2020 Mazda 6 Turbo AWD Coupe Preview; Specs, Price & Release

Saturday, July 28th, 2018 - Mazda
2020 Mazda 6 Interior layout

Many small refinements for the 2020 Mazda 6 Turbo, which has an almost sporty diesel 2.2. Well also finishes and equipment, not exciting the infotainment system.

2020 Mazda 6 Redesign – Sporty and more Technological

The third update for the Mazda 6 arrives, and, unlike those of 2015 and 2016 (the model is from 2012), it involves quite substantial innovations. The fluid and elegant style of this sporting saloon 487 cm long (which continues to be flanked by the wagon, offered at the same price) changes only in small details: the mask, the headlights (which now incorporate the fog lights), the two exhaust terminals , with a larger diameter, and alloy rims (more modern in design). Inside, the dashboard, seats (wider and padded) and door linings have been renovated.

The 2.2 turbodiesel of the Mazda 6 conforms to the most recent anti-pollution regulations adopting an anti-nitrogen catalyst with an injection of the AdBlue liquid, based on urea; at the same time, it earns nine horses (reaching 184) and 25 Nm of driving torque (445 considerable current value).

The values of the less powerful version (150 horses and 380 Nm) are instead unchanged. In the new Mazda 6, the interventions also concern the suspensions (new shock absorbers, modifications to the front wheel hubs and the fixing system of the stabilizer bars) and the body (stiffened in different points) with the aim of improving both comfort and the guide.

Interior Updates

As for the new Mazda 6, the cameras debut that in the parking stage reproduce in the display of the dashboard a 360 ° view around the car, as well as the adaptive cruise control that (in the presence of automatic transmission) can also stop and restart the vehicle, and when adjusting the speed, it takes into account not only the traffic in front but also the limits shown by the signs.

2020 Mazda 6 Interior layout

All this is added to a truly remarkable endowment, which, as regards safety, also includes monitoring the blind spots of the mirrors, the lane maintenance system, the warning in case of driver fatigue and the led matrix headlights adaptive: each projector has 20 diodes, which switch on and off moment by moment so as to ensure the widest possible light beam without dazzling other drivers.

The automatic emergency braking also works in case of pedestrians crossing, and in case of investment the active bonnet comes into action: it rises a few centimeters, moving away from the rigid parts (engine in the first place), so that the sheet can act as ” cushion “limiting the consequences of the impact.

Seating & Armrest

The most obvious innovations concern the interior of the Mazda 6, with a simple and elegant horizontal dashboard, enriched with opaque dark wood inserts (in the Exclusive package, at € 1,150) and others in a synthetic material that imitates (in a not very convincing) a suede.

The seats in soft Nappa leather (coating included in the previously mentioned Exclusive package) of the new Mazda 6 are particularly refined and luxurious; and even the standard ones are leather, heated, ventilated and with electrical adjustments (but the lumbar is only for the driver).

Overall, the finishes are accurate, with precise fittings and attention to detail; for example, all the pockets and drawers (large, but without refrigeration) are lined with noise-absorbing material.


From the driving seat of the 2020 Mazda 6, you can appreciate the new instrumentation: the large central tachometer is a 7 “display, which on the sides also shows the instantaneous values of consumption and autonomy. And there is also no head-up display: the main information (including the speed and the related limits and the navigator’s instructions) are projected onto the dashboard, right in front of the driver’s eyes, which avoids having to look down from the Street; but what you need to do to operate the keys to the left of the steering wheel (including, for example, the one to activate the lane maintenance system). At the center of the dashboard is the 8 “display of the multimedia system, which is managed either by touching the screen (only when stationary) or by using the knob on the high tunnel connected to the console.

As before, the Mazda 6 offers a Bose hi-fi and navigator, and now you can have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, to replicate the display of your phone in the car. However, the graphics are not very refined. On the other hand, the four USB sockets are appreciable: two under the front central armrest and the same one in the center arm of the sofa (by lifting the padding). Instead, a wireless charging plate for mobile phones is missing.

Trunk Capacity

The habitability of the Mazda 6 is good for four adults and even a passenger is not bad (to disturb it there is, more than anything else, the high central tunnel); however, access to the sofa is not easy: the profile of the doors forces to lower the head a lot. Compared to the previous version of the Mazda 6 does not change the trunk, which has a declared capacity of 480 liters, regular forms and a depth of 115 cm; the backrest is in two reclinable parts (the unlocking takes place from the trunk), while a passing hatch is missing to load the skis.

2020 Mazda 6 Engine Specs & Fuel Economy

The mechanical changes did not change the behavior of the Mazda 6 2.2 turbodiesel much. The good four-cylinder in the past was also one of the strengths of this car. Now it is more powerful (184 horses of the version of our test), already pushes to 1500 laps and manages to overcome with confidence (and with a rumble certainly not unpleasant) the 5000 laps; a remarkable milestone for a diesel engine, together with the very low level of vibrations. Realistic data provided by the house (8.5 seconds in the “0-100 and 227 km / h maximum speed), also because the gearbox ensures quick and precise couplings (while the clutch is not the lightest to operate). We await a complete test to check with our tools the consumption (21.3 the homologation data); however, using the engine’s liveliness, we read about 15 km/liter in the dashboard.

Even in this updated version, the Mazda 6 lacks a command to change the car’s response, in favor of sportiness, economy or comfort. The possibility of choosing different driving modes would be welcome, even if the set-up is very good; the driving is pleasant, also because the steering, although rather “full-bodied”, seemed to us a little lighter and more progressive in the answer than in the past. In the curve, the behavior is almost sporty, with a reduced role and few reactions on the steering wheel in acceleration; sweet and well controllable the tendency to widen the trajectory with the rear end if it decelerates abruptly. As for comfort, the noise is limited, while the suspensions are not too rigid, but not even soft on the bumpy: sometimes you jump a little too much.

New Mazda 6 Pricing & Trims

The first updated Mazda 6 will be seen in dealerships in September. There are two petrol versions: the 165 bhp 2.0 engine, a 32.800 euro offer, and the rich 194 bhp Exclusive 2.5 automatic (37.750 euro); for the turbodiesel we start from the 33.650 euros of the Evolve with the 2.2 from 150 hp to reach the 43.250 of the Exclusive 4×4 automatic with 184 horses.

2020 Mazda 6 Pros and Cons


  • Equipment. There are many standard accessories. For safety, and not only
  • Engine. An excellent turbodiesel is reconfirmed: it is ready, it stretches decisively, it does not vibrate and it is not noisy at all.
  • Space. Cockpit and trunk are ample. A confirmation with respect to the previous model.


  • Comfort on bumpy. On poorly paved roads, you “jump” a bit ‘trope.
  • Driving mode. Unlike many rivals, there is no key to varying the mechanmechanic’snse.
  • Multimedia system. The display does not have a refined graphic. And there is no wireless charging for mobile phones.


  • Fuel diesel
  • Displacement cm3 2191
  • No cylinders and 4 layout in line
  • Maximum power kW (Hp) / revolutions 135 (184) / 4500 rpm
  • Max torque Nm / revs 445/2000
  • CO2 emissions grams / km 124
  • Distribution 4 valves per cylinder
  • No gear ratios 6 + reverse
  • Front-wheel drive
  • Front brakes self-ventilating discs
  • Rear brakes disks
  • Maximum speed (km / h) 227
  • Acceleration 0-100 km / h (s) 8.5
  • Average consumption (km / l) 21.3
  • Length / width / height cm 487/184/145
  • Step 283 cm
  • Weight in running order kg 1546
  • Luggage capacity liters 480 / nd.
  • Tires (standard) 225/45 R19

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