2019 Kia Ceed Review- Redesign & Updates Focus on Hi-tech

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 - KIA
2019 Kia Ceed Trunk Capacity

2019 Kia Ceed Review- Redesign & Updates Focus on Hi-tech – The New generation of Kia Ceed has not only more gritty forms; noticeable improvements in driving (but the gearbox has a bit harsh). In the dealership in October.

2019 Kia Ceed Redesign – Focus on technology

It is not easy to change a model of success, as was the second generation of the Korean average (640,000 units sold throughout Europe, as many as the first series). In the case of Kia Ceed(the name has lost the apostrophe after the second “e”) the recipe also passes from more dynamic forms: while retaining the length of 431 cm, the car is wider and lower than two (reaching respectively 180 and 145 cm) and has a more gritty front. Technology plays a key role in winning new customers, with a modern multimedia system and, above all, with the latest generation of driver assistance devices.

Together, adaptive cruise control and lane maintenance (the latter active up to 130 km / h) allow semi-autonomous driving on the motorway, following the traffic flow and the lines drawn on the asphalt (however, by law the hands must be held on the steering wheel, under automatic deactivation within 25 seconds). There is also no lack of automatic anti-tampering and anti-investment braking,

2019 Kia Ceed Configurations

The 2019 Kia Ceed (which debuted in March at the Geneva Motor Show, read here) arrives in dealerships in October (together with the family variant Sportswagon, also all new), and like the other models of the Korean house can count on a guarantee of 7 years or 150,000 km. By 2018 there will also be a GT sports version and a shooting stream (a sort of wagon-coupĂ©). The new front lights off the fuller headlights lighter, which give a captivating “look”, underlined by the four light diodes of the daylights in the shape of “ice cubes”, a solution that recalls the GT and GT Line sports versions (in that case, however, the LEDs were in the bumper). The mask in the shape of a “tiger’s nose” is more pronounced and gritty. Even the lights, partly incorporated in the tailgate of the trunk, are LED, and (rare case) they are also turned on in the daytime gear to make the new Kia Ceed more visible and to underline its style. Compared to the outgoing model completely changes the line of the windows, which in the upper part describes an arc and is connected with the sloping rear upright fluid.

2019 Kia Ceed Interior; features & Safety

Modern interior, which is accessed by holding the electronic key in your pocket (or bag). The dashboard of the new Kia Credit is dominated by the screen (of 7 or 8 “) with the cantilevered multimedia system, and the central console slightly oriented towards the driver. Elegant satin-finish aluminum inserts around the air vents and doors. The dashboard has two circular elements with a color onboard computer screen, and in 2019 a completely digital instrument panel will also arrive. Among the options (with prices to be defined, like those of various outfits) there is also a wireless charging system for mobile phones, while the multimedia system provides interfaces for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphones, as well as TomTom services Live free for seven years; music purists can choose a JBL hi-fi with seven speakers plus subwoofer, and 320 watts. The seats are comfortable, and even the hind ones can be heated. On the sofa the lowering of the seat allowed to gain precious centimeters for the head, and even in the width, there is a little more space.

2019 Kia Ceed Interior Capacity

Engine Specs & Performance

The 2019 Kia Ceed It is developed on the new K2 platform and, like the previous version, is designed in Germany in the Kia technical center near Frankfurt and is produced in Slovakia, in Zilina. Compared to the past, the front suspensions have been slightly stiffened: this solution, together with a more direct steering, aims to make cornering more ready. At the rear, however, it has focused on comfort and stability of travel, thanks to a more “soft” structure. The range includes three petrol engines and two turbodiesels. The first area 1.4 aspirated 100 horsepower, a 1.0 three-cylinder turbo 120 hp and a new 1.4, always supercharged by 140, which replaces the previous 1.6 aspirated. The turbo units are also equipped with direct injection and a particle filter, and like the rest of the range comply with the Euro 6d Temp standards, which will come into force in September 2019. Also new is the 1.6 turbodiesel, declined in two power levels: 116 and 136 hp. Both (as well as the 1.4 turbo-benzine) can be combined with the seven-speed dual-clutch robot gearbox, as an alternative to the six-speed manual. In 2019 there is already a hybrid variant with a “light” 48-volt system, initially for the diesel engine, then also for petrol engines.

2019 Kia Ceed Test Drive

The Kia Ceed with the 1.4 turbos with direct fuel injection, and from the very first meters we tested the remarkable quietness and fluidity of driving. The push is not lacking from the low regimes, and also the extension is not bad, considering that it is a turbo engine. When the bends start, the improvements in terms of steering readiness and precision are appreciated and the new suspension favors brilliant driving. Absorption of asphalt irregularities has not been overlooked. After a hundred kilometers, we can evaluate how the contents are consumed (according to the data of the onboard computer, which we will test with our instruments during a more detailed test): about 14 km/liter driving in a lively way, while the Korean house he declares 16.9 on average. The test car was devoid of the semi-autonomous driving system on the highway, but we were able to test the maintenance device in the lane, actually a bit ‘rough and not always punctual in the intervention.

2019 Kia Ceed Pros and Cons


  • Agility. Advances in terms of readiness and accuracy are appreciated during cornering insertions.
  • Comfort. Suspension calibration and good soundproofing make this car comfortable.
  • Technology. Do not miss the modern assistance systems, including semi-autonomous driving and sensors that help in going out from a “back” parking lot.


  • Frontal “climate” nozzles. Those close to the multimedia system screen do not adjust in range.
  • Manual transmission. Although well maneuverable, it has a bit too hard for a family car.
  • Maintenance in the lane. It has a little fluid operation. Expect to try the one combined with the semi-autonomous highway guide.

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