2019 Jaguar XF Black Jack

Sunday, July 7th, 2019 - Jaguar
2019 Jaguar XF Black Jack 2.0 Engine Test

Elegant and sporty, the 2019 Jaguar XF Black Jack is convenient and fast, thanks to the powerful (and not too thirsty) six-cylinder diesel and the fast eight-speed automatic transmission. Traction is back (on request there is also a full version) and steering ready enough, although not the most accurate. And if the Interior of the Jaguar XF stands for the finishing touches, the endowment has ups and downs: are standard leather interior, bi-xenon headlamps and different security systems, including the one against accidental exits to the lane. By contrast, you pay the indispensable rear parking sensors.

The second generation of four slender forms and elegant style English ports of the old model, adding a touch of grit, especially in front of sharp headlights and wide black honeycomb grille and the snout of a Jaguar in the middle. Almost five metres long, the Jaguar XF is not too heavy (1750 kg for the test car): the massive use of aluminium chassis and body, as well as for suspension (front ones are taken from F-Type Coupe) has helped to bring down the scales even to 190 kg compared to the first generation. Spread the use of high strength steels, to stiffen the frame. By the way, Euro NCAP crash test of the 2015 Jaguar XF scored five stars, with a high score (92%) in particular in the protection of adults on board. Speaking of performance, however, with its 300 horsepower, the V6 turbo is definitely brilliant, well humored by the rapid and smooth eight-speed automatic transmission. But for less demanding, there’s also a 2.0 with 163 HP (price from 44,220 euros) or 179 HP; the series is completed on gasoline, 3.0 from 381 340 or CV. The soundproofing makes the Interior comfortable and treated as options electronically controlled dampers are not lacking: insulate properly from the rough edges and, in sports driving, keep the car flat in cornering and braking. There is also standard leather interior; surprisingly, however, that a car from almost 70,000 euros might charge the parking sensors, among other essential having regard to the poor rear visibility, and the automatic circulation of the air conditioner. In addition to keyless entry system and the Navigator.

2019 Jaguar XF Black Jack Interior

The refined atmosphere is what you would expect from a car of the Jaguar: 2019 Jaguar XF Black JackF plank elegant upholstered in leather with a top edge that goes from door to door and is inspired by the world of sailing. No shortage of aluminum inserts that give a touch of sportiness, nor original features such as retractable outer air vents as the wheel which replaces the automatic gearshift lever in the center console.

Space is plentiful, but only for four people: in the middle of the sofa to make terms with the cumbersome tunnels into the floor and with the Cabinet between the two front seats. As standard, the latter are electrically adjustable (lumbar only recording is available on request).

2019 Jaguar XF Trunk Capacity

The generous trunk (540 liters minimum capacity declared, 885 maximum heart rate) is accessed from a gap wide but that the top narrows because of the bulkiness of the arms of the hood. The finishes are done (except for the part under the rear window, exposed metal) and on request you can have 40/20/40 fractionation of the sofa, which allows you to load long objects like skis, traveling in four. The load threshold is 70 cm from the floor and 14 from the bottom of the trunk.

2019 Jaguar XF Black Jack 2.0 Engine Test

In town. The Jaguar XF V6 is powerful but fluid in dispensing thanks to effective eight-speed automatic transmission (which does not penalize to consumption: 11.4 km/liter are not bad for car type). Irregular funds are electronically controlled shock absorbers (optional), while in tight spaces and maneuvering are valuable distance sensors and rearview camera, which are also optional.

Out of town. The 2019 Jaguar XF Black Jack is brilliant and transmits security even at high speeds (provided you leave on the Esp, not trigger crushes power). Quick automatic transmission and high consumption not detected (17.5 km/l). On the curves, you appreciates the readiness of the Steering, but accuracy isn’t great either. The brakes are for power, modulation, and resistance to stress.

On the highway. At 130 km/h (in eighth gear, just 1500 rpm, when the flight is 14.9 km/liter), the engine almost doesn’t feel and excellent sound insulation makes you think you go slower. Among the options that don’t give up, there is cruise control with distance radar, sensors for the blind spot mirror and the alarm against involuntary lane exits.


  • Comfort. The cabin is well soundproofed and insulated properly by electronically controlled shock absorbers thanks, asperity (optional).
  • Finishes. Elegant skin that covers the seats and dashboard; fine ebony inserts and aluminum.
  • Braking. Reduced the stopping distances, and high resistance to stress.
  • Performance. Engine and transmission provide a shot from sport, but in normal use are fluid.

Why not

  • Keyless access. Absurd that a car from almost 70,000 euros might charge system that for many small cars are free.
  • Fifth place. It’s almost unusable: the center tunnel and the Cabinet between the armchairs are voluminous.
  • Lining of the trunk. At the top of the trunk, the metal was left exposed.
  • Visibility. Bad back (and distance sensors are paid ones, such as the camera). But even the long hood doesn’t help.

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