2020 Mercedes GLS Review, Specs, Configurations & Price

Wednesday, November 6th, 2019 - Mercedes
2020 Mercedes GLS Seating Capacity

The 2020 Mercedes GLS is a full-size SUV that fully convinces with its finishes, technology, and comfort. Huge, it accommodates 7 adults passenger in luxury but the choice of engines is pretty limited.

2020 Mercedes GLS Exterior

The Mercedes GLS is the most luxurious and largest SUV of the Mercedes Universe. it replaces the homonymous car born in 2012 and brings with it more elegant lines and even more space on board, the wheelbase grows by 6 cm and the length by 8, even reaching quota 521.

Mechanically it is a GLE, from which it also takes up the bridge and the console between the seats, some coatings change and materials and assembly are impeccable, but we would have expected more exclusivity.

On the other hand, compared to the GLE increases the ease in the second and, in particular, the third row of seats. The latter is standard, accommodates two adults without sacrifice and disappears into the bottom of the trunk thanks to an electric control. Just a shame that the sofa guides are exposed and can scratch the shoes of those sitting behind.

2020 Mercedes GLS Interior

The dashboard of the Mercedes GLS it has two 12.3 ” side-by-side screens, which act as the dashboard and “heart” of the sophisticated Mbux multimedia system: it is controlled by voice, by the right “touch” display and by the tactile surfaces on the steering wheel and central tunnel.

2020 Mercedes GLS Seating Capacity

Constantly connected to the web and widely configurable, it integrates Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and has really accurate graphics. With some additional cost, you can add two 11.6 ” monitors on the back of the seats, also “touch” and connected to the infotainment.

There is also the possibility of obtaining the functions of massage, heating, and ventilation for the side seats of the sofa, also with side airbags, a wireless charging plate for mobile phones and a removable tablet that acts as a control center for these and other functions all in the Executive Rear package.

Engine Specs

2020 Mercedes GLS can already be ordered in the 400 & 450d versions, powered by the same 3.0 diesel with six cylinders in line and with powers of 286 and 330 hp respectively.

Then there are two petrol hybrids: the 580 of the test, with its much more vigorous 4.0 V8 biturbo, will arrive shortly, while we will not see in Europe the 3.0 six-cylinder in-line turbo. For all, all-wheel drive and 9-speed automatic transmission.

The 4.0 V8 of the 580 driven combines with an electric motor integrated into the gearbox which, for a few moments, provides 22 hp and a good 250 Nm of additional torque. Despite the anti-noise glasses, in acceleration, the pleasant “pulsating” noise typical of this architecture arrives in the passenger compartment and the speed grows with an appreciable decision, given the weight involved, this is the “right” engine for the GLS.

Difficult to find the defects at the gearbox, which has imperceptible grafts, while the behavior on the road changes a lot based on the type of suspensions chosen.

Suspensions & Safety Features

The Standard for the  Mercedes GLS there are air springs whose calibration is very soft, even the slightest curve turns into excessive rolling and, if the bottom is not a billiard, even in a straight line longitudinal swaying can be triggered.

The situation improves a bit by setting the shock absorbers on Sport, but we recommend spending $8000 for the E-Active Body Control. This system provides high-pressure hydraulic pumps that can lift or lower each individual shock absorber almost instantly.

This also happens in a predictive manner, based on what is “seen” by a stereoscopic camera behind the windshield, which “reads” the progress of the asphalt. Thus, just before the wheel hits an obstacle or falls into a hole, the corresponding shock absorber is retracted or extended. The result? On whatever background it seems to travel on a billiard table. Also in the E-Active Body Control, the “Curve” function is included: the car tilts like a motorcycle inside the curve, reducing the lateral forces acting on the passengers.


In addition to increasing comfort, this system also improves the steering response: we are always talking about an SUV with a high center of gravity over 5 meters and twenty, but precision is not a problem. The real criticism will be to deal with the bulk: in the wide streets of Utah, where the test took place, the 2020 Mercedes GLS seemed almost a bulky car.

2020 Mercedes GLS Review – Pros & Cons


  • Habitability. Even the third-row seats host two adults well.
  • Comfort . Also thanks to the E-Active Body Control the suspensions “smooth” the asphalt. The soundproofing has been taken care of, especially with insulating glass.
  • Finishes . Montages and materials convince without reserve
  • Multimedia system. The Mbux is responsive, full of features and with very accurate graphics.


  • Dimensions. It is not suitable for a busy city: the 521 cm can be “felt” in maneuver and parking
  • Sofa guides . Without protection, they could damage the shoes of those sitting in the third row.
  • The uniqueness of the interior. The bridge and many other components are taken from the much less expensive GLE: those who spend over 100,000 euros may want something more “exclusive”

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