2019 Ford F150 Raptor Review; Comfort and Beast 4X4 Truck

Saturday, December 7th, 2019 - Ford
2019 Ford F150 Raptor Diesel Engine Red Color

With the 3.5 V6 Turbo 450 CV, the pickup 2019 Ford F150 Raptor is fast, welcoming and capable; The refined 4×4 traction makes it suitable for the severe off-road. In Europe, however, it is not for sale.

2019 Ford F150  Reviews; Always, the best seller

For several years the statistics of the American automobile market put on top of the sales ranking always the same model: the Ford F150. It is a pickup: a working vehicle that, from generation to generation, has continued to keep distance to the best competition. The category of pick-ups is so grown in quality, comfort (in this “maxi-Ford”, not inferior to that of a sedan of good standard), versatility of use, performance and safety: so much to be able to carry out very well both the function of the working medium, both That of car for family. Especially since from the classic booths to 2-3 seats joined the super-cab, with 4-5 seats comfortable and well accessible thanks to the architecture “a door and a half”, where the smaller door opens the wind to allow a climb on board Easy without the need to lengthen the cabin itself and, consequently, the vehicle’s step to equip it with four door-size “automotive”. The Ford is present on the Italian pickup market with the “younger brother” Ranger, who responds perfectly to the needs of our home audience. But the opportunity to see closely and drive the absolute top, occasionally “on tour” in Europe (where it is not imported and sold by the official network of the American House) was too inviting to let her run away.

The name of the most refined and capable version of the Ford F150 was borrowed from the F22 Raptor fighter, the deadliest fighter aircraft in the world. Like the Raptor with wings, even the four-wheeled one has the exclusive (in the field) of the aluminum construction of the bodywork, a refinement that has allowed to obtain a mid-size pickup (for the Usa) of about 250 kg lighter than the version Previous. About the reliability of the structure, the Ford points out that it was employed “military” aluminum. Obviously, given the destination for very extreme uses, the bodywork is not bearing: The F150 travels on a traditional chassis in powerful steel beams, separated from the bodywork, which uses front suspension with independent wheels with double Triangular arms, while at the rear there is a rigid axle. The shock absorbers, with gas, were increased in diameter and in the excursion: the Ford F150 Raptor manages to keep all four wheels in contact with the ground even in extreme conditions of “twist”, that is of different height between a front wheel and the Diagonally opposite rear. The braking system is with ABS discs and the wheels are in the 17-inch light alloy, with radial tires developed specifically by the BFGoodrich. The engine-transmission group makes it clear that the F150 Raptor has been conceived for rustic tasks, but using high-level technologies. The exclusive powertrain is the Ford V6 3.5 liter Ecoboost, the same mounted on the ultra-high-power Ford GT.

It is a V6 twin-shaft 24-valve Biturbo 450 CV, with a maximum torque of 610 Nm and superb delivery characteristics thanks to the dual injection feed, direct in the combustion chamber and indirect in the suction ducts. The response in power and the minimum torque regimes are overwhelming. The transmission is automatic 10-speed, with reduced and selection palettes at the wheel (the transition from one relationship to the other is fluid and also rather rapid). The traction is integral with the possibility to select a whole series of modes of distribution of the torque, block of the differentials, control of the momentum in descent and speed adjustment when facing extremely hostile bottom passages, Like the stony bed of a river. The equipment of the Ford F150 Raptor includes three cameras: rear, front and over 360 degrees. By plugging the small ones, the front is automatically activated, which allows you to keep track of the path even when you are at the top of a very steep ascent and from the driving position see only the sky.

With all that pair, the 10-speed gearbox with reduced and differential lock, the New Ford F150 Raptor is unstoppable: perfect traction on all the funds, 30 ° angle of attack and 23 ° exit, fine angles of lateral inclination. And just tap the accelerator to have the whole pair you need. On the road, with long gears and the release of the traction to the front wheels, the pickup exceeds (according to the House, but the impression is that there is no doubt) the 170 km/h and, above all, moves with the same safe grip that shows on impossible funds. Of course, in the busy guide some limits emerge, with a rather obvious understeer (even the weight, of over 2500 kg, and the wheelbase of 341 cm play against), but the provision of electronic systems of assistance to safety and driving is at the highest levels of Technology and does its job well. In the city guide and on little-spacious paths, then, it is necessary to reckon with the size of the pick-up, definitely overflowing compared to what is foreseen by the regulatory plans of the municipalities of our house. And even the thirst for gasoline is more calibrated on US standards than on our own (the house speaks of an average consumption of 6.8 km/l). It remains the fact that even though the 2019 Ford F150 Raptor will not be on the list of Ford models destined for European markets, the meeting was equally memorable

2019 Ford F150 Price and Availability

Pros and Cons 2019 Ford F150


  • Change. Fluid in operation, it has also proved to be sufficiently rapid.
  • Comfort. Disconnections of the road and noises remain outside the cockpit.
  • versatility of use. From the highway to the off-road, you go everywhere with the same car.


  • consumption. The F150 is a “work” car: However, at least with this engine, it does not drink a little. Besides ocean, however, the fuel costs much less…
  •  size. On the highway, few problems. But in the city and, generally, in the narrow spaces, the 5 and a half meters long (and the almost 220 cm wide) all feel.
  • understeer. In the busy guide, the weight and the long wheelbase do their part: on the other hand, it is certainly not a sports car…

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