Mercedes GLA 2018 Reviews, Redesign, Test Drive, MPG, Prices

Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 - Mercedes
Mercedes GLA 2018 Release Date and Price

Redesign in the front, the Mercedes GLA 2018 is safe and easy to drive. The 2.1 turbo Diesel 136 CV does not seem to consume as much. Few practical commands.

Founded in 2013 on the basis of Class A, the Mercedes GLA has recently undergone a slight aesthetic update: It changes the design of bumpers, headlights (also with LEDs) and rims; Among the colors is added the beige canyon. Some changes also concern the interiors, with unprecedented materials and coatings, for example for the door panels and the leather of the seats. New also the perimeter cameras (simulate the view from the top of the car, facilitating parking) and the opening without the hands of the tailgate, while the safety equipment includes the automatic emergency braking and the system that detects the risk of sleep stroke by the driver. In addition to reading aerodynamic improvements (the coefficient CX goes from 0.29 to 0.28) it is indicated that, already starting from the executive set-up, the offroad comfort trim is standard: it is designed for lightweight off-road vehicles and leads to an increase in the ground light by 3 cm (with a minimum height from the ground of 17.8 cm in front and 17 behind). But there is also the sports trim (standard for the premium) and is a little lower than the normal one: 1.5 cm less.

In the city, the Mercedes GLA 2018 2.2 D is untiring to drive, especially with the quick and sweet double clutch transmission with seven-speed 7-DCT. Pity that the poor rear visibility compels to buy parking sensors (824 euro, with the parking pilot car parking system, which detects the spaces suitable for the car and turns the steering wheel in maneuver). Out of traffic, on winding roads, the car is well “planted” on the four wheels and even in the abrupt changes of direction does not highlight a marked roll. The steering is precise and the suspensions effective in isolating those on board from the irregularities of the asphalt and the less deep holes. Sure the brakes and the road seal, even on the slimy: the exemplary driver had no difficulty in facing a path in the off-road light, thanks to the increased ground clearance and the proven 4matic integral traction system (based on a hydraulically operated lamellar clutch, which also sends torque to the rear wheels when the front ones lose grip). On the highway, you travel without stress, thanks to the careful soundproofing of the cockpit, and when there is to resume speed quickly we think the automatic gearbox to climb the gears rapidly. The 2.1 turbo Diesel 136 CV of the New Mercedes GLA is regular in operation, it makes its thrust feel from the low revs and raises the voice only in full acceleration; However, it can hardly be said brilliantly. On the other hand, it promises to weigh little on the wallet when you go from the gas station: at the end of the test (carried out partly on the highway and partly on suburban roads) The board computer has indicated a journey of more than 15 km/L. Not bad.

Mercedes GLA 2018 Prices; Could be Cheaper

The revamped Mercedes GLA 2018 is already on sale, at a starting price of 31,020 euros for the 180 d diesel fuel from 109 hp and 30,140 euros for the 180 gasoline from 122 hp. The sport has standard offroad comfort suspensions, 18 “alloy wheels, LED headlamps, eco-leather and fabric sports seats, key start-up and the ability to integrate smartphones with the multimedia system. A car from over 40,000 euros, however, should have standard devices such as fog lamps (228 euros), cruise control (318 euro) and distance sensors (which, as we have already written, cost 824 euros and are matched to the parking aid system).

2018 Mercedes GLA Pros and Cons

line. It’s original, and with the light touches, it looks even more modern and appealing
suspensions. They make traveling comfortable by limiting the roll in corners.
Steering. Direct and for nothing heavy, to facilitate driving in the city, does not lose precision in speed.

Mercedes GLA 2018 Exterior Design Updates

Brio. Without being weak, the 2.1 is not posì lively: in some situations, a little more panache would be comfortable.
commands. Those of the “climate” are at the bottom, in the console; In addition, the Emergency Arrows button is small and the parking brake lever is to the left of the steering wheel.
visibility. Behind, the small windows and the sloping window do not let you see much.

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