2020 Mercedes GLB 35 AMG Review – Performance, Price, Specs

Thursday, November 28th, 2019 - Mercedes
2020 Mercedes GLB 35 AMG Interior & Features

2020 Mercedes GLB 35 AMGEven in the Powerfull 306 hp AMG version, this 2020 Mercedes GLB is comfortable and versatile. But there is to spend on options, including two extra seats in the third row.

  • Price: Start From $50000
  • Fuel Economy: 13,3 km/l
  • Emission Co2 171 Gramm/km
  • 6 d-Temp Euro

More than a Supercar

Obviously the AMG sports atelier took our taste, the Mercedes GLB 35 AMG 4Matic is the sixth “entry-level” model to be developed with plenty of pepper. And, in some ways, this SUV is also the most “revolutionary”.
The high performance guaranteed by its 2.0 306 hp petrol turbo (Mercedes declares just 5.2 seconds in the “0-100” and 250 km / h of electronically limited maximum speed) combines considerable practicality.

The latter, to which the two foldaway tip-up seats in the trunk contribute, bringing the total seats to seven.

Aesthetically, this “anabolic” variant of the Mercedes GLB differs from the others mainly due to the vertical chrome-plated trim strip and the two elliptical-shaped tailpipes that come out on the sides of the fake air extractor.

Standard alloy wheels 19 “(but in option there are up to 21”, with prices, however, yet to be defined, as well as that of the car and other options), behind which you can see the increased brakes (discs front 350 mm in diameter with four-piston calipers and 330 mm rear with single-pump calipers).

2020 Mercedes GLB 35 AMG Interior & Features

Abundant is the spoiler that frames the rear window, while the plastic protections, placed in the shelter of the lower part of the bodywork and of the wheel arches, remind us of being in front of a car designed also to easily tackle off-road or snow-covered roads; after all, in the name of practicality, this AMG does not even give up on the roof bars.

Engine Options

With the average A (and with its derivatives Class A Sedan, CLA, CLA Shooting Brake and B) it shares the MFA platform, that of the “small” of the Stuttgart company, which provides the front engine in a transverse position and not, as in the larger models, in a longitudinal position. At the GLC, on the other hand, this average SUV is approaching in length: 463 cm against 466. The Mercedes GLB, which is built in Mexico at the Aguascalientes plant (and, for the Chinese market, in Beijing), is strategic for the German brand.

The engines are all four-cylinder, petrol or diesel turbos. Among the first, in addition to the unit that powers the powerful 2020 Mercedes GLB 35 AMG 4Matic we have driven, there are the 2.0 224 hp of the GLB 250 4Matic and the 163 163 hp that moves the GLB 200. All of the “two-liter” diesel instead: that of the 180 d has 116 hp, rising to 150 for the 200d, the latter also available with 4Matic all-wheel drive.

The gearbox is an 8-speed dual-clutch Automatic for the 2.0 and 7-speed for the 1.3. In addition to the “basic” Executive setup and the Business (which can only be combined with less powerful engines) there are, on the rise, the Sport, the Sport Plus and the Premium.

The new German SUV can already be ordered and the first deliveries are scheduled between the end of December 2019 and January 2020. The AMG, on the other hand, will wait longer.

Mercedes GLB 35 AMG 4Matic Inside

The interior of the Mercedes GLB 35 AMG 4Matic is modern and cared for in both materials and finishes it has a moderate sports characterization, essentially entrusted to the shaped front seats. Upholstered in eco-leather and microfibre, they have pronounced side panels, but not the integrated headrests as in other AMG models.

Also specific are the steering wheel with a flattened crown on the lower part, the pedals with visible metal and non-slip rubber pads, as well as red safety belts; the paddles for sequential gear selection are not particularly extensive.

Nowadays typical of recent Mercedes is the digital instrumentation (a 10.25 “panel) which, in the AMG, also features the Supersport display with a rev counter in the center; very close there is a second display (also of 10.25 ”) which displays various on-board functions and serves the infotainment system, manageable both through a tactile controller in the tunnel and by activating voice recognition (just say the phrase “Hey Mercedes”).

Among the various gems, the “augmented reality” for the navigator, which in the vicinity of junctions or intersections integrates the indications with the images taken by the on-board cameras, and the AMG Track Pace, an app for those who want to use the GLB on the track , timing lap times and using various information to lower them.

Improved the ergonomics of the small keys aligned in the dashboard of the Mercedes GLB, among which there is (little recognizable) the one to activate the emergency flashing light, and the electronic hand brake, set on the left and out of the passengers’ reach; on the other hand, the buttons and the wheel in the steering wheel are comfortable to operate on the driving modes and on the suspension settings.

