2020 Mercedes B-Class Review: Very Pleasant – B 220d Premium DCT

Sunday, December 9th, 2018 - Mercedes
2020 Mercedes B-Class Trunk Capacity

All-new, the 2020 Mercedes B-Class is comfortable, agile and, with the 2.0 190 hp diesel, also bright. The interior is spacious and modern, but the fifth place is a bit sacrificed.

2020 Mercedes B-Class Redesign

The more arched shape of the roof and the smooth sides give the third generation of the Mercedes B-Class an elegant and sober appearance. Longer than the previous version of three centimeters (for a total of 442) the new minivan is based on the five-door sedan Class A (presented at the beginning of 2018) and leads to the debut of the 2.0 diesel 150 or 190 hp (the latter object of the test). The other diesel unit is a 1.5 HP with 116 hp, while on the petrol there is a 1.3 turbo with 136 or 163 horses. All have the dual-clutch automatic gearbox, but only the two most powerful diesel models have the refined rear axle with multiple arms, rather than the one with a torque axle. The 2020 Mercedes B-Class will be available from mid-December 2018, with deliveries starting from February 2019. Prices? There is the talk of a minimum of about 34.147 USD, therefore in line with those of the model being retired.

2020 Mercedes B-Class Interior

In the passenger compartment of the Mercedes B-Class stands out the virtual instrumentation enclosed in a single rectangular element, which contains two screens of 7 “or 10.25” (those visible in the photos); it is taken from Class A. It clearly provides a lot of information, it makes a great scene but, without eyelid, in certain light conditions it is not immune to reflections. The instrumentation is connected to the MBUX infotainment system which, among other things, has extensive vocal functions: for example, it allows you to vary the temperature set by the air conditioning or to identify restaurants in the area.

In the test, the system was almost always quick to understand what we were asking for. Also noteworthy is the augmented reality navigator: when approaching turns and intersections, the maps show the image of the road taken from the front camera of the car, with the names of the streets superimposed and the direction to be taken. As expected from a Mercedes, the quality of the materials (in the car of the test with fine wood inserts in the dashboard and doors) and the assembly is excellent. There are, however, some minor flaws, such as the absence of a refrigerated compartment and the height adjustment of the safety belts. On the other hand, there are two umbrella stands next to the seats.


The driving position of the 2020 Mercedes B-Class, higher than nine centimeters of that of the A-Class, is comfortable (rigid the padding of the seat) and in the car under test complete with extensive electrical adjustments and massage function (in reality limited to the rhythmic movement of the seat and backrest, which keep awake more than melt your muscles). This mode is combined with the Energizing package (price being defined): in combination with the subdued lighting in the passenger compartment (a choice of 64 colors), the air conditioning and the diffusion of ad hoc music creates different atmospheres: relaxing or dynamics.

2020 Mercedes B-Class MBUX System

As for space, it does not lack at all; pity that the bulge 18 cm high and 14 wide in the floor is an obstacle for the feet of those sitting in the center of the sofa. The latter, divided into three parts, from mid-2019 it will also be available in a sliding version (of 14 cm). The trunk, with a squared access and the threshold at 62 cm from the ground, is well accessible and discreet capacity for a minivan: 445 liters, which rise to 1530 renouncing the rear seats (1547 for the old B-Class).

2020 Mercedes B-Class Performance & Gas Mileage

In the guide, a minivan is an especially required comfort. In this respect, the Mercedes B 220 d Premium DCTdoes not disappoint at all: it is well insulated from holes and noises, the gearbox gently selects the eight ratios and the steering is light. In addition, the B-Class adds an uncommon fluency in dealing with the curves. For the kind of car the roll is contained, the steering is precise and, thanks to the maxi 225/45 R 18 tires, stability is high. Helped by the speed of change, the 190 horsepower of the new 2.0 turbodiesel respond promptly and fluently (within reach the excellent time of 7.2 seconds for the “0-100” and the maximum speed of 234 km / h).

In the presence of semi-autonomous driving systems, in certain situations (such as on the motorway), the 2020 Mercedes B-Class can also go it alone: the driver has to keep his hands on the steering wheel. However, he must remain vigilant because the curves beyond a certain radius require his intervention to maintain the trajectory. However, the maintenance action in the lane can be improved: when you accidentally approach the demarcation lines on the asphalt, you can act abruptly (to change the trajectory, activate the brakes). As for Fuel consumption, in the test mainly on extra-urban roads, the onboard computer calculated an average of about 16 km/l.

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