2020 Ford Focus: The 6 Best Reasons To Buy One

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018 - Ford
2020 Ford Focus Interior Features

Sedan and wagon, the 2020 Ford Focus offers many and refined driving aid. There is also in the versions crossover (Active) and Luxury.

  1. History

born in 1998, the Ford Focus was sold in the various series in almost 7 million of specimens in Europe alone (more than 16 in the world). Today, twenty years later, it’s time for another edition. All-New, the latest Ford Focus coming in July 2018 is an average (five-door sedan, 438 cm long, or wagon, measuring 467) from modern and sculpted lines, reminiscent of those of the smaller Fiesta. The front has largely pointed headlights placed higher than the hexagonal mask; The side is made more dynamic by the deep rib in the lower part, by the greater distance between the wheels (5 cm more than before), by the roof that, in the sedan, falls decided towards the rear, and by the curved trend of the base of the windows. Behind it, the five doors no longer have the very slanted rear window; The glass is almost vertical, and the lights (LED) are horizontal. Similar is the style of the wagon, which accentuates the sinuous trend of the windows: the side is particularly slender.

2. Roomier Interior

Space grows-the cockpit is made with care, using plastic pleasing to the touch, and has a linear style, neat and classic. The dashboard, which is decidedly horizontal, includes a backlit dashboard, with tachometer and tachometer separated by a large color screen; the Distinctive element is the central 8-inch cantilever display of the multimedia system. The new Ford Focus can have the head-up display, which projects the basic information of the dashboard and the navigator on a small transparent slab above the dashboard, right in front of the driver; Readability is also guaranteed if you use glasses with polarized lenses. The space for the rear passengers, which before was not among the advantages of the model, seems increased: the house speaks of 5 cm more for the legs and of 6 for the shoulders. The trunk is well finished, even if, in that of the sedan, lowering the backrest is formed a high step, which annoys when you have to slide heavy loads; In the wagon (which has a maximum volume of 1653 liters) The problem is not there, and also you can have the electric tailgate, with command even without hands (just push a foot under the bumper to make it open and close).

3. 2020 Ford Focus Provides WI-FI

The Sync 3 multimedia system of the 2020 Ford Focus includes the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto protocols, a hot spot to provide a wi-fi network to smartphones and computers of passengers (up to ten devices) and the shelf for wireless charging of mobile phones. Optional there is the hi-fi of the specialist B & O Play (ten speakers and 675 watts of power). In addition, Ford MyKey, the programmable key to configure some car features, limiting, for example, the maximum speed or volume of the audio system, perhaps for the occasions when the car is left to the new-born child, is not missing.


Many and refined electronic driving aids. The adaptive cruise control of the Ford Focus 2018 runs up to 200 km / h and (in the presence of the automatic transmission) manages to stop and automatically restart the car when in the queue; there is also the automatic emergency braking that can also recognize cyclists and pedestrians, the system that repeats the road signs just passed in the dashboard, the one that avoids the involuntary exits from the lane and the sensors of the blind corner of the mirrors. In addition, a device is provided that helps (by varying the effort required to steer) to avoid stationary or very slow vehicles seen at the last moment, while the headlights are available with a system that varies the depth and shape of the light beam also based on the road and signal readings (for example, those indicating a roundabout or intersection). The headlamps can be full LEDs with automatic activation high beam (they go alone to the low beam if they cross or follow other vehicles along the road). Finally, in conjunction with the automatic transmission, there is the parking system managed by the electronics: just hold down a button because of the car maneuvers alone, going to occupy spaces parallel or perpendicular to the road.

2020 Ford Focus Trunk Volume

5. Engine Options

the Ford Focus has always been very appreciated for its dynamic abilities; Further steps are now being promised thanks to the weight reduction (up to 88 kg less) and the 20% increase in the torsional stiffness of the body, which is based on a new platform called C 2; It also debuts the possibility to choose between different driving modes, focusing, in the response of engine, gearbox and steering, comfort, sportsmanship or consumption. The petrol engine is the already known three-cylinder 1.0 turbo EcoBoost, in the versions of 100 and 125 hp, updated with the possibility of automatically disabling one of the Pistons in the gear at low speed, to improve consumption; The declared CO2 emissions start at 107 g/km. New are the four Blue turbo diesel cylinders 1.5 (95 and 120 hp, from 91 g/km CO2) and 2.0 (150 hp, emissions from 112 g/km), as well as the automatic eight-speed gearbox; Instead of the central lever there is an elegant illuminated knob to choose between back and forth gear, and paddles at the steering wheel for use in manual mode. This transmission can be had with the 1.0 from 125 HP, the 1.5 from 120 hp and the 2.0; Alternatively, there’s a six-speed manual gearbox. Next year a hybrid version is expected to arrive.

6. Sports, luxury or SUVs

As for the productions of the 2020 Ford Focus, there is an embarrassment of choice: from the Plus to the best-equipped Titanium, to the sporty ST-Line, with internal inserts that recall the carbon fiber and suspensions with specific calibration and lowered by 1 cm. New in the range of the Focus is the luxurious Vignale, with soft leather seats, and the crossover Active version: raised more than 3 cm, has roof bars and black plastic protections in the lower part of the bodywork. Finally, the prices: it will start from about 20,000 euros.

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