2020 BMW X5 M50d Diesel Review: Comfortable & Powerful

Sunday, October 7th, 2018 - BMW
2020 BMW X5 M50d Interior Features With CLAR Platform

2020 BMW X5 M50d Review: Comfortable & Powerful – New from top to bottom, with the 3.0 hp 400 hp the big German SUV offers a high-level driveability. But its endless options raise a price that is already basic for a select few. Moreover, the sides do not have an effective protection from the crushed stone


Apparently, a “sporting” SUV like the 2020 BMW X5 M50d is a contradiction in terms: it is a 492 cm long beast with a mass that exceeds 2200 kg, yet, according to official data, it accelerates like a sports car (0- 100 in 5.2 seconds) and reaches 250 km / h peak (self-limited). In fact, a sense has it and, as we will see later, just get behind the wheel to realize it: in accordance with the philosophy of the BMW M (ie “Motorsport”, the racing department from which come out the most performing models of the German company ) driving really fun, but without giving up the convenience and comfort of a typical SUV (or better, a sav: sport activity vehicle, as they prefer to call it in the house of Monaco).

2020 BMW X5 M50d Turbo Diesel

To “give body” to the exceptional performance promised by the BMW X5 M50d there are 400 hp (expressed at 4400 rpm), but above all the 760 Nm (available between 2000 and 3000 Rpm) of its 3.0 turbodiesel: this is the sophisticated six-cylinder in-line M Performance twin-power Turbo , equipped with two low-pressure turbochargers (which optimize the thrust at lower speeds while reducing the response delay) and a second high-pressure torque, which comes into play at higher speeds and promotes absolute performance. The previous version used “only” three turbochargers and had 19 hp less… In addition to the specific power (over 133 hp/ liter), as a reference for a normal production diesel, it also surprises the approved values for average consumption and CO2 emissions, respectively 14.7 km/l and 179 g/km: They are results that-although to be verified Instrumentally-they remain a mirage for gasoline rivals with comparable performances. This does not, logically, the BMW X5 M50d a car that you choose with an eye to saving: already orderable, the most “bad” of the X5 coast, in fact, 97,500 euros net of accessories

The BMW X5 M50d is all new, and is built on the recent CLAR platform, a modular base shared with the X3 and the 5 series. The passage of generation (we are at the fourth from the birth of the Model) is also evident in the style: the front is characterized by a larger mask (with cerium Grey finish in the case of M), as well as by the carved lower air vents, which in this “top performance” version have honeycomb grills. instead, They appear more crushed and stretched the headlights, full led (also with automatic orientation, 700 euro) or, adding 2,050 euros, of Laser Type. Other distinctive elements are recognized in the longitudinal ribs that cross the bonnet, and that recall those in the side (in turn “inactivity” from the air vents downstream of the front wheel arches); The rear, on the other hand, is dominated by elements with horizontal development that streamline its appearance: from the long headlights, really successful, to the Quadrangular section exhaust terminals integrated in the lower part of the SHIELD. As in previous versions, the tailgate (with electric lifting, as well as the wrapping of the luggage cover) is divided into two parts, but also lowering the lower flap the threshold of access to the trunk remains quite far from the ground: with the Heavy suitcases need trained arms. It is also possible to open the window only, in order to quickly store small and light necks in the large trunk (whose capacity, of 650/1870 liters, is at the levels of the previous edition).

2020 BMW X5 M50d Fuel Economy

Still, on diesel, there is the xDrive 30d, equipped with the 3-liter turbodiesel of 265 hp and 620 Nm of torque, offered from € 72,900, while the alternative to gasoline is the xDrive 40i with 340 hp and 450 Nm of torque, with list base at 75.400 euros. Unlike the 2020 BMW X5 M50d- for which it is not provided – the above-mentioned versions can be enriched with the new package called Off-Road (3,000 euro), which increases versatility outside the asphalt: includes suspension bounces on five levels with air springs, specific underbody protection and four driving programs that adapt the response of mechanics, suspension and control electronics to difficult terrain (sand, gravel, rock, snow). In addition, the xDrive45e iPerformance hybrid is expected for 2019: it is a plug-in, that is, with rechargeable batteries even from the network. Based on the petrol 3.0 of the 40i combined with an electric motor, it boasts 394 hp combined power and 600 Nm of torque, and according to the house can travel up to 80 km with zero emissions. At the moment, all the X5 are supplied as standard with an 8-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive. The latter, revised to increase its efficiency, normally with a dry bottom, behaves like a rear-wheel drive and sends torque to the front axle only when the grip conditions require it.

2020 BMW X5 M50d Interior Features With CLAR Platform

2020 BMW X5 M50d Dimensions

Compared to the previous version, the BMW X5 M50d it has grown 3.6 cm in length and 4 cm in step (now 298 cm): value, the latter, which positively affects the space available to passengers. The car is even higher than a couple of cm (175 in total), while the width now reaches 2 meters: the result is a whole that appears well “planted on the ground”, even more in the case of the M50d, which specific set combines 21-inch alloy wheels, with ultra-low-profile tires of different sizes between front and rear axle (available on 22-inch, from € 1,050). Evocative also the blue painted calipers that “bite” the increased brake discs, standard for this version and for the MSport outfitting (for the others they are optional at 570 euro). In the case of the M50d, the steering calibration was also optimized as well as the response of the M Professional adaptive set-up (2,670 euro): this last stiffens the electronically controlled suspensions when the Sport and Sport + driving modes are set. In addition, to increase the agility of the car, it is available as an option the Integral Active Steering system that uses the rear steering wheels (they are oriented in the opposite direction to the front to increase agility at reduced speed, or in phase with those front to make the car more stable in the variations of the trajectory at high speeds).

