2020 Mercedes GLE 300d 4Matic Review, Specs, Price & Features

Saturday, January 4th, 2020 - Mercedes
2020 Mercedes GLE 300d Fuel Economy

The latest edition of the 2020 Mercedes GLE 300d grows in size and technology. Very spacious and safe, it is powered by a lively 2.0 diesel; however, the steering is not very direct.

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  • Length; 4,93m


On sale for some months, but with the first specimens arriving in these weeks, the latest generation of the luxury SUV Mercedes GLE is a powerful car. It has a high and vertical front, with a large and elaborate mask, surrounded by thin full led headlights. But it also has a certain elegance, thanks to the smooth and no-frills lines, and it does not give up a style detail that recalls the ML of the 90s, of which the GLE is heir to the distant. The third side window visually joined to the rear window.

The new SUV is already available in three diesel versions: the 300 d of the test, with 245 hp, and then the 350 de la 400 d, which are 3.0 six-cylinder with 272 and 330 horsepower respectively. The “light” gasoline hybrids (called EQ-Boost) are already available for order: they use an electric motor of 22 horsepower, which further increases the performance of the six-cylinder 367 horsepower of the 450 or the 435 hp one of the sporty AMG 53.

2020 Mercedes GLE 300d Dimensions

493 centimeters long, equipped with a 3 meters, 196 cm wide and 180 high, the Mercedes GLE it has much larger dimensions than before (11.5 cm in length only) which positively reflect on the space in the passenger compartment: five people, even of robust build, travel with great comfort.

In addition, two foldaway seats can be added for 2,184 euros in the trunk (this option also allows you to have the rear seats electrically adjustable).

2020 Mercedes GLE 300d Fuel Economy

The trunk is roomy (in the five-seater versions there are 635 liters, which rise to 2055 with the backrest down, and loading up to the ceiling); the tailgate is wide and moved by an electric motor, there is the useful backrest in three reclining parts, the finishes are accurate and you can have interesting accessories, such as the substrate protected by a lock and the dividing net between the passenger compartment and trunk.

The fact remains that the load threshold is 77 cm from the ground, that there are no levers to recline the sofa at a distance and that the subfloor is large and covered, but with a very irregular shape; the two compartments can be joined by removing the floor.

2020 Mercedes GLE 300d Interior

The interior of the Mercedes GLE is well made; in the massive dashboard the four central vents of the “climate” stand out, and everything is enriched by aluminum inserts (standard), various types of wood (from 317 euros) or carbon fiber.

the seats are in leather (the standard one is apparently indestructible, although not really pleasant to the touch). But the strong point is the two screens side by side (12.3 inches each).

in front of the driver, there is the dashboard, freely configurable in the graphics and information provided, while the central display is intended for the refined MBUX multimedia system, which may include virtual reality for 305 euros (the front camera transmits the images of the street in front, to which the names of the streets and the house numbers are superimposed).

Too bad only for a few commands in the non-ideal position: the “four arrows” button is barely visible, and the electronic handbrake is in a platform to the left of the driver, unreachable by the passenger in an emergency.

Safety Features

The 2020 Mercedes GLE 300d is equipped with the 9G-Tronic nine-speed automatic transmission and the 4Matic all-wheel drive with constant and equal power distribution between the front and rear axle; the more powerful versions of the GLE instead use a multiple disc clutch to send up to 100% of the power on the axle where the wheels have greater grip.

There are numerous driving aids, including there is also a function of the adaptive speed regulator, which slows down the car if queues are reported in real-time by the LiveTraffic service. The same package includes the Pre-Safe Impulse Side: if the sensors detect that another vehicle is investing us in the side, the outer seat cushion inflates so as to move the body away from the impact area.


First of all, the small four-cylinder 2.0 diesel is by no means undersized. It has many horses immediately available and can reach 4500 laps quickly and without drops (the declared “0-100” of 7.2 seconds is an appreciable time). In any case, compared to the larger six-cylinder engines, it is less pleasant at low and medium speed (its noise is more evident and less “refined”).

At high speeds, however, you can enjoy the enviable soundproofing (even the rustling is very small, confirming the excellent aerodynamic penetration coefficient Cx, equal to 0.29, as well as the noise of the rolling of the tires), the good shooting qualities, more than satisfactory stability and, if desired, adaptive cruise control with lane maintenance.

In addition, the nine-speed automatic transmission of the 2020 Mercedes GLE 300d  is fluid and fast enough, the steering is rather light (but does not give much idea of ​​the grip available) and the car never rolls too much; this SUV, however, does not invite you to tackle the curves at the Garibaldina: the steering wheel must be turned a lot, and the width close to two meters requires some additional attention in the narrow streets. Comfort on bumpy is excellent by choosing the Comfort mode of the air suspension, while in Sport they harden significantly, making the response a bit abrupt. As for consumption, the on-board computer calculated an average of about 12 km/l.


Fuel diesel fuel
Displacement 3 cm 1950
o cylinders and arrangement 4 online
Maximum power kW (hp) / rpm 180 (245) / 4200 rpm
Max torque Nm / rev 500 / 1600-2400
CO 2 grams / km emission 161
Distribution 4 valves per cylinder
or gear ratios 9 (automatic) + reverse
Traction whole wheat
Front brakes self-ventilated discs
Rear brakes self-ventilated discs
The declared performances
Maximum speed (km / h) 225
Acceleration 0-100 km / h (s) 7.2
Average consumption (km / l) 13.5
How large is it
Length / width / height cm 493/196/180
Step cm 3000
Curb weight kg 2095
Boot capacity liters 630/2055
Tires (standard) 275/50 R20

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