2019 Qoros Model K-EV; Electric SUV by Qoros

Monday, July 22nd, 2019 - Qoros
2019 Qoros Model K-EV Release Date and Prices

2019 Qoros Model K-EV: the Qoros studying by electric. The new model, expected in 2019, has high performance and a doorman that open asymmetrically.

In House plans Chinese Qoros there is a zero-emission model, which will have a big impact on the way the company is perceived: the manufacturer aims to improve its reputation and for this reason a car will be prepared and courageous, who will talk about the Qoros much more than the average SUV and sedan Qoros 3 Qoros 5 also for a short time, models come in some European markets. The car will be launched in 2019 and will resume the style of the prototype 2019 Qoros Model K-EV, debuting these days at the auto show in Shanghai and anticipates the direction in which you move the designers, working in a sedan body style tapered Coupe.

The sloping roof and the latter collected give the 2019 Qoros Model K-EV a greater feeling of sportiness, accentuated by the original mechanism for door opening: the one on the left side is only electrically and you lift upwards, gull wing, while on the right side there are two of them and open a traditional way (but it can also scroll) and the other by scrolling towards the tail. The door is made of glass. The prototype incorporates the manufacturing technology Clever Carbon Cabin and utilizes a carbon fiber monocoque frame, lighter than those made of steel, which increases the rigidity of the structure and reduces the overall weight. For the Qoros States a range of 500 km and 0-100 km/h acceleration in 2.6 seconds. In November, the Qoros will show the sample test of Model K-EV, which will provide more details on the production car.

Netizen Response About 2019 Qoros Model K-EV

But what interests us? It is evident that this Qoros is heavily advertised in the UK average (at least) but I did not understand why. In fact, concrete, aren’t even there yet in Europe right? So why talk about it all the time for new models and stuff, if it remains a Chinese brand that sells only in China? What do I care? There is nothing concrete, and therefore is not even been assessed with all the trappings. Maybe it’s a mediocre product that will never take the market here!

2019 Qoros Model K-EV Debut

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