2019 BMW X2 Review; Interior, Performance to Price

Friday, July 10th, 2020 - BMW
2019 BMW X2 SUV Engine Specs and Gas Mileage

The new SUV 2019 BMW X2 has a successful sports line and is agile, safe and fun to drive. But it doesn’t cost much, and it also charges accessories that are standard on less expensive cars.

  • Price; €50,900 Estimated
  • Average consumption; 20.8 km/L
  • CO2 emissions; 126 grams/km
  • Euro; 6

It is the missing link in the chain of SUVs of the House of Monaco: The number even after the X identifies the sporty variant with respect to the model from which it derives. The 2019 BMW X2 is the “coupé” version of the X1, of which it maintains the pitch length, but is shorter than 8 cm (from one bumper to the other, measuring 436) and lower than 7. The line is more slender: elusive rear, arched roof, low side glass and tilted rear window (not nearly horizontal, however, as, in the other SUV-coupe of the House, category inaugurated right from BMW with the X6, in 2008). To give a sporty image to the car also include the larger air intakes in the front bumper, the thin headlights and the mask, which is not joined to the lights as on other recent BMW but appears wider and squashed. Gritty even the alloy wheels, which reach up to 20 “. Curious the BMW logo well in sight in the third upright, as in the Coupe 2000 CS and 3.0 CLS of a few decades ago.

2019 BMW X2 Interior

The cockpit of the 2019 BMW X2, like that of the X1, is quite wide for four adults (in the middle, the sofa is penalized by the high tunnel in the floor and by the rigid and raised seat). Even for the headspace is not lacking, although the roof is a little ‘ lower than that of the X1 (the Windows remove a little ‘ light to the interior). The materials are pleasing to the eye and to the touch: the plank is covered by a thick layer of soft plastic, embellished with wooden inserts, black lacquered or plastic, with a weave that mimics the carbon fiber. Cured the assemblages and finishes, in detail and in the little areas in sight, and pleasant lighting suffused with LED that emphasizes the lines of moldings and seats. The latter are well-formed: especially those sporting, with adjustable sides and extensible seat. The sofa, divided into three parts, is wide and comfortable on the sides but does not have the sliding seat (sin, on the X1 there).

The dashboard of the 2019 BMW X2 M is small and does not report the directions of the Navigator (well done, it costs from 1,350 euros of the “base” to the 2,970 of the Connected Pro, with the touchscreen of 8.8 “instead of 6.5”), but it is complete and easy to read. Finally, the trunk: With its 470 liters with all the seats in use, it is smaller (35 liters less) than that of the X1 from which the car drives, and has the high load threshold (77 cm from the ground). Watch your back with your heavy luggage!

2019 BMW X2 Test Drive

The BMW X2 20d xDrive is really agile and fun to drive. In the city the electronically controlled cushions (170 euros for the M Sport-X of the test) do not suffer on the pavé, the engine resumes promptly before the 1500 RPM and the automatic transmission 8 speed, sweet and fast, does not fatigue in traffic. Precious the sensors of distance behind (standard) and the parking System Park Assistant (360 euro): the rear window, small and high from the ground, restricts the view in reverse. The best, however, the car offers it in the winding paths, where they appreciate the agility and the high road holding, especially if you set the mode of driving Sport (the others are Comfort and Eco-Pro), which makes the car more responsive. The brilliant 2.0 from 190 HP is well matched to the automatic Transmission gearbox, which always chooses the most suitable gear, and the steering is shown ready and accurate. Efficient xDrive integral traction, in which the electronics sends the wheels behind the torque it serves and helps to improve road holding and traction on the slimy bottoms.

2019 BMW X2 Release Date and MSRP

The 2019 BMW X2, however, is not made for the most severe off-road: It is not particularly high from the ground (18 cm), it has wide and lowered tires with compound and road design and it lacks the reduced. To help in the low-adhesion steep descents, however, there is the HDC (Hill-descent Control) system that operates with a key in the tunnel and automatically adjusts the speed, leaving the driver only to turn the steering wheel. As regards consumption, at the end of the test we did not go beyond 13 km/L (the House declares an average of 20.8 km/L). It is to be said, however, that the Portuguese roads north of Lisbon, on which the test was carried out, winding and full of ups and downs, invited a cheerful guide which, of course, does not help. More realistic are Parsi, however, the 221 km/h declared as peak point and the 7.7 seconds that the house promises for the “0-100”.

2019 BMW X2 Engine Specs

The BMW X2 will be in the dealerships starting from the weekend of March 17-18. The least expensive version is the X2 18i sDrive with 1.5 petrol 140 hp, front wheel drive and manual gearbox, which starts from 33,500 euros. With this engine, the other productions are: Advantage, Business x, MSport-X and M Sport (the last two to 40,300 euros). Then there are the X2 18d sDrive Col 2.0 from 150 hp (from 35,950 euros), the 18d xDrive (4×4, like all versions with the “X”, from 37,950), the 20d xDrive, Automatic, with 2.0 from 190 Horsepower of the test, which starts from 44,100 euros, and the 25d xDrive , automatic, with 2.0 from 231 HP, from 48,350 to 53,500 euro. The equipment is not bad: as standard all have the anti-blow of sleep, the command for the adjustment of the answers of engine, gearbox, suspension and Esp, the fog lights, the radio with the USB sockets and the Bluetooth, the front seats adjustable in height, that Split rear, the “climate” bizone and the trunk with electric opening (except the base). Given the prices, however, sorry to have to put your hand to the wallet to add extras often free on cars less expensive: For example, the CD player (110 euro) and the radio Dab (330).

2019 BMW X2 Pros and Cons


  • change. The automatic transmission with 8 gears with the steering levers is precise, fluid and rapid in the running steps.
  • finishes. The soft and pleasing plastics, the leather upholstery and the well-made controls make the cockpit almost luxurious.
  • Thanks to the consistent suspension, the precise steering and the engine ready and lively, the machine is fun and, even pushing it to the bottom of the accelerator, gives a great sense of security.


  • trunk. It has the high threshold from the ground and is less spacious than that of the X1.
  • price. The 50,900 euros of the test version are really many for a compact SUV, although rich in technological content and well-finished.
  • visibility back. The rear window, the small windows, and the wide uprights make the reverse maneuvers difficult (the rear sensors of distance do not solve the problem altogether).

2019 BMW X2 Specs Sheet

  • Fuel Gasoline
  • Displacement cm3 1995
  • No Cylinders and arrangement 4 in-line
  • Maximum power KW (Hp)/giri 140 (190)/4000 rpm
  • Torque Max Nm/Rev 400/1750-2500
  • Emission of CO2 grams/km 126
  • Distribution 4 valves per cylinder
  • No gear ratio 8 (automatic) + Reverse Gear
  • Full Drive
  • Front brakes self-ventilating discs
  • Rear brakes self-ventilating discs


  • Maximum speed (km/h) 221
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h (s) 7.7
  • Average consumption (km/L) 20.8

2019 BMW X2 Dimensions

  • Length/width/height cm 436/182/153
  • Wheelbase cm 267
  • Weight in running order kg 1525
  • Luggage capacity Liters 470/1355
  • Tires (standard) 225/45 R19

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