2020 Skoda Scala Review – Safe, Spacious & Lively

Sunday, April 14th, 2019 - Skoda
2020 Skoda Scala Fuel Economy

Safe, spacious and lively, the 2020 Skoda Scala is an “all-around” sedan, with complete standard equipment. But the fifth place is inconvenient.

With the Rapid Spaceback it replaces, the Skoda Scala has practicality in common, but it’s all new. This mid-size sedan (436 cm long) is based on the MQB A0 platform (used for example by the Volkswagen Polo) and has graceful shapes. The marked ribs in the sides give momentum, and the front has a prominent mask. The rich Style set-up adds a more extended shaded rear window: it is original and, in the presence of the panoramic roof, it creates the pleasant effect of a single glazed surface.

2020 Skoda Scala Specs

Already on sale, the Skoda Scala it is available with two petrol engines: the three-cylinder 1.0 TSI with 116 HP or the 1.5 TSI with one more piston and 150 HP. There is a 1.6 diesel with 116 hp. The most powerful unit is offered only with the double-clutch 7-speed Automatic gearbox, which can be ordered also for the turbodiesel of our test. During the summer, the 95 bhp version of the three-cylinder will be added, while the methane single-fuel version (90 bhp) is expected in the autumn. The Skoda Scala has good standard equipment. Already the least expensive Ambition, proposed at not exaggerated prices ($24631 for the 1.0 TSI and $27234 for the 1.6 TDI), has as standard the 16 “alloy wheels, the manual climate control, the multimedia system with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Dab radio and 8 “screen,

The Skoda Scala  Sport (from $26,102 for the 1.0 TSI to $29,385 for the 1.5 TSI) stands out for its 15 mm lowered suspension, electronically controlled dampers, and more comfortable seats. Accessories not included in the rich Style of the test (from $27,008 for the 1.0 TSI to $30,291 for the 1.5) which, however, completes the equipment with the keyless access, the dual-zone automatic climate control, the virtual dashboard, the full led headlights and the navigator with 9.2 “monitor. Among the options, blind corner monitoring and, in reverse, traffic coming in a transverse direction (with automatic brake activation if there is a risk of a collision).

2020 Skoda Scala Interior

In its sobriety, the cockpit of the Skoda Scala is carefully built. The dashboard, in the test car enriched with a pleasant wood-like element, is soft to the touch at the top, like that of the front panels for the doors and all the armrests. The configurable digital dashboard (also allows you to see full-screen navigator maps) of 10.2 “is clear and full of information. The multimedia system with the large touch screen (9.2 “) cantilever makes a great impression and is intuitive to use. For 100 USD you can have the convenient wireless connection to use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay (the traditional one, as mentioned, is standard); there are also the most recent USB Type C sockets, smaller than the conventional ones.

2020 Skoda Scala Relase Date and Price

The console features dual-zone climate controls with two practical knobs to regulate the temperature. The possibility of varying the air flow direction only from the infotainment system monitor is more cumbersome. There is nothing to complain about, however, the availability of storage compartments, including the resealable and upholstered one located on the left side of the console; the front drawer is refrigerated, and there are also two pockets in the sides of the front seats, and an umbrella stands in the driver’s door. As for space, in the 2020 Skoda Scala, four people are comfortable (even strong). However, the ease for the feet of a fifth person sitting in the center of the sofa is canceled out by the swelling (19 cm high) in the floor and by the cumbersome cabinet between the seats (with two diffusers for the air conditioner).

Trunk Capacity

From the extended hatch with the threshold just 63 cm from the ground, the trunk is easily accessed. In the 2020 Skoda Scala category , the sofa seating capacity in use (467 liters) is second only to that of the Honda Civic (478 liters) which, however, is longer than 16 cm. The compartment has a regular shape and the floor can be positioned on two heights: in the higher one it remains flush with the load threshold and a useful double bottom is created, 15 cm high.


The double-clutch gearbox makes the 116 hp of the 1.6 turbodiesel perform at its best, it is quick to select the 7 gears and also fluid. If desired, there is also the sport mode (it keeps the engine a little more revving) and the manual mode with the levers (too small) behind the steering wheel. Of course, the 2020 Skoda Scala it is not for driving enthusiasts, however the 1.6 is lively: we have no reason to doubt the good time declared for the “0-100”: 10.2 seconds (200 km / h the maximum speed). Furthermore, good agility and precise (not overly light) steering instill confidence in the driver, suggesting offhand gaits. On the other hand, it is necessary to get used to the rather hard accelerator pedal. Good comfort: only the most “hard” bumps can annoy passengers and soundproofing is accurate. As for consumption, during the test, partly carried out on the motorway, the on-board computer calculated about 15 km / l (21.3 km / l the average consumption declared according to the WLTP cycle).

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