2020 BMW 7-Series Review: The First Class! | 750i xDrive

Saturday, April 6th, 2019 - BMW
2020 BMW 7-Series Configurations

More impressive in style and updated in the engines, the 2020 BMW 7-Series 750i xDrive is even more comfortable, as well as more infilled with technology and driving aids. Some of which, however, must be paid separately.

2020 BMW 7-Series Redesign

Four years after its debut, the 2020 BMW 7-Series it updates itself in aesthetics. The main changes are in the front: 5 cm higher than in the past, it is made even more massive by the increased size of the mask (+ 40%). The BMW logo has also been enlarged, while the headlights are thinner; the latter, which integrate the daytime running lights, are of the full-led type with automatic orientation with assisted high beams; with a surcharge, you can have those with laser technology. The changes to the tail are less incisive, concentrated mainly in the headlights (also in this case thinner) and in the lower part of the bumper, with a chromed profile that connects the two double tailpipes, inserted in a too showy polygonal frame; the long profile is also chrome-plated which, starting from the extractors behind the wheel arches, runs to the base of the side.

Overall, the update has given the 2020 BMW 7-Series a more impressive and personal image, immediately distinguishable from that of its younger sister Series 5. However, it seems to us that the front has lost some of its previous elegance. As in the past, the BMW 7 Series comes in two body variants, the standard, and the L (long) limousine: both grow a couple of centimeters in length, reaching 512 cm in the first case and the 526 in second. The difference of 14 cm reflects that of the wheelbase, ie the distance between the centers of the front and rear wheels: in the case of the L, designed to give more comfort to the rear passengers (and perhaps to be driven by a driver), it is 321 cm instead of 307.

Engine Specs & Transmission

The renewed 2020 BMW 7-Series, already orderable and ready for delivery next July, has prices ranging from the $10333 of the 730d (3.0 six-cylinder 265 hp diesel) to the $203,645 of the mighty M760Li xDrive, with the 585 hp of its 6.6 V12 Biturbo with direct injection of petrol (which in the old model, however, touched 609 horses). It has the same type of power supply and the 750i xDrive we have driven is also biturbo, equipped with a 4.4 V8 of 530 hp (before it was 449): it costs $134,790, a figure that rises to $140406 if you opt for the long L version. The range is completed by the 3.0 most powerful diesel, namely the 740d xDrive (320 hp, from $119,289) and the 750d xDrive (400 hp, $124,344), and the plug-in hybrid 745e (from $119514); the latter is based on a 3.0 six-cylinder petrol engine and an electric motor:

All 2020 BMW 7-Series is fitted with an 8-speed automatic-sequential gearbox, also subject to refinement and capable of combining a reasonable speed with the smoothness of operation; the traction, instead, is exclusively the integral xDrive for the 750i and M760Li, while for the plug-in hybrid and for the diesel it can also be only rear. It should be noted that the flagship version with the V12 is the only one not available with standard bodywork but only in the long L variant, unlike the 750d xDrive, proposed only in “short size”. Turning to the capacity of the trunk, the versions equipped with the endothermic engine alone can count on 515 liters, a value that in the case of the plug-in hybrid is reduced, due to the presence of the batteries, to 420 liters (not many, for a car like this great).

2020 BMW 7-Series Price & Lease

2020 BMW 7-Series Interior & Equipment

In search of a superior level of comfort, the technicians of the German company have made changes in detail to different components: the most significant is the soundproofing, with a greater quantity of insulating material in the rear wheel arches (so as to absorb the rolling noise of the tires). In the 750i xDrive and 760i xDrive, the new Comfort side windows are also standard in laminated glass (type previously used only for the windshield), whose thickness has been increased by 5.1 mm just to increase the sound insulation.

The sumptuous interior of the 2020 BMW 7-Series accommodates four adults with all comforts: there is a lot of space also behind. Among the options, the message function for both the seats and for the seats behind, ventilation. Leather upholstery is standard as well as customizable with different solutions. Among the innovations, there are new steering wheel controls, adapted to the management of the new driver assistance systems, and some profiles that enrich the dashboard, also wanting in precious wood. In the tunnel, in front of a pair of drink holders, is the base for wireless charging of the prepared smartphones.

