2020 Renault Scenic Redesign; New 1.3 TCe Turbo Engine

Saturday, May 5th, 2018 - Renault
2020 Renault Scenic TCe Turbo Engine Review

The new four-cylinder turbo 140 Hp vibrates little, gives liveliness to 2020 Renault Scenic and does not raise the voice. To be heard, rather, are the aerodynamic rustles and the noise of the tires on the asphalt.

A little more than a year after the launch of the fourth generation (arrived in the Local dealerships in November 2016), the 2020 Renault Scenic brings to baptism a new engine: the four-cylinder 1.3 TCe turbo gasoline direct injection. Proposed, also for the Grand Scénic, in three variants of power (116, 140 and 163 hp), is intended to progressively replace the “old” 1.2 TCe throughout the Renault range, starting from the Captur crossover.

Realized together with Nissan (the Japanese and French brand are linked by a technical-financial alliance) and in collaboration with the Mercedes (equip also the A), this four cylinders has more torque than the unit that replaces (compared to 1.2 TCe From 130 hp, the new 1.3 from 140 offers 35 Nm more and the maximum torque value is available from 1500 to 3500 rpm, a regime band twice as wide): The house promises a reduction of consumption and CO2 emissions.

To achieve this, designers have (among other things) resorted to a special cylinder coating technology, which reduces friction and improves thermal efficiency. In addition, they designed a specific burst chamber and equipped the 1.3 TCe system to control the lifts of the suction and exhaust valves separately (Dual Variable Timing Camshaft), a device capable of giving a greater thrust to Most used regimes for driving in traffic.

On the road, so, how does this engine behave? In a short test carried out in France, near Paris, we drove a Renault Scénic 1.3 TCe from 140 hp, in the Bose set-up, equipped with the dual-clutch gearbox with seven EDC gears. The first thing you notice when starting the engine is the low level of vibration and noise to the minimum: from stationary, at the traffic light, with the Stop & Start system deactivated, it seems as if the machine is off; Then, pressing the foot on the accelerator pedal, the 1.3 comes to life, without gasps or tears, and starts to push in a fluid way, but with readiness (the shutdown and the following reboot with the Stop & Start active, instead, cause some jolting too).

2020 Renault Scenic With EDC Gearbox Performance

Noise is also under control, except in full acceleration, with the engine above 5000 rpm. We also found the agreement between the engine and the EDC automatic gearbox, which allows for gentle and rather rapid marches and which, according to the House, also helps to content consumption. At the end of our test (on a mixed path, mainly on country roads) We approached an average distance of 13.5 km/L, from onboard computer (the approved one is 18.5 km/l). In essence, then an engine that will not regret the excellent 1.2 TCe, compared to which appears more lively and discreet, without threatening more frequent stops by the petrol station (an aspect, this, on which we can pronounce after a test on the boat, with our Detections).

2020 Renault Scenic Driving Experience; Comfort and Agility

As for the behaviour on the road, even with the new 1.3 TCe the Renault Scénic is appreciated for the high handling, the lightness of the steering in manoeuvre (in Comfort mode it turns with two fingers) and the relaxing guide in traffic, thanks to the regularity of delivery of the four cylinders and the sweetness of the EDC gearbox. Outside the city the soft suspensions, but not excessively compliant, ensure a good comfort, but they advise against a sporty guide in the presence of many curves, because of the pretty obvious roll. On the motorway, the machine is stable and safe, but over 100 km/h, some aerodynamic swishing of too much is added to the rolling noise of the tires.

2020 Renault Scenic Interior

The cockpit of the Renault Scénic is wide front, with comfortable and well-profiled front armchairs; Behind the available space is not scarce in absolute, but for the knees and head a few inches more not hurt. The large glass, however, makes the whole room bright and cozy.

Practical the sofa split in two asymmetrical parts, which flow in the longitudinal direction of 14 cm, the numerous storage rooms and the folding tables (with elastic “firm-tablets”) applied to the backs of the front seats: useful details that, since always, Distinguish the French minivan. Also pleasant is the large vertical screen of 8.7 “, which is browsed like a tablet allowing you to navigate the menus of the multimedia system and to space between the four driving modes, coordinated with the corresponding graphics in the digital dashboard and with the colors of the lights of environment (whose variability is standard on the richer productions).

Uncomfortable the drawer in front of the front passenger, which opens by touching a sensor: it comes out, horizontally, firmly stopping against the knees, if the seat is not properly retracted. The New Renault Scenic 1.3 TCe is already on sale: Prices range from 21,750 euros of the Sport from 116 hp to 36,350 of the Initiale Paris EDC from 163 Horsepower. The Grand Scénic costs 1,500 euros more.

2020 Renault Scenic Pros and Cons


  • Endowment. The standard equipment is rich, especially on the safety level: It also includes the full LED headlights, the anti-stroke sleep alert and the involuntary lane exit and the automatic emergency braking.
  • engine. Brilliant, regular and not very noisy, this new 1.3 turbo allows you to move in fluency even at full load.
  • practicality. There are many solutions that improve the life on board, like the sliding sofa in two parts, the numerous compartments and the large trunk.


  • drawer in the bridge. When you open it snaps forcefully, bumping the knees of the front passenger.
  • rustling. After the 100 km/h, the air hitting the bodywork and the mirrors causes aerodynamic noises that can be felt in the cockpit: in the long run, they may become annoying.
  • backspace. Who is behind it is not comfortable enough for the knees and the head.

2020 Renault Scenic Redesign; New 1.3 TCe Turbo Engine Pictures

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