2020 Mercedes-Maybach SUV; Ultimate Luxury Performance

Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 - Mercedes
2020 Mercedes-Maybach SUV Ready On The Market

A few days after the official debut of the Ultimate Luxury Concept. 2020 Mercedes-Maybach SUV, some images escaped on the net anticipate the forms.

Mercedes-Maybach SUV Concept design

New plans-In recent years Mercedes has used the Mercedes-Maybach brand for some super exclusive versions of the flagship class S and the SUV class G, emphasizing the quality of the internal materials and the customizations. Now it seems that the House of Stuttgart wants to return to the origins, when the Maybach produced dedicated models, like the 62 and 57 of the years 2000. This is for now only a hypothesis that is supported by the images, published by several websites in advance of the official debut, which portray the Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury Concept. This prototype will debut in a few days at the Beijing Motor Show (which opens its doors on April 25th) and has its own bodywork, giving rise to conjecture.

SUV with tail-rumors of recent days had speculated that this car was simply a more luxurious version of the Mercedes GLS, but evidently so it is not. The German manufacturer decided instead to change strategy and create a car with a personal look, always imposing but endowed with an unusual hint of “tail”: observing of the side, in fact, gives the idea of being a sedan very high from the ground. The interior of the Mercedes-Maybach SUV appears well-kept and has only four places, divided in the middle by a large tunnel where there is also a service from them. The driving position seems very essential and futuristic, thanks to the two screens flanked on the style of those brought to the beginning of the new Mercedes A. The engine should be hybrid, but we’ll know more in a few days when the car will be unveiled.

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