2019 Ferrari Portofino Review; Confortabole but Bites UGLY!

Thursday, July 16th, 2020 - Ferrari
2019 Ferrari Portofino Interior Features

The 2019 Ferrari Portofino is more powerful and light than the previous California T: The super-performances and the formidable dynamic qualities do not prevent, however, to guide it even in relax. Improve some details in the cockpit and problematic visibility in the maneuver.

Presented as “Ferrari for every Day” (moreover, it was also the progenitor California T), because of a level of comfort, versatility and adaptability to small movements significantly higher than those of the other supercar in Maranello, after Having tried it on the winding roads and highways of Puglia, we can reassure everyone: the new 2019 Ferrari Portofino remains a “red” in all respects, in temperament, and in dynamic qualities. Certainly more malleable and comfortable than the others, but integrated with all the DNA of a race sport. For sale from October 2017 to 196,061 euros for the basic version (however equipped with carbon ceramic brakes), will be delivered from April-May 2018.

Long bonnet, compact tail and a racy silhouette, also in virtue of the 459 cm in length to which a height of just 132 cm is contrasted: from the volumes of the new Ferrari Portofino 2019 one understands the descent from California, which, since its debut, has aimed to be The most uprated sports-coupe in the category. A record that today is out of the question, since the revamped 3.9 V8 turbo download on the rear wheels well 600 hp: the previous California T had 560, while the 4.3 V8 aspirated The origins “just” 460 (490 from 2012). By Vera supercar, the performance declared: According to the House, the Portofino accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds (one-tenth less than California T), reaches 200 in 10.8 seconds and arrives at a point of 321 km/h (against 316 m/h of the previous model).

The Ferrari Portofino, which premiered last September at the Frankfurt Motor Show, conserves the distinctive solution of the rigid retractable roof: element that has been redesigned and whose new electric aperture mechanism (which accomplishes its work in just 14 seconds) can also be operated with the car moving (up to 40 km/h, previously needed to stop). Always on the subject of practicality, was also revised the silhouette of the trunk, which can accommodate two cabin trolley when the car is open and the roof folded over the compartment or three trolleys in the coupe configuration. The capacity is, however, decreased by 48 liters compared to that of the previous model: the House declares 292. Unchanged homologation 2 + 2, obtained thanks to two rear dots with a pass-through hatch (useful for stowing long objects).

2019 Ferrari Portofino Design and Weight

On the other hand, the most important stylistic features of Ferrari Portofino compared to California T are found in the tail, which appears more collected and slender both with the car in the Coupe configuration (thanks to the two rear “ridges” that connect the Canopy) is a folded roof, when you appreciate the rear fender lathes and a hint of spoilers. But the designers have put a heavy hand also at the front, which with the mask closest to the ground and the headlights full-led in the shape of the 812 Superfast. As in the other “redheads”, also in this case the aerodynamic study is particularly accurate, which seeks maximum efficiency with anything but conspicuous solutions: the front air entrances (well disguised next to the headlights) are worth an example, creating Pressure inside the wheel arches, reducing the wake effect created by the rolling of the wheels and thus the resistance to the advance (the Cx, equal to 0.312, is improved by 6%).

2019 Ferrari Portofino VS California T

All the components of the chassis and aluminium frame of the 2019 Ferrari Portofino have been redesigned, and the layout of some of them has been simplified to achieve better integration between the parts; Improved (of 35%, according to the house) also the rigidity of the structure, accomplices new constructive technologies such as the fusion with core (which facilitates the realization of hollow elements) and the reduction of 30% of the length of the welds. On the other hand, the mass of the car decreased by 80 kg, thanks to the contribution of details such as the magnesium alloy cores of the seats and to modifications to the electronic components and the engine, the roof, and the chassis: this allowed the consumption and the issue to go down. Ions, especially in the case of the HELE version (proposed to 197,281 euros against the 196,061 euros of the “base”), which “drinks” and pollutes fewer thanks to the Stop & Start.

2019 Ferrari Portofino Engine Specs

The 600 hp (corresponding to well 156 Hp/ liter) that the 3.9 V8 turbo of the Ferrari Portofino is now able to express to 7500 laps are the result of deep interventions that have interested, in addition to the management electronics, also the mechanics. They are new, in fact, the pistons and the connecting rods, the suction ducts (more direct and efficient) and the exhaust system (with an elegant monovision manifold and a different trend); The latter integrates a valve that reduces the noise at start-up and keeps it under control in Comfort mode, and then opens and “infuses” the V8 sound when the throttle is carried in Sport. Also present the detonation analysis system, active on each cylinder, which optimizes the delivery.

A contribution to the efficiency comes from the pump of the lubricant at double pressure level, which absorbs 30% less power than a conventional type. Turning to the booster system, centered on compact double-stage turbines and equipped with a new intercooler that combines less resistance to fluid dynamics with superior dispersion capacity.

Among the interventions aimed at increasing the driveability of Ferrari Portofino We mention the adoption of stiffer springs (15.5% front and 19% behind) and magnetically controlled adaptive shock absorbers (optional at 4,026 Euro) with double solenoid, managed From an evolved control unit: According to the House, the comfort is now improved both in Sport mode and in the reactivity of the car. To emphasize the introduction of the E-DIFF3 electronic differential, whose combined action with the F1-Trac traction control improves the execution of the curves from the input to the output phase, both in the guide at the track limit and on the road, even in Low-adhesion conditions. At the debut also the steering wheel with electric assistance, in turn able to “dialogue” with the E-DIFF3, with a more direct ratio of 7%.

