2019 Mercedes X350d Review, Performance, 4X4, Price & Detail

Saturday, December 1st, 2018 - Mercedes
2019 Mercedes-Benz X350 D Price & Specifications

We are reviews the 2019 Mercedes X350d where consumers can find detailed information on specs, fuel economy, transmission, and safety. The new 258-horsepower V6 gives the Mercedes X an almost sporty look. The cockpit is elegant, but the load and off-road skills make this pick-up a valuable “workmate”.

After a year since its debut, the Mercedes X-Class is equipped with a new, powerful engine that makes it stand out even more from the “cousins” Nissan Navara and Renault Alaskan. These three models, in fact, are born on the same basis, by virtue of an agreement between the German house and the French-Japanese alliance.

Well-differentiated by style, they still adopt the same mechanics, from the rear transmission with all-wheel drive that can be inserted into the engines. At least until today. In fact, the German pick-up list has just been enriched with a new version of the diesel-powered V8 with 258 horsepower, 68 more than the 2.0 turbodiesel of Renault origin of 190 hp (there is also one from 163). Exclusive for this new version the permanent all-wheel-drive system, designed by Mercedes.

Price to Performance

The choice of an agreement with other manufacturers arises from the fact that this category of vehicles does not yet have huge volumes, even if they are growing. A growth that has meant that even the Mercedes decided to throw in the “melee”, as indeed did the Fiat with the Fullback (read here the first contact). To the Mercedes X-Class versions from two liters 220 d to 250 d (prices starting from 36.978 euro), today there is the new 2019 Mercedes X350d variant, which under the bonnet mounts a 100% “made in Germany” engine, the tried and tested 256 hp V6. In this case, the prices start at 52.439 euros for the Progressive set-up, to which must be added 2.745 for the Power, protagonist of our test. Like all pickups, even the Mercedes X is homologated as a truck (N1), so it must be used for professional purposes (even on weekends) with people on board who are not unrelated to work

2019 Mercedes X350d 4X4

As mentioned, in addition to the 3.0 engine comes from the German home permanent all-wheel drive of the 2019 Mercedes X350d: it foresees a central self-locking differential that sends 40% of the torque on the front wheels and 60% on the rear wheels in normal conditions. The driver can select three driving modes, which vary the distribution of the torque according to the type of road surface: the 4Mat is for unprepared dirt roads, the 4H for the heaviest offroad and the 4L starts the reduced gears , indispensable when you want to tackle steep climbs on slippery ground. Optional rear differential lock (723 euro), which assures traction to the car even if a wheel is raised and does not “grip” on the ground. The transmission is automatic with seven speeds, which can also be controlled via the steering wheel paddles.

2019 Mercedes X350d Release Date & MSRP

2019 Mercedes X350d Interior

The interior customization makes the Mercedes X-Class a vehicle well cared for in its category. Particularly in the Power set-up that also includes electrically adjustable leather seats, keyless on-board access and the multifunctional leather steering wheel. The atmosphere is neat and satisfying, not very different from a sedan or SUV of the German house: there is no lack of an 8.4 “overhang in the console, which is controlled with the wheel between the seats. The difference is the generous height from the ground, which makes it difficult to get on board. Space is not lacking, not even for those who sit behind, but who drives with the seat near the steering wheel touches the right knee against the console, wide and not properly shaped. Few (and not very roomy) the glove boxes.

2019 Mercedes X350d Field Test; Performance, Transmission & Gas Mileage

Driving the Mercedes Class Xyou have to get used to the high bonnet and the considerable length (534 cm), but the distance sensors and cameras with 360 ° vision (standard for the Power) are helpful in maneuvers (as well as in narrow off-road sections). At very low speed the steering wheel requires some effort, while once in gear you appreciate the character of the 3.0 V6, which makes this pick-up very fast, in spite of the weight over 2300 kg. Remarkable the power reserve for overtaking, even at motorways. The 2019 Mercedes X350d even becomes exuberant by selecting the Sport driving mode, which delays the shifting steps of the 7-speed automatic transmission. and allows you to take advantage of the great shot of the V6, reactive already starting at 1700 rpm (but the best is between 2200 and 3500 rpm). The declared time for acceleration 0-100 km / h (7, 5 seconds) is very respectable and is credible given the verve that this vehicle has shown in our test. After a short stretch of motorway (exceeding 100 km / h you can hear rustles from the side mirrors) and extra-urban roads at speed code, we read on the onboard computer a consumption of 9 km / l, compared to a standard average of 11 , 1 km / l.

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