2020 VW T-Cross Review: Spacious & Versatile Compact SUV

Friday, March 15th, 2019 - Volkswagen
2020 VW T-Cross Release Date & MSRP

The very spacious and versatile compact crossover, the 2020 VW T-Cross drives well and is taken care of in safety. Some interior materials are subdued.

Some specimens of the debut special series First Edition, superaccessoriate, has already arrived, but the first Volkswagen T-Cross of the “normal” range will be seen in dealerships from the end of March 2019. The T-Cross is a small front-wheel-drive crossover, which shares mechanics and structure (the MQB-A0 platform) with the utility Polo and with other models of the German group (such as the Seat Arona and the very recent Skoda Kamiq).

Only 411 cm long, but 158 high (13 more than the Polo), it has a body that favors the exploitation of space; compact, but with well-rounded shapes, it has a massive engine hood, a large mask and a small, almost vertical rear window above the headlights connected by a horizontal reflective strip.

2020 VW T-Cross Interior: Spacious and technological

The interior of the Volkswagen T-Cross immediately convinces for space and ease of access: even those who are tall find a place without problems, front as back, and the large windows give a pleasant brightness to the environment. The driving position, raised and with the steering wheel tilted forward, is easily adaptable to people of different builds; both seats have a height adjustment as standard, while that of the lumbar support costs 125 euros. The bridge, angular and elaborate, is modern although not very imaginative; the glossy central band (available with various graphics) incorporates the clear and responsive 8 ”touch screen of the multimedia system, with Dab + radio as standard; Android Auto and Apple CarPlay cost $265, the $990 navigators. Noteworthy is the fact that this rich Advanced version has the digital dashboard as standard, configurable and well readable; a small flaw, the fog light is missing (which is on the light knob, barely visible to the driver). As for the finishes, everything looks sturdy and mounted with remarkable precision; panels and dashboard, however, are made with rigid plastics, with an economic appearance, which extends to the rear armrests. And there are no handles on the ceiling.


Even the trunk of the 2020 VW T-Cross satisfies for the capacity: from 385 to 455 liters depending on the position of the sliding sofa (for 14 cm, it has the seat in one piece and the back in two reclining parts). There is also the loading platform that can be positioned on two heights and the right front seat can be folded forward (more than two meters and 30 centimeters distance between the door and the dashboard). The finishes are simple, with uncoated underlay, but the felt seems sturdy and is applied without burrs; carrying the sofa forward, however, creates a depression where small objects can fall, which then end up getting stuck under the seat.

2020 VW T-Cross Release Date & MSRP

Engine Specs

The engines of the 2020 VW T-Cross, all turbocharged and with a particulate filter to reduce emissions, are the three-cylinder 1.0 petrol 95 hp or 116 hp, and (coming in summer) the 1.6 diesel with 95 hp. The two less powerful engines have the five-speed manual transmission, the 1.0 from 116 hp has six. The latter and the 1.6 TDI can also be had (with a € 1,500 surcharge) with the seven-speed DSG double-clutch robotised gearbox. Within a year, the 1.0 turbo engine could reach 90 HP: it would have the same plant as the Polo (and the “cousin” Seat Arona). But it doesn’t necessarily mean that Volkswagen is considering whether customers could be quite numerous.


We drove the 1.0 with 116 hp, which on a small and relatively light car like the 2020 VW T-Cross makes a good impression. Responds without obvious delay to low speeds, and arrives with a certain vivacity at 6,000 rpm; it is easy to believe in the 10.2 seconds declared by the house in the “0-100”, while we were not able to approach the peak 193 km / h, which, however, would be a value of all respect. The manual gearbox has soft and fairly precise couplings. For the rest, driving is pleasant: very comfortable in the city, the T-Cross faces with ease the fast or winding roads: the steering is ready the right, progressive, and the suspensions properly absorb the bumpy without causing oscillations or annoying roll; the electronic stability control is well calibrated and the adherence of the optional 18 ”(620 euro) tires of the car we have driven is remarkable. The cabin is also well insulated from noise and vibration: in sixth, at 130 times, the instrumentation indicates 2900 rpm and the 1.0 works in silence, while the aerodynamic rustlings are not very evident. Waiting for a complete test, with the response of our electronic measuring instruments (which we hope to publish soon in the magazine alVolante), we can report the consumption indicated in the dashboard at the end of the test: about 16 km with a liter of petrol (very close to 16.9 approved with the new WLTP test cycle).

2020 VW T-Cross Pricing

The Volkswagen T-Crossless expensive is the 1.0 95-horsepower Urban set-up, which has a standard touch screen in the 8 ”console with Dab + digital radio, lane keeping, anti-sleep strike, automatic emergency braking ( with recognition also of pedestrians and cyclists), monitoring the blind corner of the mirrors and the warning in case of vehicles arriving while reversing; it also has the Volkswagen Connect (a system that, from the smartphone, monitors the state of the car and allows you to find the place where you parked it), while the wheels are 16 “, in sheet metal with wheel covers.

The price is $20,258 (17,900 euros). 19,000 list price, with a discount of 1,100 euros (approximately extendable for the entire range). Then there are the gradually richer Style versions (with bars on the roof, alloy wheels and adaptive cruise control) and the Advanced of the test, which also has the digital dashboard, 17-inch alloy wheels and full-led headlights. Wireless charging for mobile phones costs $175, the rear view camera 300 and the front and rear sensors with emergency braking 510.

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