All New 2020 Honda Insight; Better Than Prius?

Saturday, September 5th, 2020 - Honda
2020 Honda Insight Release Date and Price

More refined and elegant, All New 2020 Honda Insight focuses on style and a hybrid engine that runs over 23 km/L in the city. very promising. As a rival of the Prius, the Insight is expected to talk a lot, I think he is capable of

Far away are the times when Honda Insight was an eccentric-style car. The third edition appears in fact more conventional, to please to a wider possible audience. On 2020 Honda Insight are not found then the coupe forms of the first edition or the rear wing of the second. The builder wanted to privilege elegance and will show in a few days at the New York Auto Show (March 28-April 8) a completely renewed sedan, now based on the front-wheeled construction mechanics of the Honda Civic. Unlike this, however, Insight is just hybrid.

2020 Honda Insight Interior; Spacious

Space grows-The Japanese manufacturer did not work just to update the style of the new Honda Insight, but also committed itself to improving driving behavior and comfort: The suspensions are now independent both in front and behind, while the Aluminum bonnet reduces the weight of the car and also improves the noiselessness in motion.

The distance between the front and rear wheels grew by 15 cm up to 270 cm, just enough to get a more spacious cockpit than the old Honda Insight. The battery of the electric motor is below the rear sofa and does not “steal” space to the trunk, which in fact can hold up to 428 liters, a figure comparable to competing saloons with petrol engine. The Honda did not reveal the external dimensions of the car.

2020 Honda Insight Fuel Consumption; Very Good!

the hybrid engine of Honda Insight 2020, which is a competitor of the Toyota Prius, consists of a 4-cylinder 1.5-cycle Atkinson petrol (more efficient than “normal” petrol, cycle eight) and an electric motor powered by a battery to Lithium-ion. The total power is 154 hp, according to Honda, which has developed the system to ensure that the 1.5 always transfers some of the energy to the battery and the electric motor, able to move the sedan for no more than 1.5 kilometers.

2020 Honda Insight Battery Range

The driver can select one of the three driving modes (Normal, Eco, Sport) and thus favor the cue or the journeys, which in the city can exceed 23 km/L. The Honda Insight 2018 has a very rich endowment and can have the screen in the console of 8 “, the features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the Internet repeater on board, the automatic braking and the maintenance of the lane.

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