2019 Nissan Qashqai Reviews; A good “injection” of Comfort

Thursday, October 10th, 2019 - Nissan
2019 Nissan Qashqai Usa Price and Release Date

The lightweight update of the 2019 Nissan Qashqai has made the cockpit even more welcoming; The suspensions better absorb the holes and the steering is more precise. The handling, however, is not yet the maximum.

From September 2017, the 2019 Nissan Qashqai will be available in a new updated model (starting from 20,950 euros for the 1.2 petrol from 116 hp). The interventions made by the House further improve some features of this crossover media, including comfort: the cockpit has a more effective soundproofing, the seats have an unprecedented padding (with a special focus on the lateral and lumbar support) and the suspension calibration has been revised. Too bad that, with the occasion, you have not been added at least a refrigerated storage compartment, which in a family car can come in handy. Another novelty, the rich set-up Tekna + (unchanged the others, like the engines with powers between 116 and 163 hp) that, in addition to the panoramic roof and driving aid (including the lane jump notice), Standard offers a new Bose sound system with eight speakers (good acoustic performance that we enjoyed in the test) and an equally unprecedented soft nappa leather upholstery for the seats , which adds that touch of elegance that lacked the cockpit (always spacious and practical, but not very original). With this set-up, for the Nissan Qashqai 1.6 DCI Xtronic Tekna + of the test is expected a price of about 35,000 euros. It must be said that even the less expensive versions offer a complete set of equipment, with Bluetooth, “Clima”, cruise control and DAB radio.

From the aesthetic point of view, the modifications to the 2019 Nissan Qashqai focus mainly on the front, more massive and dominated by the “V” trend of the chrome frame in the mask that extends into the central black area of the bumper. There are also different LED daytime running lights in the headlights, thinner, and fog lamps, no longer rounded (and more exposed to shocks). In the rear stand the different bumpers, with aluminum type elements in the lower area, and the headlights with LED lights and the central part burnished instead of white. On the other hand, in spring 2018 the availability of the ProPilot semi-autonomous driving system (by pressing a button on the steering wheel, the car handles the steering, brakes and throttle only): A nice help on the highway or in the queues.

2019 Nissan Qashqai Improvement

In the guide, compared to the previous Nissan Qashqai 1.6 DCI Xtronic (read here the first contact) the renewed model presents significant differences. From comfort: The aerodynamic rustles are less noticeable and the absorption of the disconnections is more effective (even by passing on bumps or holes the rear shocks respond in a less dry way). The steering (new, and better grip, even the steering wheel, with the lower part of the crown crushed) is always light, but now even more accurate. Not as appreciable is the refinement of the trim. Equal tire size (225/45 R 19) compared to previous Nissan Qashqai 1.6 DCI Xtronic, and despite the larger anti-roll bars, the ability of the new model leaves to be desired: in the curves taken with brio emerge an accentuated roll and a marked understeer (the tendency of the front to widen the trajectory). Nevertheless, the 2019 Nissan Qashqai remains a safe car, with a high road seal, only more suitable for a relaxed and brilliant guide. A feature also highlighted by the coupling between the 1.6 turbo diesel (131 hp) and the continuous change-over automatic ratio (CVT): They are fluid in operation (probably the 11.1 seconds declared for the “0-100” and the 183 km/h of maximum speed), but how much readiness today one would expect something more. Not exceptional the consumption detected by the computer on board during the Test on winding roads (faced with Piglio Vivace): About 14 km/L (in front of the 21.3 km/L declared).

2019 Nissan Qashqai Pros and Cons

Nissan Qashqai 2019 Usa Review - Trunk Capacity


  • Comfort. It is even better than the previous Nissan Qashqai.
  • supplied. As a standard, there is practically everything.
  • Steering. It offers that precision that was missing before.


  • agility. The car is not… a gazelle between the curves.
  • readiness. Engine and gearbox are not so quick to respond to commands.
  • Rooms. It lacks at least one refrigerated.

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