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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019 - BMW
2020 BMW Z4 Price & Equipment

2020 BMW Z4 Review | The New generation of the BMW Z4 returns to the canvas top. Precise and safe between the curves, it is also quite snappy. But in the back we see little.

A few days ago in the dealerships, the 2020 BMW Z4 is an elegant spider that is offered to start from the $49,236 of the sDrive 20i, driven by a 2.0 turbo petrol engine of 197 hp. Prices from $59,690, instead, for the sDrive 30i, with the same four-cylinder engine brought to 258 hp, and from $75,091 for the M40i, with the 3.0 six-cylinder in-line of 340 horses. Just the sDrive 20i, equipped with the 8-speed automatic transmission, for now the only one available (later a 6-speed manual transmission will also arrive) was the subject of our first contact.

Compared to the BMW Z4produced until 2016, the new edition boasts a more aggressive design. The hood, previously made of metal, returns to be made of canvas to save weight, and reduce the clutter in the trunk when it is folded. The dimensions also change: the car is 9 cm longer and 7 cm wider, while the wheelbase is shortened by 3 cm to improve agility between the curves. In front, the 2020 BMW Z4 stands out from the more classic BMW style thanks to the headlights developed more vertically, with the two light elements placed one above the other, and the grille that loses the traditional strips in favor of a more elaborate and sporty design. Behind, it stands out for its “L-shaped” led headlights, which frame the spoiler integrated in the trunk lid, and for the double exhausts, round in 2.0 and trapezoidal in 3.0.

2020 BMW Z4 Interior

The interior of the BMW Z4  faithfully follows the latest evolution of the BMW interior: the seat is low and widely adjustable and the large infotainment screens (10.25 inches) and digital dashboard (12.3 “), included in the Live Cockpit Professional package provide a lot of information to the driver. However, some graphic details of the dashboard are not always crystal clear. The trunk has a capacity of 281 liters, 100 more than before.


The 2020 BMW Z4 is all new, and boasts more refined rear suspension, with five arms. The steering is adaptive on all versions: in addition to power assistance, the ratio between the steering angle and the steering wheel rotation angle also changes (it becomes more direct in tight corners). Despite the growth of the external dimensions, the Z4 is lighter than before: less 65 kg, largely due to the canopy. And the weight is distributed evenly between the front and rear, so as to make the best grip on the tires when cornering. An increased braking system and electronically controlled suspension are also available as an option (or standard on the more powerful M40i) which, depending on the chosen driving mode, favor the precision of the trajectories or comfort.

2020 BMW Z4 Manual Transmission Review

2020 BMW Z4 Performance

The 2020 BMW Z4 sDrive 20i it’s an ‘easy’ car that also knows how to entertain on the winding roads. The dimensions of the bodywork are clearly perceived, and only in maneuvering there is limited rear visibility due to the small rear window; however, the rearview camera (with good image quality) and parking sensors, included in the Parking Assistant package, help to intervene. Selecting the Comfort mode, the electronically controlled suspension absorbs the small roughness of the road well, but, also because of the low shoulder of the tires mounted on the 19 “optional wheels, the deep holes cause some jolts The tapered shapes of the car combined with the soundproofing of the soft top also guarantee adequate acoustic comfort even at motorway speeds. When the road opens and the Sport mode is selected, the Z4 becomes more reactive and precise: the suspension stiffens and the 8-speed automatic transmission changes at higher speeds and scales more quickly when braking; in manual mode, selecting the gears with the paddles on the steering wheel, the gear changes are quick, but when you get close to the maximum rpm, the top gear is automatically selected if you continue to accelerate: the more sporty will not appreciate.

The 2.0 turbo of the BMW Z4, with 320 Nm of torque as early as 1450 rpm, always responds promptly, but provides performance worthy of a sports car only above 3500 rpm. The house declares a 0-100 in 6.6 seconds (a value that seemed realistic to us) and a maximum speed of 240 km/h. In the Sport driving mode, you can also hear some popping sounds from the exhaust on the climb, and the loudspeakers offer a gritty roar, which overlaps (with a volume that seemed exaggerated) to that coming from the engine. The steering, quite light in all driving modes, is direct without ever being “nervous”. The brake pedal is sensitive, but you get used to it quickly, and the power of the system is certainly adequate for the performance. We drove the Z4 on slippery roads. Even in these conditions and adopting a good rhythm, the grip is definitely high: the car precisely follows the trajectories even in tight corners.

Some laps on the Vallelunga track have allowed us to put the dynamic qualities of the most powerful of the 2020 BMW Z4 to the test: the M40i. According to the house, the 340-horsepower in-line six-cylinder engine with 500 Nm of torque allows acceleration from 0 to 100 km/ h in 4.5 seconds and reaches 250 km / h (electronically self-limited). The delivery is linear at all speeds, but the powerful thrust allows you to quickly start again from 2000 rpm. A limited slip differential is used to exhaust power on the rear wheels and the gearbox, always automatic with 8 gears, is faster and drier in gear changes. In Sport Plus mode, the triggering threshold of the electronic traction and stability controls is raised to allow for more enjoyable driving. When entering a curve the Z4 M40i is fast and precise and, thanks to the limited slip differential, accelerates out of corners without uncertainties even in wet asphalt conditions. Powerful and constant braking guaranteed by the increased braking system.

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