Lotus SUV; New Sketches Confirm For 2021 Arrival

Sunday, January 19th, 2020 - Lotus
New Lotus SUV Sketches Concept Design

Lotus SUV News – The Lotus will make an SUV: it has been talking about it for some time, but now some designs seem to confirm it. Could arrive in 2021.

The return to the budget profit in 2016 represented a turning point for the Lotus, which can wade to the future with greater optimism after years of loss and poor economic results. On the wings of recent successes the English manufacturer (detected in May 2017 by the Chinese Geely) is working on the new development plan, the first for many years now, developed by the company’s vertices to double the sales and to get into Dealers a series of new models: first touches the new Elise, waiting in 2020, followed shortly thereafter by its high-performance variant (the Exige) and the Evora in 2022. The decisive thrust for the increase in sales could be in the 2021 thanks to a Suv, of which Lotus would have already defined the shapes of the bodywork, as shown by the drawings that are circulating on the Internet.

The designs seem to come from a patent office, where car manufacturers record the exterior style of their models and avoid that this can be copied (or at least they try). The New Lotus Suv (of which we do not know the name) takes on some typical style elements of the English manufacturer, starting from the front tapered headlights and the large air intake in the beam, but in general the bodywork has few elements in common with the other Lotus, if nothing else because the house of Hethel has never made other cars other than the coupe or the Spyder: the car would therefore be an absolute novelty, destined to distort the nose to the “purists” but fundamental to increase sales around the world. Today not having an SUV (or a crossover) in range seems almost penalizing and all luxury car manufacturers have or are planning a car of this type: Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin and even Ferrari.

Lotus SUV Using VOLVO Engine?

Jean-Marc Gales, CEO of the House of Hethel, has promised that the SUV will not lose the typical driving character of Lotus, known by enthusiasts for its light, essential and very responsive sports in the curves. The technicians will have to work with great attention to the setup, because the construction base could come from cars less oriented to the driving pleasure: according to the voices emerged so far, Lotus could exploit the synergies of the Geely group which also owns The Volvo and could resume the front or full wheel drive mechanics of the Volvo XC40, combined with more performing engines than those available on the compact Swedish Suv.

New Lotus SUV Rendered Pictures

Lotus SUV; New Sketches Confirm For 2021 Arrival Pictures

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