2019 Tesla Model Y, The Future Tesla SUV

Sunday, September 29th, 2019 - Tesla
2019 Tesla Model Y SUV and Model X Comparison

Looks like the Model 3-Elon Musk has unveiled the first image of 2019 Tesla Model Y, the electric SUV waiting on the market for 2019. A smaller model of the current Model X that resembles the lines of Model 3 next to the market. The frontal image highlights a clean style with a bonnet “moved” by two ribs, the wheel quite pronounced and the wide windshield. Evident is also the lack of the side mirrors, the absence now widespread on prototypes with the mirrors replaced by more seductive cameras that bring back images on the screens inside the car. An aesthetic choice often abandoned at the time of series production for reasons of cost and safety. Conversely, there should be the opening doors to Seagull Wing features of the current SUV.

A new platform the kinship with the Model X of the fourth model of the Tesla range should be stopped in appearance. In fact, according to the indiscretions, the 2019 Tesla Model Y will be built on a completely new platform to make the system of electric propulsion more compact and simplify the production processes, priority requirement to achieve the objectives (build one million cars per year since 2020) of development provided by the administered Tesla delegate. Different will be the production plant, probably one of the three that Elon Musk announced to want to inaugurate in the coming years.

Netizen Responses about 2019 Tesla Model Y

With this future model, the Tesla will also aim to dust off its line or will we always see many variations of the Model S in various outfits? At length, it could also tire, and each model should have its own character also from the stylistic point of view. Otherwise when aging one age all? Then who will buy a Tesla S 95 will not want to have the same thing as a Tesla 3 60. I hope they understand it because taking the 3 as an example, the fantasy of the lines really makes you think, OK the revolution of the market but we also look at the musts of motoring.

2019 Tesla Model Y, The Future Tesla SUV Pictures

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