2021 Mercedes S-Class Maybach – Price, Configurations & Specs

Tuesday, April 7th, 2020 - Mercedes
2021 Mercedes S-Class Maybach Configurations

If you’re looking for a luxury, futuristic and comfy car, this vehicle is ideal for you. This vehicle is 2021 Mercedes S-Class Maybach that will be available at the border of this season. The car is unbeatable that many men and women want it to possess it.

This car comes with fresh layouts, specifications, characteristics, and details. Obviously, you cannot find those things from the preceding Mercedes series. In the show auto, you’ll get a driving experience that you will never forget. Here are the facts:

2021 Mercedes S-Class S560 Maybach

The very first series of this car is S560. This vehicle is very special and ultramodern because it fulfills all of the aspects that you want. Ranging from performance, comfort, to the southwest. The performance of the car has an engine of around 3982cc and the power is 469 hp.

Obviously, this vehicle is a dream of many people since it’s an outstanding performance. You do not have to overlook comfort because this car nearly meets all safety standards. As an example, you’ll be comfortable reading in this car because there are studying lights.

Additionally, there’s automatic climate control so you don’t need to be terrified of weather changes whenever you are in the car. As for security, you don’t need to doubt this issue anymore. This is because this car is very safe and meets all existing security standards.

2021 Mercedes S-Class Maybach Configurations

You can find airbags for the driver, passengers, front and rear side airbags. In case you’ve got a toddler, then this car can also be suitable for you because you will find Child Safety Locks.

This car has 4 chairs and 4 doors. Thus, this vehicle is also suitable if you want to use it for your business car. The transmission of the vehicle is 9-speed with a type of automatic transmission. So, it’s simpler for you to drive this vehicle.

2021 Mercedes S-Class S650 Maybach

This vehicle is the highest series automobile. Additionally, this vehicle is popular as a very sophisticated and luxury sedan. You may see from the inside that it has a classic and timeless version.

This car has 2 color variations, namely the dominant color and two-tone colors. You will find 13 dominant colors to choose from and for two-tone colors, you will find 9 color choices.

You will find 3 engine choices so that you may opt for a V-6, V-8 or V-12 engine. Furthermore, this car has an ECO start/stop system and a dynamic selection.

Both would be the most advanced technologies for automobiles. So; this car does have excellent performance. Different from the S560 series, this series has 5 passenger capacities.

This car is quite safe for you because this vehicle is equipped with a number of advanced security features. You can find Car-to-x Communication, Mercedes-Benz Emergency Call, and Active Brake Assist.

2021 Mercedes S-Class Maybach Price

As you already know, this car has 2 variants. Of course, every series has a different price. That’s because each show has different specifications and attributes. This Mercedes S-Class Maybach series’ cost begins at $173,000 MSRP.

The price is definitely fantastic because it features the luxury that you are definitely craving. Consequently, if you like luxury and grandeur in a vehicle, this car is perfect for you. You surely enjoy the wisdom and comfort offered by this car.

2021 Mercedes S-Class Maybach Release Date

A lot of men and women want to learn more about the collection of 2020 out of Mercedes S-Class Maybach’s release date. Both of those versions of this car will be released in the fall of 2019. The time is the benchmark for all those of you who are in Ontario.

However, if you’re in the United States, you’ll also receive exactly the same release date. If you want this car, you have to update the info. You are able to update information at approved dealers in your country.


If you like luxury and tasteful cars, this car is ideal for you. This automobile has an artful and aerodynamic design. In addition, this card is specially made to make all of the eyes on the street focus on this car.

This is because this car has a style that is very exclusive but also classic. You can choose the color of the car in accordance with your taste. Thus, your car will be quite majestic with a dominant color or two-tone color.

Not just the exterior layout, but you can also design the inside especially. You’ll sit in a distinctive diamond-coated Nappa. In addition, every seat is specially stitched with semi-aniline leather.

In each seat is equipped with cushions that have a color to coordinate with the interior design. The inside surface of the car will be very exotic with hand-finished timber as its inside material.

Those are all about the important points you should know about New Mercedes S-Class Maybach. The car is certainly very expensive but worth the luxury you will receive. Update the latest information about this car if you have an interest in getting it.

2021 Mercedes S-Class Maybach – Price, Configurations & Specs Pictures

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