablet is intuitive. The driving position is well studied: the seat is aligned to the steering wheel (adjustable only in height) and to the pedal board. About the comfortable armchair, the standard is enveloping and heated. Two practical levers regulate the height of the seat and the inclination (jerky) of the backrest.

In relation to the size of the bodywork, the cockpit is large and cozy even for those who travel in the rear places. The two sections of the sofa have a reclining backrest and can slide back and forth 16 cm, giving more space to the passengers ‘ legs or to the capacity of the trunk.

Suzuki Ignis Sport 2018 Price and Equipment


The opening of the trunk is wide and of a regular shape. Under the bottom is a performer with the kit swells and repairs tires. The compartment is large, well made and with a sliding sofa in two parts even more usable: But, when the backs are folded, it creates a “jump” of 20 cm. With the sofa all back, under the bonnet are placed a rigid “suitcase”, a soft sack and two trolleys: Really not bad.

Test Drive

In the city-help the position of driving slightly high, the pedal of the soft clutch and the short body. Obvious the benefits of the electric unit: response to the accelerator ready, low consumption (in the test we recorded 16.4 km/l) and gentle reboots at traffic lights. The suspensions of the Suzuki Ignis sport 2018 do not filter well the pavé and behind you see little (the camera, however, is standard).

Out of town-the car is agile, the gearbox well maneuverable. A little vague in the answers the steering. The road holding does not pose problems: only if you “nail” through a curve the rear tends to lighten (immediate action of ESP). The stopping spaces are not of the most content and, if scrambled, the brakes (the pedal is not very modular) lose biting. Very low average consumption recorded in the road test: 19.2 km/L.

On the highway-the Suzuki Ignis keeps the 130 km/h without difficulty: at this speed, however, the noise of the tires is noticeable. Less obvious than that of the engine, which also works at the non-low (absolute) speed of 3600 laps in fifth gear. This last report is long and takes away liveliness in recovery after the slowdowns: in the case, better climb. This same choice, however, has a positive impact on average consumption: 13.3 km/L was detected in the test.

In the off road-the car does not have the reduced, but is equipped to face rough terrain. Pressing the key in the console activates the system that, in the steep descents, keeps constant (up to 10 km/h) the set speed. By acting on the Next button, the device that transfers torque to the wheel is actuated with more grip, breaking the one (of the same axle) that slides.

Suzuki Ignis Sport Specs

Gasoline Engine
Displacement cm3 1242
No Cylinders and arrangement 4 in-line
Maximum power KW (CV)/giri 66 (90)/6000
Torque Max Nm/Rev 120/4400

Electric motor

Maximum power KW (CV)/giri 2.3 (3)/N.D.
Torque Max Nm/Rev 50/N.D.
Lithium Ion Battery

Emission of CO2 grams/km 106
No gear ratio 5 + reverse gear
Full Drive
Front brakes self-ventilating discs
Rear Brakes Drums


Length/width/height cm 370/169/160
Wheelbase cm 244
Weight in running order kg 885
Luggage capacity Liters 204-319/1086
Tires (standard) 175/60 R16

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