The Mercedes GLB panoramic sliding roof gives brightness to an environment in which space is not lacking: thanks to the 10 cm longer step than that of the class B (for a total of 283 cm), the ease for the legs is satisfactory also behind; moreover, you can count on the sofa divided into two independent sections (with 60:40 scheme) that slide longitudinally by 14 cm: keeping it “all the way forward”, you can take advantage of 570 liters of trunk capacity, which rise to 1805 giving up the seats behind .

The backrest of the sofa is in three elements, and by knocking down only the central one it is possible to store long objects (such as skis) while keeping the side seats in use.

When maximum capacity is used, the liftable loading floor allows eliminating the step otherwise due to the sofa, creating a double bottom in which – if present – the two additional seats disappear.

About the latter, there is good that they are equipped with Isofix couplings to hook up the transport systems for children, but they are cramped for adult passengers (after all they are approved for heights up to 168 cm). Numerous options dedicated to comfort, such as armchairs with massage function (720 euros).

Together with the driver’s knee airbag, for all versions of the Mercedes GLB are standard – among other things – devices such as automatic emergency braking, active lane maintenance between 60 and 200 km/h, the system that automatically detects speed limits and automatic deactivation of the passenger airbag (a sensor detects if the right seat is not occupied, or if a child seat is present); a downhill speed limiter is also standard for 4Matic models.

There is no lack of latest-generation driving aids that, combined, enable semi-autonomous driving: among these, the adaptive cruise control with stop & go function and the ability to adjust the pace based on road signs and navigator map data, automatic steering and assistance for the avoidance of obstacles, which also provides for the “emergency corridor” function in the presence of vehicles in the queue (the car identifies via cameras and sensors a free passage to avoid collisions or reduce the consequences); there are also some extended functions of automatic braking, which intervenes in turns on the left even in the presence of vehicles coming from the opposite lane or, in combination with the Active Blind Spot, when there is a risk of collisions during parking maneuvers.

Test Drive

Already tested in other compact AMGs (such as the A 35), the “heart” of the Mercedes GLB 35 AMG 4Matic is a four-liter two-cylinder turbo with variable valve timing. Rather light, the 306 hp maximum power combines 400 Nm of torque, usable between 3000 and 4000 rpm.

Furthermore, it boasts good efficiency (to which the piezoelectric injectors contribute), so much so that the house declares reasonable gasoline consumption in relation to performance (13.3 km / l in the combined cycle, with CO2 emissions equal to 171 g / km). It is combined with the 8-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox, able to support even the sporty driving thanks to the automatic double-bar in climbing; the system also supports the Race Start function, which optimizes the response of the mechanics to give the maximum in the sprint from a standstill.

4Matic Performance AMG is the 4-wheel drive system of the Mercedes GLB based on a multi-plate clutch with electromechanical functioning and variable torque distribution between the two axes: depending on the grip conditions and the type of driving, it can send up to 100 % to the front or rear wheels, as well as to lock the ratio to the 50:50 value, to facilitate driving on difficult terrain.

Five selectable driving modes, from Slippery, optimized for slippery surfaces, to Comfort, to the more “aggressive” Sport and Sport +. In addition, there is the Individual, which allows you to customize the various parameters separately.

The set driving program offers specific responses to the engine, the gearbox (for example, delaying, in sports modes, the transition to the higher ratio), the 4Matic system, the steering and electronically controlled suspensions; also present the 4ETS system which, if necessary, acts on the brakes emulating a limited-slip differential (to limit possible slippage of a single wheel), and the variable-ratio steering that “weighs down” with increasing speed.


Compared to that of the 200 and 220 d, the four-cylinder of the Mercedes GLB 35 AMG 4Matic it seems almost disruptive: it has a full roar and a prompt response to the accelerator at all speeds, although the best comes out of 2750 at 6500 rpm (where the limiter intervenes when the 2.0 turbo seems to still have a lot to give).

Valid also in the mountain routes the logic of the gearbox, which only when you want to drive sportingly you would like to be more ready to climb. This is a very well-spaced eight-speed robot, which is also appreciated for the punctual automatic “double-barrel” when switching to a lower ratio.

The brakes, on the other hand, are very well balanced, even when you call them when cornering. They go better in Sport and Sport +: modes that almost completely compensate for the oscillations of the bodywork.

2020 Mercedes GLB 35 AMG Specs

Fuel petrol
Displacement cm 3 1950
or cylinders and layout 4 online
Maximum power kW (CV) / revs 225 (306) / 5800-6100 laps
Max torque Nm / rev 400 / 3000-4000
CO 2 grams / km emission 171
Distribution 4 valves per cylinder
or exchange ratios 8 (double friz auto) + reverse gear
Traction whole wheat
Front brakes ventilated discs
Rear brakes ventilated discs
The declared performances
Maximum speed (km / h) 250 (self-limited)
Acceleration 0-100 km / h (s) 5.2
Average consumption (km / l) 13.3
How large is it
Length / width / height cm 463/183/166
Step cm 283
Weight in running order kg na
Boot capacity liters 570/1805
Tires (standard) 235/50 R19


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