Renault RS 2027 Vision Concept, Engine Hybrid, Weight, Dimensions

Friday, July 19th, 2019 - Renault
Renault RS 2027 Vision Concept Dimensions

Renault RS 2027 Vision Concept Debut in Shanghai for the concept car that anticipates the possible single-seater that will run in ten years. With 12 titles and 11 drivers won constructors world almost 40 years, Renault intends to remain a leader in Formula 1 in the future. And intends to do so by promoting a more humane and spectacular Championship, where the pilot becomes protagonist driving the car more powerful and secure. A wish summarized in Renault RS 2027 Vision Concept, a concept car unveiled at the Shanghai motor show that anticipates the vision of Formula 1 of 2027 and carried out in collaboration with Renault Sports Racing.

SECURITY TECHNOLOGY – Renault RS 2027 Vision Concept has chassis and components printed with 3D technology with easy-to-recycle materials and cockpit made according to the rider’s body. The design is more tapered, with adjustable wings and other aerodynamic elements furniture, while the Interior is closed to aid aerodynamics and to help with security. The “bubble” and shock-resistant polycarbonate flame comes on two titanium rods that protrude from the vehicle in the event of a rollover to protect the pilot and enable it to go out alone from single-seaters. Safety is also the autonomous driving function activated when safety car (real or virtual), yellow flag and other dangerous situations as well as the expected communications systems. The V2V allows riders to know the position of rivals and the direction to foresee critical situations and to establish the exit from the pits depending on the arrival of the cars. The V2 digital screen shows the pilot the decision of the race direction and allows direct connection with the Commissioners along with the circuit.

EFFICIENT HYBRID and integral Vision of the future-the Renault RS 2027 Vision Concept preserves the “mechanics” hybrid that combines a V6 turbo gasoline direct injection with two 250 kW electric motors arranged on two axes. A system that allows you to have a total capacity of 1 MW (power-to-weight ratio would be record-breaking considered the mass of 600 kg) and high energy efficiency so as to limit the tank to 60 kg of fuel versus the current 105. To encourage a reduction in consumption to contribute both units of type ERS-K recover braking energy more efficiently. The batteries recharge faster and twice the current density that allows you to make part of the competition in electric mode, especially the passage in the pits. Traction is integral with four wheel steering, the active suspension with adjustable aerodynamic linked choice.

Performance OBJECTIVE of Renault are initiatives to improve the show. The race weekend changes the formula, with the start on Friday night with the “Rookie Night Race,” the night race reserved for pilots and those rookies in the League. Saturday is dedicated to official practice and on Sunday the Grand Prix is divided into two heats, a longer and the “final sprint”. Increases as well interacting with spectators in the circuit or in front of the tv. The Cockpit of the Renault RS 2027 Vision Concept glimpse the movements of the rider, the helmet is transparent to allow viewing of the expressions in the running, while active Led lights integrated into the wheels tell the Viewer information about the location of the pilot and the condition of the car, such as the electric mode. Fans also may consult online some telemetry data of the car or vote in the “fun rank” the most spectacular that deserves a post of additional energy during the race.

Renault RS 2027 Vision Concept Dimensions

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