New Dacia Duster 4X2 15 Hp SUV Review – Still Great

Saturday, November 17th, 2018 - Dacia
Dacia Duster 4X2 2019 Review

Even in this version to LPG, the Dacia Duster 4X2 confirms easy to drive, spacious and with an attractive price. The 1.6, however, lacks grit.

Very Eco-Friendly

For the Dacia Duster SUV, a new version comes, powered by a 1.6 that can run on both petrol and LPG; the power is, respectively, 115 or 109 horses. Already in compliance with the strict Euro 6d-TEMP emission regulations, the four-cylinder has been modified to adapt it to the use of LPG (the sixteen valves and their seats adopt more robust materials). The gas plant, built by the Italian LandiRenzo, is installed in the Dacia factory in Romania and provides a useful capacity of 33.6 liters for the tank, which is placed under the bottom of the trunk (whose good capacity remains those of the other Dacia Duster).

Maintenance intervals remain those of the petrol-only model, with the addition of valve clearance registration every 60,000 km. Nothing changes in the pleasing appearance of the car, characterized by the curved mudguards, which convey a feeling of solidity.

Already ordered, the New Dacia Duster 4X2 1.6 SCe S & S LPG has higher prices of only € 500 compared to the corresponding versions only petrol, and therefore very attractive. They range from 13,500 euros for the Essential (the radio is standard, the manual air conditioning costs 500 euros) to the 16,050 for the Prestige of the test (includes automatic air conditioning, cruise control, blind spot monitoring in the rear-view mirrors, navigator and the rear view camera). For all versions, the warranty is three years or 100,000 km.

Dacia Duster 4X2 Interior – Space is Ok

Finished with rigid plastics, but far from unpleasant, the interior of the Dacia Duster it is well accessible and quite spacious. There is no shortage of refinements, like the three automatic climate control knobs: they include the display (easy to read) relative to the set temperature, the direction of the flows and the fan speed.

New Dacia Duster 4X2 SUV Test

To be seen, however, the glove boxes above the console and in front of the front passenger: they are not deep enough to hold back the content that, at the first corner faced with a minimum of panache, falls to the floor. Also inconvenient is the key that makes it possible to use the cruise control: in a rearward position in the tunnel between the seats, it is outside the driver’s field of vision.

The latter has a soft seat, enveloping and adjustable even in height (for the steering wheel the registration is also deep). The instrumentation is clear, but the data shown on the onboard computer screen is few: the fuel consumption is missing, for example. In addition, the key to manually switch from petrol to LPG and vice versa, and the indication (by LED) of the quantity of gas in the tank is in a circular plate on the left side of the dashboard; a rather “craft” solution.

Dacia Duster 4X2 Performance

Whether traveling on petrol or using the LPG, the 1.6 of the Dacia Duster it is regular in operation and not very noisy, but has little verve. The first impression is that the 12.6 seconds declared in the “0-100” are optimistic, while the 169 km / h peak seems closer to the truth. The push is modest especially in the filming from low revs, where the long exchange ratios are taken (adapted to content consumption and noise). Switching to the lower gear when necessary is nevertheless easy, because the lever is precise in the insertions, and the light clutch to be activated.

At the end of the test (carried out on the motorway and on extra-urban roads) we were able to fill up with LPG, thus obtaining an approximate value of consumption: about 9 km / l. Which translates into an autonomy of at least 300 km (to be added to that guaranteed by the petrol tank: 835 km according to the declared data), for a cost of around 24 euros (calculating the average price of 0.71 euros for one liter of gas).

As for the rest, the Dacia Duster 4X2 confirms the characteristics of the other versions, with a light steering, but rather precise, and a good agility. The latter is favored by the solid calibration of the shock absorbers: it limits the rolling, without making “suffer” too much on the holes.

Pros & Cons


  • Price. For a gas SUV and with good equipment, it is low.
  • Steering. The lightness combines a satisfactory precision.
  • Space. Cockpit and trunk are great.


  • Cruise control command. The location is inconvenient. 
  • Storage. The compartments on the dashboard are not very usable. 
  • Performance . Especially in recovery, the thrust of the engine leaves something to be desired.

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