Citroen DS 3 2017 Review, Interior, Changes

Saturday, January 19th, 2019 - Citroen
2017 Citroen DS 3 for sale

Citroen DS 3 2017 Review, Interior, Changes – For those looking for a tasty, vibrant and comfortable car, the Citroen DS 3 can be interesting. The three-cylinder turbo gasoline direct injection is bright and responsive already at low revs, and thrust does not end until 5000 RPM. The shot is bustling, as well as the resumption, despite reports of transmission (six-speed quickly the grafts). The suspension absorbs the bumps in the road; forcing the pace, however, the body tilts a lot off to the side. The cabin is well done and large relative to the size of the car.

All New Citroen DS 3 Changes

The update of this year (and renewed mask new engine) refreshed the DS 3 released (Citroen branded) in 2009. The car is still current and anything but low in character: the grille, wide and with the logo in the Middle, is connected by two chrome strips to Xenon headlights (standard, with dazzling led too). The wraparound rear window switches, seamlessly, with the rear Windows; the chrome accents on the sides give a touch of elegance to the collection. The 1.2 turbo, also adopted by other PSA group cars (of which the DS is part, together with Citroën and Peugeot) offers a rapid progression, but not abrupt, up to 5000 rpm, and makes itself heard shortly in the cabin, even at “code” on the highway. Interesting Interior improvements: the new multimedia system, which handles navigation, radio and telephone, is intuitive and efficient; and, with the Mirror Screen (optional), interfaces with the features of smartphones, displaying them in 7 “touch display, easy to read and intuitive. Also in terms of safety, the car is defended well: with six airbags (front and protect both passengers drop rear) standard, to launch (in 2009) got five stars in the Euro NCAP crash tests, with a score of 87% in adult occupant protection: a very good result.

New Citroen DS 3 Interior

The Interior of the Citroen DS 3 finishes and assemblages that show some care. The bridge, well made, now it’s more essential: the 20 keys at the bottom of the console table old Citroën model are a memory. Easy to read dashboard in binoculars: the dial further to the right, with the speedometer and the fuel gauge, it is digital. Away from those driving emergency arrows command. No shortage of components (such as the pedals and the steering wheel with the lower Crown flattened) capable of giving a sporty touch to the Interior.

The front seats are comfortable and properly restrain the body through turns; the back angle, though, with a jerky mechanism, impractical (“continuous” adjustment, it would be preferable to wheel). Also convenient for three flat seat sofa. Legroom is more than adequate, but you can’t say the same of the one in hand over his head: the Pavilion pitched imposes some limitations on who is taller than 180 cm.

Trunk. The space inside the DS 3 is broad; We appreciate, in particular, the considerable distance between the floor and the rear shelf, making it conveniently usable height. The mouth of the shaft, which narrows down, and the step of 10 cm which is formed by lowering the sofa won’t help (recliner asymmetrically) loading baggage, but overall you can’t complain. The level of finishes is satisfactory.

2017 Citroen DS 3 cabriolet

2017 Citroen DS 3 Test Drive

In town. The body of the 3 DS is compact: sin, then, subject to restrictions in visibility (due to massive pillars and small rear window and tilted) that make difficult the “retro” (the distance sensors are paid at least 300 euro). The car is appreciated for the motor, usually from low revs (which avoids having to downshift gear too frequently), light steering maneuvers and capable suspension, that “Digest” even the cobblestones of the streets.

Out of town. The 1.2 turbo offers a rapid progression, but not abrupt, up to 5000 RPM. The suspension, rather soft, are not ideal for sporty driving (allow the body to tilt sideways in curve), but they cause a slight oversteer in issue (the car tends to “broaden” with his tail) that the most skilled can leverage to integrate fast cornering. In any case, the grip is always safe.
On the highway. Despite its compact size, the “Oxford” is comfortable even on long trips. At 130 km/h air noise (not excessive) you perceive more than the thruster (which, in sixth, works at 2900 RPM). The suspension effectively digest the junctions of viaducts, but braking from high speed give rise to an apparent “sinking” of the front end. Good stability in corners.

New DS 3 Pros and Cons


  • Comfort. The cabin is well insulated from outside noise (including the engine) and the suspension absorbs the bumps as it should: even long journeys are not afraid.
  • Finishes. Materials and assemblies are of a good standard: it is not the attention to detail.
  • Engine Fluid and usually from low revs, it vibrates very little to be a three-cylinder and, thanks to the efficient operation of the turbo, pulls out some grit.

2017 DS 3 Cons

  • Guide. The French car proves unrewarding rich locations of curves, due to the soft suspension calibration.
  • Button “hazard”. An important command in emergencies that do not reach easily from the driver’s seat: it is too moved to the right.
  • Visibility. Is penalized by the rear glass (slanted and rather small) and large pillars. And profits are distance sensors.

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