2019 Jeep Compass MultiJet Reviews; Whats New?

Wednesday, September 11th, 2019 - Jeep
2019 Jeep Compass MultiJet Interior Changes

SUV very comfortable, hospitable and well equipped, the new 2019 Jeep Compass MultiJet does not have a spacious boot. With 4×4 traction, the drive is safe and untiring on all the funds.

This average SUV resumes the mechanics of the Renegade (which is shorter than 15 cm) but not the lines: the 2019 Jeep Compass MultiJet has more elegant and classic shapes, inspired by those of the Grand Cherokee. Among the most characteristic details of the proportioned bodywork, we mention the mask with seven vertical louvers (typical of the Jeeps) inserted in a black band and the glossy profiles that contoured the windows and continue on the tailgate. Already orderable, the 2019 Jeep Compass MultiJet has prices starting from 25,000 euros (we talk about it here) and you can have it with front and 4×4 traction and with gasoline and diesel engines, from 120 to 170 hp. The deliveries will begin in the first part of July with the opening edition, but already towards the end of the same month following the others. We drove a 2.0 MultiJet diesel fuel from 140 hp, with integral traction and in the rich set-up limited: Standard has anti-theft volumetric, automatic bixenon headlights, adaptive cruise control and “climate” zone with vents for the seats behind. For all, the automatic emergency braking and the active lane maintenance system are standard.

2019 Jeep Compass MultiJet Interior & Trunk; Spacious and Practical

Climb aboard the 2019 Jeep Compass MultiJet, the 7 cm more step (the distance between the center of the front wheels and the rear ones) compared to the renegade you notice immediately: the length of the cockpit grows in proportion, and in fact the space is enough to stay comfortably in five; However, they lack “subtleties” such as the longitudinal adjustment and the inclination of the backrest, present in some competitors. The traditional plank is in a pleasant soft material, but other plastics should be more cured (like those of the right drawer, however not refrigerated, or those that cover the column). The controls (including the ones on the spokes and the rear of the steering wheel) are large, easy to locate and operate, and the safety belts also regulate in height; In general, more than with effect solutions, the compass focuses on practicality (for example, the rear door panels are not researched in the finishes but the arm are well padded) and ease of use.

New Compass MultiJet Trunk Space

Valid the multimedia system of the Jeep Compass: Standard has DAB digital radio, a 7 ‘ ‘ screen and supports Android cars and Apple CarPlay. With 1,150 euros (infotainment package), the display grows to 8.4 ‘ ‘ and you add the Navigator and the Hi-fi with a subwoofer. This is the first application on a car sold in Europe of the fourth generation of the Uconnect system: It is quick and easy to use, has modern graphics and presents the many information with clarity. The subwoofer speaker, However, goes to reduce the already not very generous trunk: on the limited, in fact, the spare wheel (for temporary use because with speed limited to 80 km/h, but of dimensions equal to those of the other tires) is standard and this allows to use the load fund at variable height only in the highest position. Thus, you lose 50 liters of space and the value drops from 438 liters of sports and longitude (which have the kit “inflates and Repairs”) at only 388. Also on the limited, the motorized tailgate uses an additional plunger that protrudes from the loading mouth, forcing to recline the sofa in order to remove the cap (but in the future the latter will be modified to avoid the inconvenience).

2019 Jeep Compass MultiJet Engine Performance and Fuell Economy

In this first test, we drove the 2019 Jeep Compass MultiJet on a track-test where practically all types of the road were recreated: fast curves in the slope, climbs, straights with rough asphalt, very uneven and white roads. In this environment, the compass convinced us for the comfort, despite the proven car fitted the big rims of 19 ‘ ‘ with tires 235/45 (optional to 600 euro): The suspensions filter the roughness effectively, and without being excessively soft. In the narrow curves, the car tilts a little sideways, but without annoying. Also, the soundproofing: at least up to 100-110 km/h (besides we could not push) do not notice rustling. Little noisy the four cylinders with diesel, which seemed more homogeneous than brilliant; Anyway, the 9.9 seconds in the “0-100” there are Parsi close to reality, while for an assessment of the truthfulness of the data declared of maximum speed and average consumption (equal to 190 km/h and 17.5 km/litre respectively) we refer you to a next test in the magazine. Quick and gentle in the marching steps the nine-speed gearbox, which has not shown operating indecisions and favors high ratios to consume less.

2019 Jeep Compass MultiJet Redesign and Changes

4×4 on request

The power comes to the four wheels only when needed: under normal conditions, they are the ones before moving the car. On the console, however, there is a command that allows you to select the type of background on which you move (snow, sand, and mud, plus the automatic position to be used on asphalt) and to block the central differential, to maximize the driveability on difficult funds. Tuned to the type of car the steering of the Jeep Compass: It always has the correct “weight” (which increases in tandem with the speed) and, although not straightforward, is precise enough for this type of car. Predictable and safe The road seal: The 2019 Jeep Compass MultiJet is stable and has a moderate tendency to widen the trajectory with the front wheels.

2019 Jeep Compass MultiJet Pros and Cons


  • ┬áhabitability. The space for people is a lot: behind even the Spilungoni are comfortable for the legs.
  • Comfort. In spite of the rims of 19 ‘ ‘ (optional) The absorption of the roughness of the bottom is of quality. The soundproofing.
  • supplied. The limited series has even the anti-theft and the motorized tailgate.
  • multimedia system. The fourth generation Uconnect convinces for speed, ease of use, completeness of functions and graphics.


  • Trunk. In this version, the capacity is rather limited in relation to the external dimensions.
  • right drawer. A family car should have refrigerated it. And it’s not even coated.
  • details. Some resigned appearance plastics lower the perceived quality level somewhat.
  • sofa settings. Unlike some competitors, the rear seats are neither sliding nor adjustable in the backrest inclination.

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