2020 Ford Mustang Fastback Review; More Powerful

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018 - Ford
2020 Ford Mustang Fastback V8 EcoBoost Engine Specs

Here is The 2020 Ford Mustang Fastback, The New generation Ford Mustang receives a first-rate safety equipment and an unprecedented ten-speed automatic gearbox. Its 5.0 V8 has 29 hp in addition and a temperament closer to that of the sports of the old continent.

Launched in 2015, the sixth generation Ford Mustang is renewed: it is always muscular, but more aggressive thanks to the lowering of 20 mm of the profile of the bonnet, the headlights redesigned (now are thinner) and the air intakes under the front bumper-Also Unpublished – more pronounced. Also revised the rear lights like the bumper, which houses a showy diffuser from which pop four gritty exhaust terminals.

In option, there is a spoiler that gives further grit, to the detriment, however, of stylistic cleaning. The generous size (479 cm length and 192 widths) and the space on board remain substantially unchanged. Which is adequate to the type of car: behind you are traveling sunken and a little sacrificed, but the load capacity is comparable to that of an average sedan, and you can increase it by knocking down the rear seats.

On the right side, however, the subwoofer (on request with the Hi-Fi system B&O by the loud sound, coming from 12 speakers) subtracts space from the luggage. This 2020 Ford Mustang Fastback will be in delivery in June, at a price still to be defined, but we are sure it will be competitive, as those of the current generation (from 40,000 to 49,000 euros).

2020 Ford Mustang Fastback Engine Specs & Features

There is also discovery the new Ford Mustang is also proposed in the convertible version (photo above), with a canvas roof with electric drive (but you must first unlock a large handle in the casing of the windshield) that subtracts just under 80 liters to Load capacity and increases the weight, with equal engine, of a eighty of kg compared to the 2020 Ford Mustang Fastback Coupe. Under the hood are confirmed the two previous engines: the 5.0 V8 (with 90 ° Bank with atmospheric suction) and the 2.3 four-cylinder Ecoboost line, turbocharged. Both were, however, widely revised: The V8, with two camshaft distribution in the head (each with independent variable valve timing) and four valves per cylinder, now provides a direct injection system with high pressure and indirect low pressure Which improves the homogeneity of power and efficiency, bringing the declared power to 450 hp (before they were 421).

2020 Ford Mustang Fastback New Concept Design

The delivery was fluidized and made more progressive, chamfering slightly the “edges” of the sturdy torque. Worth noting the maximum power regime at 7000 RPM: not a few for a unit with a bore of 93 mm and stroke equal to 92.7 mm (almost “square” sizes) that does not use super-sophisticated materials for connecting rods (forged steel) or pistons (in printed aluminum). The lubrication circuit, of vital importance for a “suction” of large displacement, is oversized: it contains well 9.5 liters. The 2.3 turbocharged version, more “easy” and more affordable, loses 27 hp (going down from 317 to 290) but earns something (440 Nm against 432) in terms of maximum torque.

2020 Ford Mustang Fastback is also available a special version, presented at the Geneva Motor Show and called Bullitt (photo above, in honor of the 50 anniversary of the homonymous film played by Steve McQueen, author of a chase from anthology right to Driving a Mustang): The V8 (only available engine), thanks to a further “refining work”, develops 464 hp (the maximum torque remains unchanged). The Bullitt Limited Edition is recognizable by the specific design of the alloy wheels, by details chromed with windows and mask, with a numbered nameplate placed in front of the passenger and by various specific details. Two “dedicated” Colours: black and green.

The old automatic six-speed transmission of the Ford Mustang leaves room for a new unit (the sequential type with torque converter) with ten ratios (and steering wheel vanes): The control unit interacts with the Guide mode selector To always choose the best available ratio depending on the condition of use addressed. The six-speed manual gearbox is flanked by a double-disc clutch and a bi-mass flywheel (for a gentler drive and, in a sporty perspective, a higher speed in gear change); It is integrated by a system that, by means of a series of sensors in the motor, in the clutch and in the gearbox, adapts the rotation speed of the motor to that of the wheels in relation to the selected ratio. For the younger ones, the definition “rev-matching” proposed by Ford can be good, while the older ones know that it is the classic “Double”, reproduced by the electronics.

Expanded the number of selectable driving modes that change the parameters of various devices. For example, the electronic stability control, the automatic gearbox response, the sound intensity of the exhaust system (four selectable values: from the quietest quiet to the freest Track, thanks to a system of opening and closing of Valves on the entire exhaust line) and the steering response. At the basic modes (Normal, Sport, Sport +, Track, Snow/Wet, specific to slimy funds) are added the Drag Strip-which, as a “launch control” exalts the performance in acceleration-and my Mode, freely customizable. A robust injection of technology is also found in the driving assistance systems, which aligns the Ford Mustang with the most modern rivals: It is now available the automatic emergency braking with pre-collision assistance, the recognition of pedestrians, the Adaptive cruise control, the maintenance of the safety distance and its own driving lane (supplemented by the notice of exceeding of its dividing line).

