2020 BMW 330i M Sport Review: Always Fun To Drive

Wednesday, December 19th, 2018 - BMW
2020 BMW 330i M Sport Redesign & Changes

The 2020 BMW 330i M Sport improves comfort, finish, and technology. And driving remains a strong point, especially with this gritty 2.0 petrol. Unfortunately, Android Auto is missing.

2020 BMW 330i M Sport Price

We will see 2020 BMW 330i M Sport in dealerships in March 2019, but the latest edition of the BMW 3 Series can already be ordered. All new, it is longer than 7 cm (471 in all) and has smoother and more muscular forms, but maintains the typical proportions of rear-wheel-drive sports sedans: long engine bonnet, reduced front overhang, rear compartment, and a short tail. It can not be said to be particularly original, but the whole, with the largest mask, and the more swollen wheel arches is modern, balanced and aggressive; in this regard, the two separate tailpipes, now standard on all the 3 Series and not only on the more powerful ones, like the 330i (2.0 turbo from 258 hp, automatic transmission, and prices from 49,800 euro), also play their part. we drove.

The range, for now, includes this version and the 320d (2.0 turbodiesel 190 horses, even with four-wheel drive and manual transmission, with prices from 40.550 euros) but within a few months will arrive the 318d 150 hp, the plug hybrid in gasoline 330e (252 horsepower) and the very fast 3.0 with six cylinders: the 330d (265 hp) and the 340iM (374 horses). The Touring cars will instead be seen by the end of 2019.

2020 BMW 330i M Sport Interior : Dimensions & Features

Compared to the previous BMW 3 Series, the 4 cm increase in wheelbase (the distance between the center of the front wheels and the rear ones measured along the side) ensures more comfort for the rear passengers and easier access to the sofa. Four adults travel well, provided they appreciate a long position (which for those behind it is a bit ‘sunken); very uncomfortable, however, the central area of the sofa, rigid and with little space for the feet (there are the tunnel and the cabinet, cumbersome also due to the “climate” trizona series).

The boot, in the middle of the category for capacity (480 liters) takes advantage of the sofa in three reclining parts and automatic opening and closing, even without hands: with this option (500 euros) just stretch a foot under the bumper to activate the front office; the system works without uncertainties. Good, for a sedan, accessibility to the compartment, and discreet finish (there is a felt lining but with the exposed metal ceiling). Please note that the boot has no background; there is not the classic “spare wheel” for the spare wheel, also because the standard tires are run-flat, and allow you to march for tens of kilometers when deflated. On request, however, there are tires with Performance Performance tires (Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, an option of 1,750 euros for those of 19 “). In this case, you can choose between the classic repair kit or the spare wheel (160 euro) protected by an additional shelf: the capacity of the trunk drops to 365 liters.

2020 BMW 330i M Sport Xdrive Review

The interior of the 2020 BMW 330i M Sport is made of high-quality materials: most of the plastics are soft, pleasant to the touch, and even the seat covers (leather, from 1,500 euros) are well made. The driving position is classically sporty: low, with the vertical steering wheel and seats that in this M Sport also have the side panels adjustable in width, to hold the body in the corners without pressing too much on the sides. The dashboard is all digital, can be flanked by the head-up display (which costs well 1,010 euros) and is at the same height of the display of the multimedia system (with a screen of 10.25 “). The first gives a lot of information, but the readability of the tachometer and the speedometer is not immediate, especially in Sport mode (the virtual “hands” are too small and the graphics a bit ‘confused).

The multimedia system works well and is controlled by both the screen and the “rotelle” on the console, which also has a tactile surface to enter, for example, the names of the locations for the navigator, or those of the phone book. In addition, the system accepts voice commands even with the “common” language, for various functions: anticipating our request with a “hello BMW”, the car can raise the temperature of the “climate” or suggest a restaurant in the area, or read The messages. Too bad that it is not expected, as in any BMW, the Android Auto protocol (while Apple CarPlay is there) and that the wireless charger for mobile costs well 410 euros (cars that cost half offer it as standard). The two rear USB sockets are then of the “C” type: the most recent ones.

2020 BMW 330i M Sport Redesign Exterior

At the technological level, the BMW 3 Series offers numerous interesting solutions. How to open the doors and start the engine using smartphones with NFC technology (for now only Samsung, just install an app and you can do without the key), or the function that allows you to repeat the last 50 meters paths, but in reverse; useful you have had to move in tight and tortuous spaces and you can not make inversion, this device keeps in memory the movements of the steering. The headlights with laser high beams are also “first” for the category (at 2,040 euros, they have a range of 530 meters, twice the standard full LEDs). Then there are the now classic driving aids. But while the automatic emergency braking and the semi-automatic parking system are standard, adaptive cruise control (the car brakes and accelerates by itself based on traffic) costs 770 euros; there is an alarm in case of incoming traffic while doing the “back”, but braking remains the driver’s task (in other cars, the system is automatic).

From the mechanical point of view, in addition to the new body (which guarantees a reduction of 50% of small harmful deformations in the most important points for driving precision, such as front suspension attachments) and a lightening that can reach 55 kg (in based on the version), the BMW 3 Series has suspensions of the McPherson type on the front and multi-arm behind, but now with dampers with two damping values, based on how much the wheel moves with respect to the body. The variable ratio steering (standard for the M Sport) is more progressive and also comes, for the more powerful versions, a new electronically controlled self-locking rear differential. A clear widening of the roadways also contributes to improving road holding and reducing rolling in the corners.

On The Road & Fuel Economy

The 2020 BMW 330i M Sport knows how to give satisfaction to those who love exuberant cars, and at the same time maintains a more than satisfactory comfort; we point out that the car we drove had electronically controlled shock absorbers (620 euros). The insertion in the curve is rapid, and the irregularities of the asphalt are absorbed without jerking and without unbalancing the trim, which is pleasantly balanced (after all, the distribution of the weights is very close to the parity between the front and rear axle).

Pleasant 4-cylinder, always ready and able to stretch with verve up to almost 7000 rpm, with a dark rumble to act as a soundtrack. The automatic transmission is also fast, which, when used in manual mode, does not shift to top gear even when it reaches the limit of the laps: a peculiarity of a real sport, which leaves the choice of the relationship to be used in the driver’s hands. Maybe, however, we would have adopted shorter gear (in octave at 130 per hour the laps are less than 2000), to make driving even more engaging.

That said, the high performance declared (5.8 seconds in the “0-100” and 250 peak times) are completely credible, and consumption does not seem exaggerated (sometimes taking advantage of all the horses at the end of the test lap the dashboard indicated about 12 km/liter).

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