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Saturday, October 13th, 2018 - RAM
2020 RAM 1500 Release Date and Price

The enormous 2020 RAM 1500 pick-up, 592 cm long, arrives in Europe thanks to the Swiss KWA. A single-engine, the monumental 5.7-liter V8.

It is impressive to see a pick-up like the 2020 RAM 1500 paraded on European roads: its dimensions are definitely “out of scale” for our continent. Now in its fifth generation, it is 581 to 592 cm long, depending on the version (Cab or, as for our test, Crew): dimensions that make it awkward in tight turns. Crossing one of these vehicles with a caisson in Europe is also rare for another reason: the US manufacturer, which is part of the FCA group, does not sell its models directly on the Old Continent, and so far all the specimens have arrived for the initial small independent importers. This should change in the coming months, when the Swiss company KWA, a company that enjoys a very close relationship with the FCA and will bring thousands of Ram and Dodge to Europe (another brand of the US group not officially sold in Europe) will be fully operational

The KWA is part of a Swedish group (the Klintberg & Way), which works in the field of cars selling accessories, tires and spare parts for US cars, cars that in Northern Europe enjoy a large audience of enthusiasts. In light of this, KWA was born, which in October 2017 received from the FCA the mandate to get some of its models not officially imported into Europe. The company relies on the “ramifications” of Klintberg & Way, which has purchased and intends to expand a technical center in Bremerhaven (Germany) where it transforms cars from the United States, thus offering customers a complete and guaranteed service: it is KWA to take care of transforming the car according to European laws, provide the guarantee and to guarantee spare parts. The Ram and Dodge will be sold in independent car dealers or the FCA group, all able to meet the quality and space standards set by AWK.

According to the KWA’s number, Alessio Castelli, the sales targets are as many as 4,500 copies per year by 2021: 3,500 / 4,000 will be Ram, the rest the Dodge Challenger coupe (including the 717 bhp Hellcat version), the big sedan Dodge Charger and the majestic SUV Dodge Durango. To make the new Ram 150 more interesting for our markets (already for a few months on sale overseas), KWA has developed a transformation with dual fuel / LPG or petrol/methane.

The new Ram 1500 has a look that looks more “kind” than that of the old edition, although flashy, especially in the front where stands the large mask with a black or chrome frieze depending on the set-up. The new model has also been deeply revised in mechanics. The use of high-strength steels made it possible to reduce the weight slightly: 54 kg less for the frame and 102 kg overall (the total still exceeds 2.3 tonnes …). The pickups are sturdy and very Spartan means, but in this case, there is no shortage of options that improve the comfort like the air suspension, which also allows to increase or decrease the light on the ground.

The Ram 1500 is available in our country in four versions: Bighorn, Laramie, Longhorn and Limited. On request on the Bighorn and Laramie, you can have the Sport, Black and Off-Road packages, which give the pick-up a more gritty look, black finish and a better mobility away from the asphalt. Two versions: the Quad Cab is 581 cm long and has the longer floor of the caisson (194 against 171 cm, while the width is always 169 cm), while the Crew Cab loses a few cm in the box but gains it inside. Prices start at 64,477 euros, including VAT.

2020 RAM 1500 Interior

On board, the Ram 1500 comfortable seats are found, wide and equipped with all comforts (heating, ventilation, electrical adjustments). On the other hand, they offer little support in the curves. The sofa is also very comfortable for passengers, particularly when you slide it forward to incline the backrest. And those sitting in the middle appreciate the low tunnel in the floor, which steals very little space for the legs. Between the front seats, there is a huge cockpit, divided into two compartments, where to put the phone (there is a wireless charging) and deeper objects. At the base of the central cabinet, there is a second cockpit, thanks to the absence of the selector for the automatic transmission (it is on the right near the steering wheel) and the control for the parking brake: it is operated by a button to the left of the steering wheel.

Once on the road you have to deal with the extra-large tonnage of the 2020 RAM 1500, which requires the driver to rely on the intuition when he must maneuver close to low obstacles like the “panettone” of concrete: in fact, in fact, there are no distance sensors, while behind is the indispensable rearview camera. On the other hand, the big 8 “touchscreen (in a few months will arrive the 12” option, an option at 2,123 euros) of the multimedia system that does not lack either Apple CarPlay and Android Auto or three USB sockets to charge mobile phones. The Laramie version (the second of the four trim levels) is also equipped with leather upholstery, so the interior looks cozy and well finished. In the journeys to play in the background, there is the gurgle of the aspirated V8 of 5.7 liters. Its presence is “cumbersome” even when it comes to consumption: the house declares an average of 7.8 km/liter.

2020 RAM 1500 Review: Verdict

The 2020 Ram 1500It is a vehicle to drive without rushing not only to avoid boosting consumption (on the track we have ever read on the computer board 2.4 km/liter): the steering prefers a tourist gait and the lateral curvature in the curves is pronounced. The eight-speed automatic transmission is unmatched and does not require adjustments, so you can not set a sport driving mode or a savings mode. Next to the gear selector (one wheel to select the parking, forward, “back” and neutral functions) there are the keys to manage the insertable all-wheel-drive system: you can travel with rear or integral traction, and block these last, distributing the torque to 50% between the front and rear wheels. Not even the reduced gears are missing.

Pros and Cons


  • Comfort. The spring is adequate and the attention to detail has nothing to envy to the SUV.
  • Space. Not lacking even for the rear center passenger, thanks to the low tunnel
  • Style. At the wheel of the Ram 1500, you do not go unnoticed


  • Controls. The one to activate the parking brake is hidden and unreachable for the passenger
  • Range. In Europe, the exuberant V8 will not be joined by the 3.6 V6.
  • Maneuverability . Narrow turns and parking are a business.

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