2020 Ford Mustang Fastback suspensions from the “magnetic charm”

Another novelty concerns the MagneRide suspensions of the Ford Mustang (optional): They adapt in almost real time to the changes of the road surface (the sensors carry out 1000 checks per second), being provided with electromagnetic control of the fluid Hydraulic content in shock absorbers (which consequently modifies quality of compression and extension). Generous the ground footprint of the tires on rims of 19 “which provide different sizes for the front and rear axles (255/40 R 19 front and 275/40 R 19 behind). The braking system is equipped with an electronic locking of the front brakes for the V8 (implemented in Strip Drag mode to maximize traction in the with). The most powerful Ford Mustang features larger front discs (380 mm, against the 352 mm of 2.3 EcoBoost) with Brembo six-piston calipers (four-cylinder, instead, four-piston pliers); At the rear, 330 mm units are foreseen for both versions.

New Ford Mustang Fastback Interior

Large changes made to the interior of the Ford Mustang: The plastics are soft to the touch and many details (from the handles of the doors to the sill, up to the Pushbutton panel under the screen of the multimedia system and the races of the steering wheel) are aluminum. The contrasting seams on the Alcantara linings of the door panels were conspicuous; The same material, together with the leather, also covers the seats (on request, air-conditioned and all in leather) with manual adjustments. Unprecedented the carbon-effect finish that characterizes the central band of the bridge, while the Control Panel (placed a little too low) is availabControl four new aluminium finishes. The most striking novelty is the instrumentation, which now focuses on a TFT screen of 12 “: Depending on the driving modes set, the displayed information changes. We move from the two classic circular instruments, up – in track mode dedicated to the track – to the tachometer with horizontal development from the very long scale and red zone placed at 7500 rpm. The information is all well visible, even if, given the sporting vocation of the Ford Mustang, they would not have jarred a manometer and a thermometer for the oil.

Beautifully wrapped in leather seats (optional), for which we would have liked the electric adjustment (also this on request…), assumes a position of driving definitely low and inserted in the car, which accentuates the feeling of being An integral part and to be able to drive it as well as with the large diameter steering wheel, even with the torso and the… At the light “touch” of the starter button is unleashed a “pleasant inferno” that will please a lot to the lovers of the American V8: a heady and evocative noise both in acceleration and, above all, in release, that in track mode is enhanced by POPs and gurgling definitely racing. Fans of overseas engines will be, however, a little ‘ less euphoric discovering that in the process of fluidization of the delivery (probably to approach the temperament of the sport of the old continent), it is a little ‘ diluted (also because of the Remarkable length of the ratios) the typical “couple’s barrel” to be made to curl the asphalt that is manifested by opening the gas from low speed. Now the Ford Mustang 5.0 has a more sly character: soft in response to the lowest laps, it awakens only from 3500, where it is unleashed in a full-bodied up to 7400 laps (where the limiter intervenes when it seems that the engine still had Something to give…). All in line with a manual transmission certainly rough in the grafts, but precise and with the stroke of the short lever (although the marches are a long thread to be fully enjoyed on roads open to traffic).

Heavy and elastic in manoeuvre, the steering of the Ford Mustang improves a lot as the gait increases, becoming quite ready, but above all so fluid and light to make enjoyable the trajectory variations and the insertion in the curves to Constant radius (which “drink” with a “brushstroke”).

The muscular Ford Mustang lets you drive tamely at low gait, and if you do not tease it is so little challenging that you can also go shopping. The comfort goes beyond expectations thanks to the balanced MagneRide suspensions (optional) that perfectly copy the roughness while being always solid and safe. Only when you decide to push really deeply and you act decisively on the steering wheel can some lightening of the rear train with consequent aftermath of settling in the rapid variations of trajectory, as well as a tendency to the buoyancy Of the front end in the quick mix if you do not keep the engine well in shooting. Always at the height of the situation Brembo brakes: “bite” well and remain tenacious under strain in the long braking downhill.

2020 Ford Mustang Fastback Pros and Cons


  • performance. Globally high. It stands out above all the acceleration, intoxicating and full-bodied, which seems to never end.
  • technology. In step with the times the systems of assistance to the road safety. They debut the electronically controlled magnetic shock absorbers (optional).
  • versatility. Easy to drive, the American car is comfortable and entertaining as well as adequate to any kind of route (city included).


  • to the limit. The car goes strong, but it is not flawless when you bring it to the limit, a condition in which you can highlight an improvement in the rapid variations of trajectory.
  • There is a lot of it, but it is distributed to a relatively high regime, so that you would like a more ready delivery at low speed.
  • Optional. The price (not yet available) will certainly be convenient, but the number of extras required for a car of this level has increased and it will rise.

2020 Ford Mustang Fastback Review; More Powerful Pictures

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