Jaguar E-Pace 2019 Specifications, Dimensions, Interior, Prices

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019 - Jaguar
New Jaguar E-Pace 2019 SUV Review

The Jaguar E-Pace 2019 is the smallest SUV in the English house and it debuts on July 13th. Today a video has been released that tells about the development.

Jaguar E-Pace 2019: A few days to debut

Appointment – The official presentation of the new Jaguar E-Pace will take place on 13 July at 9pm, but the English House has already wanted to spread a movie (below) in which the new British SUV presents all its weapons to be the protagonist in its field. In particular to point straight to the heart of the category, that is to counteract the competition, mainly that of the BMW X1.

Adapted to the toughest conditions – the launch of the Jaguar E-Pace 2019 (photo above) will take place after a two-year development with challenging tests on the A-40 ┬░ slopes of the far north, beyond the Arctic Circle, and on the fiery and sandy deserts. To carry out all this work were specially produced 150 prototypes of the new model, which were submitted to well 120 thousand hours of testing, in which they have committed over 500 technicians. All this to create a car that together with the most extreme versatility was able to offer also the essence of the Jaguar philosophy “Art of performance” that characterizes the cars.

Great skills in the Fords – to underline the versatility of the Jaguar E-Pace 2019, the house has also led the prototypes on the “infernal” track of Nordschleife at the N├╝rburgring, where they have accomplished over 400 rounds. But not only: equally demanding tests have also been carried out on the new track off realized within its headquarters of Gaydon where, according to the Jaguar, the E-Pace has easily exceeded Fords of half a metre. The Jaguar E-Pace will use the same platform as the Land Rover Discovery Sport and not the aluminium of the elder sister F-Pace.

New Jaguar E-Pace 2019 SUV Review

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