2020 Tesla Model Y:Specs, Configuration, Pricing & More

Sunday, March 24th, 2019 - Tesla
2020 Tesla Model Y Release date & Price

The 2020 Tesla Model Y Prices Start From $65,000 for the single-engine Long Range. Deliveries from the beginning of 2021.

Tesla has opened the Italian configurator of the Tesla Model Y, the medium-sized suv the little sister of the Model X. As per tradition, the configurator can be accessed directly from the company’s website and the entire order process will be exclusively online. The 2020 Tesla Model Y will be available in three versions: Long Range single engine, Dual Motor with all-wheel drive and the Performance variant. The Long Range with single engine it has a range of 540 km and a list price of 57,000 dollars, the Dual Motor, with dual engine and all-wheel drive, has a range of 505 km and a price of $69,054, and Performance Performance, the higher performance, costs $79243s and has a range of 480 km.

2020 Tesla Model Y Performance

From the performance point of view the Performance, also with all-wheel drive, has an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 241 km / h. The 20 “alloy wheels, a larger braking system, the carbon fiber spoiler, the lowered suspension, the aluminum alloy pedal and the track mode, which allows better control of the driving torque, also differentiate it from the other two versions. even when cornering. Also the Long Range and Dual Motor versions they can count on excellent performance; the Longe Range can, in fact, shoot from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds and has a maximum speed of 209 km / h, the Dual Motor, instead, has a sprint from 0 to 100 km / h of 5.1 seconds and a top speed of 217 km / h.

The possibilities for external customization of the 2020 Tesla Model Y, as for the Model 3 sedan, they are reduced. In addition to the pastel black colors (standard), the buyer can choose metallic gray, metallic blue ocean, both at the extra cost of $1811, pearl white micalized at $2377 and medicalized red at $3056. In addition, there is the possibility of mounting Sport 19-inch alloy wheels, at the price of $1811 (the 18 “standards are standard). The darkened glass roof with UV and infrared protection is standard on all versions. Even for the interior, the Model Y SUV customization options are reduced. New Tesla Model Y, like the Model X, offers the possibility of having 7 seats; an addition which costs $3622. The standard color of the saddlery is black; to get the interior in white you need to shell out $1188 more.


The standard equipment of the Tesla Model Y is definitely rich, which for all versions includes: heated front and rear seats, electrically adjustable in 12 positions, three seats of the second row that can be individually folded, a premium audio system with 14 loudspeakers, 1 subwoofer, 2 amplifiers, multimedia system with satellite maps with navigation and display of the real-time traffic, multimedia content streaming via the internet, internet browsing, automatic location-based garage opening, LED fog lights, heated rear-view mirrors, electrically foldable and photochromic, music and multimedia content via Bluetooth, personalized driving profiles, center console with storage compartment, 4 USB ports and base for 2 smartphones.

2020 Tesla Model Y Autonomy

On the 2020 Tesla Model Y, there is obviously no lack of the possibility of adding the advanced Autopilot assistance, which will be available in two versions, standard and enhanced. The standard version, which costs $3900, allows the car to automatically steer, accelerate and brake based on the presence of other vehicles and pedestrians in the lane. The enhanced version, which costs $6452, has, in addition, the navigation function with Autopilot, which allows the car to take a junction directly with the automatic driving, the automatic parking, parallel and perpendicular, Summon, with which you can call the car allowing it to reach the user within a parking lot, recognition and response to traffic lights and stop signs, automatic driving on city streets.

2020 Tesla Model Y Release Date & Availability

To reserve the Tesla Model Y  you must pay a deposit, which will be fully refundable. Deliveries are expected from the beginning of 2021, one year after those of the Standard Range version.

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