2019 Mercedes GLC AMG 63 S 4Matic Review

Sunday, February 16th, 2020 - Mercedes
2019 Mercedes GLC AMG 63 S 4Matic SUV Dimensions

With the 4.0 V8 Biturbo 510 hp, the 2019 Mercedes GLC AMG 63 S 4Matic power and torque for real sport, well exploitable thanks to the automatic 9-speed gearbox. Between the curves, however, the weight (almost 2000 kg) “Rema against”.

Under the bonnet of the Mercedes GLC, the average SUV built on the platform of the sedan C, the specialists of the AMG (the sports Department of the House of the Star) have installed their Mighty 4.0 V8 Biturbo, thus giving life to a relatively compact SUV (it is long 466 centimeters), classic line and solid air, enriched with all those changes to the trim and transmission necessary to make it manageable in safety a power not just: 476 hp for the version “base”, 510 for the version S (the one we drove During the test). To underline the sports image of the car, the Mercedes GLC AMG 63 S 4Matic stands out at a glance from the other versions also for the “Panamericana” mask, which recalls the design of that of the famous Mercedes 300 SLR that, in the years 50 of the Century Last, they successfully participated in the legendary Carrera Panamericana (a hard and dangerous road marathon that was played on the streets of Mexico).

Alongside the relevant motor performance, an SUV like the 2019 Mercedes GLC AMG 63 S 4Matic must, however, have among its strengths also the habitability and comfort. Successful mission: The front seats have a good anatomic profile, but without excessive constraints, and therefore offer good lateral support in the sport guide, while welcoming and comfortable even in long trips. The interior design is pleasant: The plank shows clean lines, with the steering wheel of small diameter and solid grip. A note must be moved, however, to the upholstery and the saddlery as standard, in “Ecological leather”: from a car whose list exceeds 100,000 euros (optional, such as Nappa leather seats, excluded), expecting something better would be lawful. Excellent, on the other hand, soundproofing, and a good level of acoustic comfort in general.

The V8 4.0 litres of the Mercedes GLC AMG 63 S 4Matic is a highly engineered and high performance engine. The German technicians have chosen to make the most compact the whole unit by installing the two turbochargers (and, consequently, letting out the exhaust manifolds) inside the V formed by the two banks of the cylinders. A rational solution, which however has the defect of bringing a strong source of heat just in front of the bulkhead separating the cockpit from the engine compartment: and, at least under certain climatic conditions, the heat feels… The thruster sends torque (in turn relevant, 700 Nm already all available at only 1750 RPM) and power to the wheels through an AMG Speedshift automatic-sequential gearbox with 9 ratios and double clutch, very valuable for speed and precision, controlled by Selection palette behind the steering wheel. The traction is integral to electronic management 4 Matic +, but with rear differential with mechanical locking. The three-room air suspensions are adjustable in their responses thanks to the Dynamic Select program: You travel on the velvet by selecting the Comfort mode, while the trim becomes more solid and precise in the two sport and Sport + modes. Also on the front “hardware”, however, the GLC AMG 63S is well equipped: Standard has 20 “wheels (21 inch on request) and a Brembo braking system with front discs of 390 mm in diameter.

However, in the sport guide on the mixed a limit is represented by the weight, just below two tonnes, and by the unfavorable ratio between the height (162 cm) and the wheelbase, of 287 cm: the Mercedes GLC AMG 63 S 4Matic tends inevitably to “lie down” in corners, while In braking, especially in the wet, it dictates to make the steering wheel feel. The performance is powerful, the acceleration in particular is very gritty and the 9-speed gearbox enhances the progression of the thruster. The braking system must be adequately dosed, but it is always up to the performance level. The maximum speed is limited to 250 km/h: How logical it is to expect from a car of this kind.

2019 Mercedes GLC AMG 63 S 4Matic SUV Redesign and Changes

2019 Mercedes GLC AMG 63 S 4Matic pros and Cons


  • Dynamic Select. Semi-active air suspensions offer effective modulation.
  • performance. The V8 Biturbo is definitely one of the most performing engines in production today.
  • transmission. The Speedshift AMG 9-speed gearbox is perfectly suited to the engine.


thermal insulation. Under certain climatic conditions, the exhaust system and turbochargers transmit heat to the cockpit.
interior coatings. Not all the end of the cockpit is consistent with a very high price.
tonnage. The weight and height make the sports guide on the mix challenging.

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