Peugeot Traveller 2018 Review; Van Space, Comfort Interior

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019 - Peugeot
Peugeot Traveller 2018 Gas Mileage

Peugeot Traveller 2018: Van Space, Car comfort, Available in three lengths, the new Peugeot Traveller offers up to nine seats. The 177 HP Turbo diesel engine has a nice pair. You travel in to relax, but access to the third row of seats is improved.

The Peugeot traveller 2018 is a large van born from a project developed by Peugeot in common with the Citroen and the Toyota, which proposes, with minimal aesthetic changes, with the names respectively of Spacetourer and Proace. Of the three, the one with Del Leone stands out for a more chic line, especially in the alluring setting that is also noted for the dark rear glasses. Offered with two-or four-wheel drive traction, it includes a fan of three lengths (compact of 461 cm, standard 496 and long of 5.31) and two steps (293 cm for the shortest, 328 for the other two), all configurable up to a maximum of nine seats. It is in the intermediate version that the van Transalpina offers the best balance between external dimensions and internal space, with a suitable luggage compartment also in the 8-seater configuration. Developed on the modified flatbed EMP2, the same as the Peugeot 3008, shares with the commercial expert most of the components. The front of the Peugeot traveller is made important by the thin grid in an elevated position. The side, without particular aesthetic flashes, has the sliding rear doors that in the richest allure are electrically operated: to open them, just pass the foot under the bottom of the car. On the whole, it is suitable for a use as a family car as well as a means of work, for hire service with the driver or as a minibus.

Comfortable even in Eight

Of the cockpit of the Peugeot Traveller 2018 immediately strikes the great airiness: there are several centimeters above the heads of the passengers and moving is easy. The only drawback is the access from outside to the third row of seats: the side chair, in fact, on the allure and active flows on tracks and its backrest folds, but does not lift to facilitate the passage to the seats “at the bottom”. Once you are seated, however, you are really comfortable even in the queue, and with the additional air conditioning (standard on Allure, active and Business VIP), which provides the adjustable vents on the roof for the two rear rows, there is nothing to envy to those who sit behind the driver (apart, perhaps, the blackout curtains integrated only in the doors). Note, however, that just at the bottom, in addition to the cup holders there is, on the left side a cigarette lighter socket, useful for charging tablets and mobile phones. The seats are flowing and can be removed from the cockpit to increase the loading compartment, up to 2 seats, of well 3968 liters. For those who opt for the seven-seater version to report the availability of the Foldaway table (1,720 euro). The nine seats are available on request (150 euros) only for business installations.

The message is standard

The allure setting of the Peugeot Traveller 2018 is the one of the two proposed to the private public: The alternative is the active, less tasty but less expensive than 5,750 euros and however equipped with dual zone air conditioning, cruise control, additional “climate” rear and tinted glass. The allure, however, provides a series of everything you need for safe and relaxing trips: pity that it offers only apart the rear camera of parking, almost indispensable in maneuvers, to buy at 640 euros with the package Visiopark 180 which includes also the front and rear parking sensors, the electric mirrors and the warning of vehicles in the blind corners of the external mirrors. In addition to the action in addition to the aforementioned motorized rear doors, there are also the panoramic roof, the front seats heated and with massage, the interior leather upholstery, the head-up display, a hi-fi system of 188 watts and the glasses of the second and third row darker.

Peugeot Traveller 2018 Test Drive; You drive in relax

First glance, driving the Peugeot traveler there is an eye to its imposing dimensions, especially in the city, and you have to get used to its position of driving rather elevated, more from van than from SUV. It is, however, a sensation that fades after a few minutes of use, once found the correct position of the armchair (easy, thanks to the electrical adjustments). Sweet in the passages, the automatic transmission is appreciated for the fluidity of operation, especially in the city. The engine pushes well (it looks realistic the 170 km/h promised as peak speed) even uphill, where you appreciate the generous pair of 400 nm available at only 2,000 laps. In sixth gear, at 130 km/h “motorways” the four-cylinder diesel engine turns sly precisely to the maximum torque regime, and the acoustic comfort is relatively high: However, aerodynamic hisses are felt due to the wide frontal development, and in the windshield, it is easy to build annoying reflections of sunlight. Well, air conditioned and adequately absorbers, the Peugeot traveler is a van that should not be driven as a sports SUV: both for the mass, and for the steering response, not ready. Overall, however, it travels well in all orders of places and with the numerous possibilities of the configuration of its armchairs becomes a real joke for those who have a large family and a box of adequate width. At the end of the test, on roads mainly suburban, we read in the computer on board an average consumption of 12 km/liter: a given not bad, although not so close to the 17.5 homologated.

Peugeot Traveller 2018 Dashboard and Infotaiment Specs

Peugeot Traveller 2018 Pros and Cons


  • automatic transmission. Sweet in the marching steps, it is appreciated for the fluidity of operation, especially in the city.
  • Comfort. Well-executed interiors, on the allure with tactile materials: it offers great comfort for all passengers.
  • versatility. The seats flow and can be removed from the cockpit to increase the loading compartment.


  • access to the third row. Sitting in the three seats in the queue is not easy.
  • Camera. The rear camera, very useful in parking, must be purchased in the package Visiopark 180.
  • Reflections. In certain light conditions, it is possible to form annoying reflections in the windscreen.

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