2020 Porsche Macan Redesign, Specs & Release Date [UPDATE]

Saturday, February 16th, 2019 - Porsche
2020 Porsche Macan Turbo Silver Color

With the update, the 2020 Porsche Macan has further refined its dynamic qualities. The multimedia system has also been improved.

There’s a slight update for the Porsche Macan, the gritty average SUV born in 2014. The muscular forms, the long and sloping engine bonnet, the large wheels (with wider tires behind) and the upper part of the streamlined bodywork do not change, and continue to give the idea of a car with horses to sell and ready to attack the asphalt; the look is certainly not that of a “family” SUV. To this successful base, the touch-ups bring a pleasant refresh: behind, the LED lights are joined together, the front, the mask, and the bumper have been redesigned; new the optional rims of 20 and 21 “. Full LED headlights are standard.

2020 Porsche Macan Redesign

The 2020 Porsche Macan will only have petrol, turbo, and direct injection engines; is already available in version 2.0 (four-cylinder, 245-horsepower, two trapezoidal tailpipes, $72,029) and in the 3.0 S of the test (moved by a new six-cylinder V with 354 hp, 14 more than before, costs $6,477 more than 2.0 and is recognized for the four pipes in the queue). In a few months, a more powerful version will arrive; it will probably be a 2.9 biturbo with about 450 horses, while for the plug-in hybrid you have to wait at least a couple of years. In terms of safety, the driver assistance system makes its debut that up to 60 km / h manages the brake, accelerator, steering and controls the march in traffic and traffic lanes.

2020 Porsche Macan Interior

The interior of the Porsche Macan it is set sportingly, with a driving position raised above the ground but well laid out, and with several adjustment possibilities. Behind the slim three-spoke steering wheel you will find three round instruments (from the left, Tachometer, tachometer and onboard computer screen) that are clearly visible. The leap forward makes the multimedia system: the old 7 “screen is replaced by a 10.9” one, always tactile but full HD and connected; it includes online navigation with traffic information and a Wi-Fi hotspot to which you can connect with your smartphone or tablet. Instead, there are numerous keys around the gear lever that inevitably distract from driving.

The finishes are impeccable and refined materials, even if the real luxury is paid for separately: standard, there are the electrically adjustable front seats, with Alcantara and imitation leather covering; leather ones cost at least $3679. Other small but appreciable news of the Porsche Macan is the heated windshield, the ionizer to improve indoor air quality and (optional in the Sport Chrono package) the sports steering wheel with integrated Sport Response Button: a function that varies the response of the engine and transmission so as to maximize performance for a maximum duration of about 20 seconds.

2020 Porsche Macan Redesign and Changes


Nothing changes in the interior dimensions of the Porsche Macan, which are adequate for four adults, but not overflowing as one would expect to find in a 470 cm long SUV. Behind, those over 180 cm in height touch the ceiling with their heads, and in three it is very uncomfortable: the sofa is narrow and the central tunnel is tall and angular. The trunk (500/1500 liters) is quite large, which also benefits from the backrest in three reclining parts (lowering the central section you can travel well in four by loading long objects such as skis), and the tailgate that opens and it closes electrically.

Engine Specs

even richer is shaping up to offer guidance devices available on the 2020 Porsche Macan. In fact, the arrival of the recently adopted devices on the Porsche Cayenne 2018, such as Night Vision Assist Systems, Lane Change Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, and Traffic Jam assist, is expected.

There is no official information on the engines that are going to be used on the new Macan, but it is expected that there will be the plug-in hybrid solution, confirming the elimination from the range of diesel versions. For gasoline engines, rumors speak of a power of 300 hp for the 4 cylinders of 2.0 liters, with a sensible leap compared to the current power of 252 hp.

Another indiscretion relates that the new Macan S will be proposed with the V6 Turbo of 3.0 liters by 355 HP, now employed on the Cayenne. Another novelty on the subject of engines would be the replacement of the V6 3.6 turbo with the V6 2.9 turbo from 440 hp.


The 2020 Porsche Macan has always offered an excellent relationship between drivability and comfort, and these qualities are now refined thanks to minor adjustments to the mechanics: on the front, lighter aluminum arms replace the steel components, while slight variations in the diameter of the stabilizer bars aim to reduce further the widening of the trajectory in a curve with the front wheels, ensuring a better handling. And then, there is a new, more direct brake control, combined with front discs of increased diameter and thickness (respectively, 1 cm and 0.2 cm). In fact, the response of the braking system, steering, and suspension is what you would expect from a car with a sophisticated mechanics and a fine-tuned finish right down to the smallest details: the ride is smooth and precise, with a little rolling but a’

With the height-adjustable air suspension, and despite the 21-inch maxi-wheels, in Comfort mode you travel very comfortably, and with little noise. In truth, bearing in mind that we are in a Porsche, we think that no one would complain if the engine made a “voice” larger. The 3.0 of the 2020 Porsche Macan is very fluid, ready and full-bodied at low and medium rpm, and works well with the lightning double-clutch automatic gearbox; soon very high speeds are reached (as evidenced by the “0-100” declared in 5.3 seconds and the 254 peak times). However, the more sporty could appreciate an even more brutal response and a more “bad” extension. As for consumption, the onboard computer after a route faced with brio showed around 8 km / l.


All 2020 Porsche Macan have all-wheel drive, dual-clutch robotic gearbox, a good 150-watt hi-fi system (for a fee, there are the 665-watt Bose and Burmester with over 1000 W), the navigator and the trizona automatic air conditioning. The fact remains that a car of this kind should propose standard parking sensors, the opening of the doors and the engine start without using the keys and the Apple CarPlay interface. A lot of driving aids are also available: cruise control with radar distance, maintenance in lane 598 (the same number for monitoring the blind spot of the rear-view mirrors) and a dashboard showing the road signs.

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