2019 Ferrari Portofino Interior – Luxury Interiors

The 2019 Ferrari Portofino Interior, Sportiveggiante and made luxurious by extensive leather upholstery and by the superfine grade of finish, offers a habitability more than satisfactory in relation to the typology of the car: in front of the space is not missing, and behind it was Increased by 5 cm, although the two rear dots, although improved compared to the past, remain suitable to accommodate a maximum of two… “Baby Ferrari”. Impeccable the driving position, guaranteed by a sports seat that embraces as it should (even if the padding is reduced to a minimum, especially in the backrest), able to offer the right support in the fast driving without being constricting in the long (electrical adjustments include the adaptation of the lateral sides as well as the central and lumbar backrest support). Inevitable the multifunction steering wheel, now a Ferrari icon: In addition to the throttle for the selection of driving modes and the button to regulate the suspension, it houses the Red Starter button and those of ordinary controls (headlights, arrows, windscreen wiper, Phone…), so you need to be familiar (especially to operate the “arrows”) in order not to get confused. Long and comfortable palettes for sequential use of the gearbox, whose main commands are reduced to three buttons on the tunnel.

Hi-Tech Flavor The dashboard of the 2019 Ferrari Portofino with a pair of TFT display on the sides of the analog tachometer, which are accompanied by the wide central monitor of the multimedia system (tactile type multi-touch, has a diagonal of 10.25 “) and a further Screen on the right of the dashboard: inform the passenger about the speed, the engine rotation and the engaged gear. Improved compared to those of California, finally, both the air conditioner (quieter and with an increased flow rate of 20%), and the effectiveness of the rear windbreak (optional, manual lifting), which makes the open air guide even more pleasant Reducing the vortexes in the cockpit. Few criticisms that can be moved to a car treated as a trinket to the smallest details: the support plate for the feet of the passenger is light alloy, but not so stable; The emergency lock in the guide-side door is of a cheap appearance: The Cruscottino for the passenger seems to be set temporarily, without a minimum of frame, in the plank (to which it is connected with three economical plastic tesserae). And, in the guide, soon emerges the poor visibility: not only backward (almost inevitable, in a sport of this kind), but also three-quarters front, to the left. In maneuvers, then, it is better to give a hand from the front and rear cameras: that, however, are paid apart, and not a little (4,392 euros).

Imagine an evening stroll to the small trot on a trendy waterfront: with the roof open you can enjoy the scent of salt and the eyes of admiration (and envy) that passers-by reserve to the luxury spiders. Then point the bow of the 2019 Ferrari Portofino towards the hills: Press a button in the dashboard to hold the roof in the trunk in just 14 seconds, set the throttle on the steering wheel in the “Sport” position and find yourself in your hands a rabid and responsive coupe, a real “beast of Mixed “capable of devouring curves like an extreme supercar. The 2019 Ferrari Portofino, in short, allows you to savor all the grit and the driveability of a real Ferrari.

The true essence of this 2019 Ferrari Portofino comes out on the most tortuous mountain-rails: an astonishing efficacy. They have convinced us above all the balanced calibration of the suspensions and the agility accentuated (compared to that of California T) by the lower mass, the differential with electronic control e-DIFF3 and the greater readiness of response of motor and steering. The latter, with electrical management, is solid in straight, is precise and guarantees a considerable fluidity in facing curves and backbends, giving the possibility to correct micrometrically the trajectories without risk of triggering alterations In the trim. A balance that is kept flawless from 40 to 120 hours, but that is slightly altered at higher speeds, when the steering wheel offers a less ready response in the first phase of rotation, and then suddenly close the curve even without accentuating the Steering (which can make the action less harmonic in the fast changes of direction). In addition, you perceive a certain sensitivity and a certain vagueness in passing over longitudinal malformations of the road. Totally exciting, however, the brakes Carboceramici (standard): Apart from the race a bit ‘ long pedal, are effective if you “mache” with a decision on the pedal, but also ready and modulated to small pressures.

Exciting the enhanced V8 of the 2019 Ferrari Portofino, which pushes with the strength of a diesel from just 2000-2500 rpm and extends up to 7500 laps full, when the fast change orders the transition to the next report. 600 foals that always push, complemented by 700 formidable Nm of torque distributed in a dispensing curve so progressive and without spikes to make it look like the car even “easy” to handle… But it is always good not to take too much confidence, also because the engine is always so little engaged (at 130 km/h it works at just 2600 rpm) not to perceive the real gait: just touch the accelerator to feel like towed by the hook of Launch of an aircraft carrier! Impeccable, fast and well “blunted” in Comfort the gearbox; When you adjust the throttle in sports, instead, the change becomes sharp, dry as that of a racing car… In our opinion, perhaps a little ‘ exceeded in accentuating this feature, since changing at high speed every step of the way makes almost soprassalire for the net “detachment” that you perceive: almost an “elastic recoil” that becomes rather annoying When you change along the full acceleration a long curve.

2019 Ferrari Portofino Pros and Cons


  • Help and performance. The precise steering and trim qualities allow you to take full advantage of the powerful V8 Turbo, low-rpm fluid and “scratchy” to the higher ones.
  • handling. The steering response and the suspension balance guarantee a truly surprising agility and balance, making this “red” difficult to beat on mixed and winding paths.
  • versatility. Pleasant to drive in the open air, with the roof closed and the regulations less sporty the Portofino is a comfortable coach that, if necessary, turns into a real “mixed animal”.


  • gear changes (in sports). The very fast changed with the throttle in sports are disturbed by a net “detachment” that in the long run is annoying, especially in the fast turns.
  • commands. The steering wheel does not only control the car’s adjustments, but also ordinary functions, such as headlights or “arrows”: the scenic effect is assured, practicality is not.
  • visibility. The latter is limited; Front disturbs occasional reflections in the windshield and, in the left turns, the relative upright, long and inclined.

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