Dacia Duster 2019 Review; Nice Interior, Good Performance

Saturday, April 25th, 2020 - Dacia
2019 Dacia Duster Reviews and Rating

The new Dacia Duster 2019 combines more manicured interiors with an updated look. The steering, renewed, is now more precise; Not very practical, instead, the glove compartment and some controls.

More than a completely new edition, for the compact crossover (is 434 cm long) Dacia Duster can be talked about a profound evolution of the previous version. It is already perceived by the aspect, faithful to that of the old model, as everything is renewed, more modern and robust. The less large side windows and the more inclined windscreen give the car that momentum that it lacked, while the high and wide front makes it appear more “important”. The muscular fenders remain, a distinctive feature of the Duster, which can now accommodate wheels up to 17 “. Under the “skin” there is the platform common to all Dacia, toughened to ensure greater protection for passengers in case of impact. And airbags are finally available for the head of the rear passengers.

Dacia Duster 2019 Changes & Improvement

The engines derive from those of the Dacia Duster on their way to retirement and are used by many Renault (owner of the Romanian brand). This is the 1.6 gasoline (114 hp), which can be combined with all-wheel drive, or even LPG (same power, but only with front-wheel drive), while the 1.2 turbo is no longer available with petrol (125 hp). The diesel unit remains the 1.5 dCi in the versions of 90 and 109 HP, the latter also with the EDC dual clutch auto gearbox (as in the test car) and in turn available for the 4×4 versions. The Dacia Duster 2019 will be in the dealerships from January 20, 2018. The prices, always “low cost” and in line with those of the old model, will be issued 10 days before: The Price should start from about 11,990 euros for the 1.6 petrol. The Prestige setting (in Italy could be called another way) of the Dacia Duster’s test (should be the most expensive) could offer as standard the Navigator and the alloy wheels of 17 “. Safety Accessories not available before, such as the monitoring of the blind angle in the rear-view mirrors and the camera, should only be offered as an option.

Dacia Duster 2019 Interior; Spacious

The cockpit of the Dacia Duster 2019 is confirmed large and comfortable even for five passengers and presents a new dashboard aesthetically more satisfying. The finishes are simple, but not coarse (even if the plastics are all stiff to the touch). Compared to the past, it is evident a greater research in details, such as the barbell buttons in the console or in the three practical knobs for the air conditioner (for the first time automatic), which incorporate the displays for the temperature, for the direction of the flows And for the speed of the fan: details that do not give the impression of being aboard a “low cost”, and remember what already proposed by more expensive cars.

The other commands are also arranged neatly, except for the cruise control button: placed between the seats, it is not easily identifiable. Improved, however, the Monitor of the Navigator: it is always in the console, but higher than eight centimeters and oriented towards the driver. The driving position, with the steering wheel adjustable also in depth and the seat (enveloping and adjustable in height), completely redesigned, can be configured at best.

2019 Dacia Duster Exterior Dimensions

Not bad the availability of object holders (large drawers in the plank and under the right seat), although some, such as those without door to the left of the steering wheel and in front of the front passenger, are so shallow as to allow the fall of the content on Floor at the first corner. The trunk, well accessible from the large tailgate, is spacious (478 liters a sofa on) and of regular shape. However, a double bottom is missing: the spare wheel is external, hooked under the platform.

Driving Experience

The 110 horses of the Dacia Duster 1.5 turbo-diesel are not the quietest, but have the readiness to move the car with ease, ensuring adequate accelerations (at the capacity of the car the official performance: “0-100” in 11.9 seconds and Maximum speed of 171 km/h). The dual clutch robotic gearbox, which can also be operated in manual mode by means of the lever on the tunnel, does not make you beg to insert the correct gear at the right time and is soft in operation. Perfected, compared to the old Dacia Duster, even the steering: remains poorly directed, but in precision has made substantial progress. Even the soundproofing is more cured, although the rolling noise of the tires on the asphalt continue to accompany the journeys. The rather soft calibration of the suspensions and the high-shoulder tires soften well holes and manholes, but do not “brake” the roll, always evident. In the curves the Dacia Duster is however not clumsy, even if not very agile, and can hardly create difficulties to the driver: The road holding is of good level, with any lightening of the rear promptly cancelled by the intervention of ESP. Low consumptions detected during the test on suburban roads from the on-board computer: about 17 km/L (not far from 22.2 km/l of the approved data).

Dacia Duster 2019 Pros and Cons


  • change. The “Double clutch” is sweet and quite punctual in selecting the gears.
  • space. For people and luggage not missing at all.
  • steering. More accurate than the old model.


  • Cruise control. The key between the seats is awkward to reach.
  • glove compartment. Some, like those on the bridge, are not well-exploitable.
  • noise. The one generated by the tires that run on the asphalt is very noticeable.

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