New Renault Engine 1.3 TCe Overview; 115Hp Efficiency Improve

Thursday, March 26th, 2020 - Renault
Renault Engine 1.3 TCe High Durability Performance

New Renault Engine 1.3 TCe is a 4-cylinder gasoline with turbo and direct injection, available with 115, 140 and 160 hp, and replaces the 1.2 TCe.

the Renault has put into production in the Spanish factory of Valladolid the new engine 1.3 TCe, a 4 cylinders 1,300 gasoline powered, initially ordered on the minivan Renault Scenic (5 and 7 places) and from 2018 on other models, not only of French manufacturer but also of his allies: the 1.3 was designed by Renault together with Nissan and Daimler, the group of which is part of the Mercedes. The 1.3 belongs to the “family” of the Turbobenzina TCe and you can have powers of 115, 140 Hp and 160 Hp, according to the announced by Renault, who worked to improve the driving pleasure through a better distribution of the couple: the models with the 1.3 TCE They should, therefore, have a better “shot” at low revs and a more uniform delivery arc and replaces the 1.2 TCe mounted on various Renault models.

the 1.3 TCe of 115 Hp counts on 220 Nm starting at 1,500 rpm, that rise to 240 nm (from 1,600 rpm) for that of 140 Hp: According to Renault the NM plus are 35 compared to 1.2 tec by 130 Hp and are delivered without indecision between 1,500 and 5,000 laps, while the 1.2 TCe 130 Hp developed them from 2,000 to 5,500 rpm. This results in more prone shooting and greater responsiveness of the car. The 1.3 more powerful TCe has instead 260 Nm from 1,750 rpm, that rise to 280 Nm (from 1,800 rpm) when it is combined with the automatic double clutch transmission EDC 7-speed, ordered with charge, but not available on the TCe 115 hp, for which only the manual 6 Rapp Gardens. The fuel economy per liter range between 17.8 and 18.5 km/L, according to the approved values.

Bring Racing Technology

Renault has adopted direct fuel injection and a technical solution taken from the sporty Nissan GT-R, called Bore Spray coating, which improves engine efficiency thanks to a special coating treatment In the inner walls of the cylinders: This machining reduces the friction between the pistons and the inner walls and lowers the thermal dispersion. The 1.3 TCe also uses the system to control separately the lift of the suction and exhaust valves, which is able to give more torque to the most used systems for driving in traffic.

Renault Engine 1.3 TCe Horseower

New Renault Engine 1.3 TCe Overview; 115Hp Efficiency Improve Pictures

Renault Engine 1.3 TCe HorseowerRenault Engine 1.3 TCe High Durability PerformanceRenault Engine 1.3 TCe Gas Mileage