2020 BMW X5 M50d Interior: Sporty but Luxury

The anthracite fabric ceiling covering (standard) is in line with the sportiness of the 2020 BMW X5 M50d, but in combination with the panoramic electric roof (1,950 euros, or 2,800 for the scenic Sky Lounge) does not detract from the brightness of the interior, really welcoming: in front you travel on comfortable and well-shaped sport seats, separated by the large tunnel and covered in leather Vernasca (optional at 1,280 euros there is the Individual Merino Tartufo); they can also be equipped with active ventilation (€ 870) and massage function (€ 1,150). Equally spacious, the sofa, which is wide and with flat seating can accommodate three adults without problems, although the person sitting in the center has a slightly padded back (hides the removable armrest) and has to deal with the cabinet that comes out between the seats in front (while the tunnel’s rise is modest). Also of great quality are the materials used for the dashboard and console (driver-oriented), whose modern lines are enlivened by numerous Tetragon aluminum profiles and by the alternation of soft opaque coatings and surfaces that reproduce carbon fiber. Among the extras, there are also the profiles in precious wood (220 euro) and some elements in faceted glass, such as the handle of the gear lever (of taste not excelled, actually) and the surface of some buttons (start, climate etc., 670 euros).

Well done, but a little crowded, the controls in the spokes of the MSport sports steering wheel (standard for the BMW X5 M50d), which also includes paddles for manual gear selection (in other versions they cost 260 euros). Among the new features is the virtual, configurable dashboard, based on a 12.3 “color screen: it can also repeat the navigator indications, which is standard, and can be integrated with the head-up display (1,450 euro ); It is also customized with the M logo, which we also find in the door siblings. Same measurements – therefore, 12.3 “- for the multimedia system touch screen, well in view on the top of the console, which can also show the images of the perimeter camera (630 euros, while the rear camera is standard, along with parking even in front) and manage the refined hi-fi Diamond Bowers & Wilkins (for 260 euros can be enriched with gestural commands). Also included in the long list of options is the Ambient Air perfume (330 euro, with four fragrances) and keyless access (1,200 euro Comfort Access package, includes the sensor to open the tailgate by bringing your foot closer to a sensor under the bumper ); also available the Digital Key to open and close the car through an Android smartphone in which the BMW Connected app is installed. In such a triumph of technology there is, of course, the most advanced driving assistance systems, such as those of the Driving Assistant package (€ 1,120), which also features a highly efficient level 2 assisted driving system, which runs in complete safety long journeys in heavy traffic and in the column, where it intervenes with extreme gentleness on steering wheel, accelerator, gearbox, and brakes,

Set beautiful high, in a dominant position, almost regal, at the wheel (with a decidedly “substantial” grip ) of the 2020 BMW X5 M50d you feel the road in fist, comforted by an engine overflowing with torque, a steering precision, surrounded by a myriad of commands well underhand, and endless possibilities for electrical adjustments, which allow you to easily spot the ideal driving position .

Cabin Soundproofing

The new BMW X5 M50dresponds to orders with the ductility of a crossover of medium size: thanks to the balance of the front axle and steering rear axle (pity that it is only optional) is a pleasure to brush curves and counter-curves also being able to count on a set up that punctual control Electronic suspension keeps it flat almost like that of a sportswoman. The rear steering wheels make the response of the rear end more immediate after cornering, with the only contraindication of a slight but annoying settling of the tail when after coming out of a tight turn you enter a counter-bending, which removes (only) a pinch of fluidity and harmony to action. Of course, when you want to take advantage of the many horses of the German quad bike, the inertia of this maxi SUV makes itself felt in the drier entries. but the effect is partly compensated by the precise response of the front end. In long motorway transfers, it reveals absolute precision and luxury sedan comfort (it is silent and smooth all the roughness of the background): a sensation that remains the same even in the fast mix, the ideal range of action BMW X5 M50d , where it shows a remarkable grip with the contribution of the monumental Pirelli PZero tires.

2020 BMW X5 M50d Verdict

More than the abundant power of the German “diesel turbochargers”, it exalts the extraordinary couple, which knows how to extract from the curves even on steep slopes with ridiculous ease. A force that manifests itself as soon as 1500 rpm, becomes uncontrollable at 3000 and stretches to over 5000 rpm with the gearbox in M, while in D the gearshifts, fast and very well blunt, are already implemented at 4500. And the beauty is that all this exuberance of the 2020 BMW X5 M50ddoes not empty the wallet: on the test path, trying to respect the strict American speed limits, the onboard computer indicated an average 12.6 km/liter. Adequate to the performance, and really tenacious, the braking, with only one contraindication: to ensure the best decelerating performance always requires applying a strong and constant load on the pedal especially in the last phase of deceleration.

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