2020 Mercedes A-Class Sedan – Very Expensive, but it’s worth it

Saturday, October 20th, 2018 - Mercedes
2020 Mercedes A-Class Sedan Specs & Price

The 2020 Mercedes A-Class Sedan is agile and fun. The 190 bhp 2.0 petrol convinces by shooting and noiselessness and the multimedia system is to be praised. But the maintenance in the lane is abrupt. Too much optional.

2020 Mercedes A-Class Sedan Overview: Pricing, Specs, & Configurations

The New Mercedes A-Class Sedan is the first Class A with the “tail” even if, to see it, almost could be exchanged for the new CLA, so is dynamic (in fact, the latter, which will not arrive before the second half of 2019, will be even more sporty, while using the same platform and mechanics). Compared to the “A” five-door (read here the first contact), the sedan is longer than 15 cm, has a trunk larger than 50 liters (420 against 370) and requires a premium of just under 800 euros.

Already ordered, with prices from 30.650 euros for the 180 d automatic (1.5 diesel with 116 hp), the sedan will arrive in dealerships only at the beginning of 2019. Four outfits: Executive, Business, Sport and Premium; even on the most expensive, however, things that should be standard, such as the Dab digital radio (€ 244) and blind spot monitoring (€ 549) remain to be paid.

Curiously, the 220 (moved by a 2.0 190 bhp and the object of the test), currently only 4×4 is available, while the more powerful 250, which has the same engine driven to 224 hp, there is also front-wheel drive.

2020 Mercedes A-Class Sedan Interior

As in the five-door, the dashboard of the 2020 Mercedes A-Class Sedan is modern and dominated by the two screens of the MBUX multimedia system. As standard, they are 7 “, while the most spectacular (10.25”) of the test car is in the Luxury, Prestige or Tech packages: respectively (5.275, 3.543 and 1.670 euros). Even in the basic version, the system is easy to use: the menus are “peeled” thanks to touch-sensitive surfaces placed on the steering wheel spokes. And there is no internet connection. Scenographic soft lighting (also standard) led for the doors and the dashboard; not all the controls are practical: the electronic handbrake is hidden to the left of the steering wheel, which can not be reached by passengers in the event of an emergency. As for the habitability of the Mercedes A-Class Sedan, despite the low roof behind the space is good: from sitting to the ceiling you have just one centimeter less than the five doors and even those who are 190 cm high has eased for the head.

2020 Mercedes A-Class Sedan Redesign & Changes


The generous cargo inlet of the Mercedes A-Class Sedan is appreciated, but the arms that support the bonnet take up a little space at the sides of the load compartment, making the shapes irregular. On the other hand, the load threshold is only 67 cm from the ground (only two more than the five-door). Too bad for the finishes, not up to those of the passenger compartment: the lever to lower the back of the sofa is under the rear window, screwed on the bare metal sheet and with the cable release at sight. Small, finally, the double-bottom, which is also irregular in shape and just 8 cm high. With a package of € 183, a 12 V power socket is added, along with side load-retaining nets and a double-face mat.

2020 Mercedes A-Class Sedan Driving Experience

In setting the 2020 Mercedes A-Class Sedan, the technicians were ordered to exactly replicate the behavior of the five-door, so that the customer could choose between the two cars practically only on the appearance. Here then we find the same steering on the same precise steering, the velvety dual-clutch robotized gearbox (always capable of engaging itself the appropriate gear) and the suspension that give little to the roll while adequately filtering the roughness. The thrust of the 2-liter turbo petrol, which is also rather quiet (only in Sports mode, the speakers spread a non-invasive “rumble” in acceleration). The road holding, thanks to the 19 ” rims (costing 732 euro) in the guided car, proves a complete test; on the rough asphalt of the roads around Seattle, where the test took place, the rolling noise was rather evident: we reserve the right to try the car on the Italian funds, before giving a final judgment. Finally, as noted on the five-door, the lane maintenance system (is standard and works between 60 and 200 km / h) is abrupt in its intervention while the side mirrors have a reduced surface.

2020 Mercedes A-Class Sedan – Very Expensive, but it’s worth it Pictures

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