Also in the large tunnel that separates the armchairs, next to the gear lever, there is the knob with tactile surface from which the standard multimedia system is managed, complete with navigation function and consisting of the 10.25 ”cantilever screen in the dashboard; the dashboard is also digital, and based on a configurable 12.3 “display (readability, however, leaves something to be desired. The 2020 BMW 7-Series hi-fi system it can be decidedly improved by opting for the components signed Harman Kardon or Bower & Wilkins and is managed by the new operating system BMW 7.0, which also supports voice and gesture commands. The standard equipment also includes the Dab radio and head-up display, but there are many options that can tempt the buyer of a flagship of the caliber of the 2020 BMW 7-Series: for example the four-zone “climate”, the rear audiovisual system consisting of a pair of 10 “touch screens, the TV tuner and maybe the controls with ceramic inserts extended to the paddles on the steering wheel for manual gear selection.

2020 BMW 7-Series Safety

There are numerous devices that increase active safety: from the camera that detects road signs to warnings against sleep stroke and the involuntary departure from the lane, to end up with automatic emergency braking with pedestrian recognition and the system that detects incoming traffic when parking in reverse is abandoned. Standard also the aids that facilitate maneuvers in tight spaces: we don’t talk so much about the rear view camera (useful, given the non-generous view offered by the rear window), as much as the parking assistance integrated by the Reversing Assistant, that is the system that, managing the steering, it allows you to automatically reverse (reproducing them perfectly backward) the last 50 meters just traveled forward: it can remove you in the eventuality (not remote,BMW 7 Series ) to have run a narrow lane and that there is no room for maneuvering. On the other hand, the two systems that are paid for are semi-automatic driving in certain situations, such as driving on large arteries or on the motorway: we are talking about adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go function, which maintains a predetermined distance from the vehicle in front and manages stops and restarts in the queue, and of keeping in lane (not really smooth in operation, actually), which acts automatically on the steering. There is also the Remote Controlled Parking function, which allows you to park the car by remote control from outside the passenger compartment with the BMW Display Key “touch” surface key.

ON The Road

The price of the 2020 BMW 7-Series includes electronically controlled suspensions that adjust the calibration to the selected driving mode. But those looking for the best compromise between comfort and drivability will not renounce the anti-roll Executive Drive Pro, and probably not even the Integral Active Steering package with variable reduction steering and full steering. System, the latter, which provides the steering wheels also at the rear: when going slowly, they move a few degrees in the opposite direction to the front ones to increase agility, while at high speed they make the car more stable and precise because the steering takes place in phase, that is in the same direction as the front ones.

Even more than the irrepressible power of the engine and the unsuspected handling of the BMW 750i xDrive, we were literally bewitched by the quietness and comfort of driving. Sinking into one of the two rear seats (the 750i can also have five seats, but the one in the middle is not so comfortable) it seems to fly low, above the bumps, which are swallowed one by one without any filtering I jump into the cockpit. You can relax or cross your legs without interfering with the front backrest, pampered by impeccable air conditioning and an audio system that reproduces a self-propelled concert hall. In short, it seems to be in an airy living room equipped with all the comforts, but that when necessary can move with unsuspected agility.

The combined effect of the refined electronically controlled suspension and the four active steering wheels makes it almost easy to drive such a large and powerful limousine. Once “taken the measurements”, it turns out that this BMW 750i xDriveit really drives with two fingers: the steering wheel is so light that, at first, it seems that it is enough to “blow on it” to maneuver it, while the suspensions adapt in real time to the conditions of the bottom. In short, taking into account the “maxi” dimensions, one moves between the curves with a certain ease. Even arriving “long” into a tight corner (where, however, inertia and understeer are felt), the car always leaves room to be followed with precision even from the rear. When you increase the pace, the steering wheel becomes solid but still allows you to fit into the corners with great fluidity, then following precise trajectories.

When you decide to exploit the remarkable dynamic potential of the car, the commitment increases a lot, because the V8 Biturbo pushes with grit that maybe suits little to a limousine, but that gives a really great taste. When you press the accelerator fully after 2000 rpm you feel crushed against the backrest by a decisive and exploitable progression, supported by a change from the excellent logic and the “right” speed for a large sedan. Sometimes it can worry the speed with which the BMW 750i xDriveit reaches very high speeds without letting it be perceived, but in these cases you can always count on two “companions” who constantly watch over: the ESP (DSC at BMW), with an impeccable calibration and which intervenes only when it is really necessary, as well as the brakes, decidedly powerful, but so progressive as to never put the trim in the most violent brakes in crisis. We end up spending two words on consumption: in our test, which took place on a curvy mountain road, the onboard computer reported an average distance between 5 and 6 km/l. But we are convinced that on less tortuous routes (and with a guide more suited to a car of this type) the declared 10.5 km / l can be approached.

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