2019 Toyota C-HR AWD, Specs, Release Date & Price

Friday, April 10th, 2020 - Toyota
2019 Toyota C-HR Release Date and MSRP

The 2019 Toyota C-HR is a hybrid crossover with 122 HP that exploits the mechanics of the Prius: it drinks little, it drives well and offers a lot of series, especially for safety. Well done the cockpit: space is also behind (as opposed to the brightness), but some commands are uncomfortable and the trunk is neither large nor well equipped. Discrete performance and good consumption, but the change in the constant change of ratio require driving gently because it tends to keep high rpm the engine gasoline.

The 2019 Toyota C-HR is a hybrid crossover with shapes: the bodywork, almost as a coupe, does not take away space for the people, the luggage (the trunk does not have the false and, to the sofa down, the load capacity is scarce). The 122 HP total assures you a certain brio: the mechanics is that of the Prius (22.2 km/L on average in our test on flying 5.2016, against the 19.6 of this C-HR), with the petrol 1.8 which works according to the Atkinson cycle, taking advantage of the delayed closure of the valves of Suction to absorb less power in the compression phase (part of the air/petrol mixture then returns to the ducts to be reused in the next “burst”). Coupled with the four cylinders there are two electric motors: the main one delivers 72 hp and contributes to moving the car, while the other is only from the starter motor.

In the slowdowns are both “dragged” by the wheels and recharge the main battery. Like all hybrids, the car enjoys facilities such as the “stamp” calculated only on the 98 HP of 1.8 (in some regions, then, it is even expected exemption from tax) and, in various cities, free access to ZTL. The steering of the 2019 Toyota C-HR is precise and the suspensions little compliant, but the change to constant change of relationship deadens the driving pleasure, making the laps of the 1.8 if you press the throttle pedal decided. And just before the 130 km/h, there is rustling and rolling noise of the tires.

The suspensions are “firm” but not abrupt, while the stopping spaces envy those of many sports and even the modulation (critical in hybrids, because in the first part of the braking to work is the system of energy recovery) is good; Not high, however, the resistance to fatigue of the plant. The equipment of the proven version is rich (standard, automatic braking and adaptive cruise control), but the navigator is paid dearly. The warranty is 3 years (5 on the hybrid system) or 100,000 km.

2019 Toyota C-HR Interior

Original The plank, low and protruding of the New Toyota C-HR: The one of the Style has electric blue inserts which, together with the dark glossy plastics with colored glitter, give it a “hi-tech” air. They reinforce this impression by the dim blue lighting for the door panels and the tunnel. Quality plastics and assemblies. In spite of the futuristic aspect, the controls are rational, large and well attainable: exceptions are those with a touch around the central screen of 8 ‘ ‘, small and little reactive. Curious then that such a technological car has only one USB socket and does not allow to use the apps of the phones in the center screen (the Android auto and Apple CarPlay protocols are not expected). Complete instead the dashboard: from the screen of 4.2 “Inside, using the keys in the steering wheel you also select the driving modes (the process is slow and cumbersome). The buttons on the steering wheel races are simple (and large), but to reset the volume of the audio system, the Mode control must be pressed for two seconds: not rational. The right drawer finally has an average capacity, but is neither coated nor refrigerated

2019 Toyota C-HR AWD Specs

The line is almost by coupe, yet even behind there is enough place for head and legs and the sofa is comfortable in the center. But they lack the vents of the “climate” and the electrical outlets, and of light comes very little: the glasses (standard, dark in the Style) are small. On the other hand, the protruding plank of the 2019 Toyota C-HR forces the right seat to be retracted. The seat is slightly higher from the ground than that of a sedan, but the height adjustment of the steering wheel is to be revised: the highest have “between the knees”. The comfortable armchairs are heated and regulate electrically in the lumbar support. The backrest is adjustable by means of a lever, less progressive than a wheel. The leather upholstery is optional.

Trunk Space

Space is less than what is found in most five-door mediums. The mouthpiece still has a regular shape and the threshold is well protected; To get to the floor, however, there is a “jump” of 19 cm, close to the sofa the trunk shrinks and the subwoofer are cumbersome. With the backrest down, a step of 13 cm is formed: two stacked suits are not under the awning and the bottom is not height-adjustable. Even a false is missing: underneath there is only room for the tire inflation and repair kits.

2019 Toyota C-HR Release Date and Price

2019 Toyota C-HR CVT will be released possibly next year during the Detroit Motor Show event. the price offered for the lowest Model will probably start from 35000 US dollars.

Test Drive and MPG

In the city – The first few meters are electric, but in this mode, you do not go over a couple of kilometers. Well, the recovery: with the CVT gearbox of the 2019 Toyota C-HR The power arrives without interruption. This change focuses on efficiency and sweetness; By pressing the right pedal in moderation, the 1.8 works at low revs, aided by the electric motor. But in the accelerations decided you have the unpleasant “scooter effect”, with the laps that go up much faster than the speed. Discreet the work of the suspensions and appreciable the front struts thin. In maneuver, they help a lot the rear camera (standard) and the RCTA (traffic notice that crosses from behind, is in the Tech package). Very many 22.2 km/L detected.

On the highway – The useful adaptive cruise control keeps the car at the right distance from the vehicles that precede. Remarkable stability; Only discreet comfort because of the rustling and noise from the wheel arches. Silent (except in passing “Alla Garibaldi”) on 1.8: At 130 km/h is the only engine that pushes the car (in these conditions you travel 14.9 km with a liter of petrol). In recovery, speed is regained in a short time: As with a good diesel of equal power combined with the automatic transmission.

Out of town – The steering of the New Toyota C-HR is precise and, in turn, the car does not tilt too much to the side. In the winding paths, the Guide does not disappoint: The car follows faithfully the trajectory and the rear train remains stable even in the abrupt emergency steering. Uphill, on the other hand, annoys the 1.8 kept constantly on laps by the CVT gearbox. Even when you raise the pace, however, you can count on powerful and well-modulated brakes. Low consumption (21.3 km/L according to our instruments)

2019 Toyota C-HR Specs Sheet

Gasoline Engine
Displacement cm3 1798
No Cylinders and arrangement 4 in-line
Maximum power KW (Hp)/giri 72 (98)/5200
Torque Max Nm/Rev 142/3600

Electric motor
Maximum power KW (Hp)/giri 53 (72)/N.D.
Torque Max Nm/Rev 163/N.D.
Battery type nickel metal hydride

Maximum power total KW (Hp) 90 (122)

Emission of CO2 grams/km 87
No ratios of CVT automatic gearbox + reverse gear
Front wheel drive
Front brakes self-ventilating discs
Rear Brakes Discs
Towing capacity 750 kg


Length/width/height cm 436/180/156
Wheelbase cm 264
Places 5
Weight in running order kg 1420
Luggage capacity Liters 377/1160
Tires (standard) 225/50 R18
Gas Capacity; 43 liters

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