2019 BMW 5 Series Touring: Comfortable, bright and with a few oversights

Tuesday, August 27th, 2019 - BMW
2019 BMW 5 Series Touring Release Date and Prices

The new edition of the 2019 BMW 5 Series Touring offers great comfort, but with the 265 HP of the 3.0 diesel engine has a good grip and in the guide also knows how to entertain. Improved some detail.

2019 BMW 5 Series Touring Specs and Dimension

After the launch, in 2016, of the new 2019 BMW 5 Series sedan, here is the fifth generation of the wagon: The BMW 5 Series touring. Sports and Classic at the same time, this great family of luxury (494 cm the length, four more than before) does not deviate from the traditional look BMW has very balanced shapes. Already ordered and available in dealerships from May 20, 2017, the new 5 touring series is initially proposed with the 3.0 6-cylinder (340 hp) gasoline-powered and combined with integral traction, and with three diesel units: the 2.0 from 190 horsepower and, also for 4×4 models, the 3.0 6-cylinder with 249 or 265 hp (the latter equipped the test car). To these thrusters, a short one will add the 2.0 gasoline from 252 horsepower. As for the prices, they are between 53,350 euros for the 520d business (190 hp) and the 75,350 euro of the 540i Xdrive automatic M Sport (340 horses). The standard for all BMW 5 Series Touring Roof bars, the full LED headlamps, the electrically opening tailgate (with the possibility to unlock the rear window only) and the rear suspensions self-leveling (avoid that, at full load, the car will “sit”). The M sport of the test adds the circles of 18 “, the interior in Alcantara and leather and the rear camera (even without recourse, however, the visibility back does not create particular problems). Not everything, however, is included in the price: you pay separately, for example, DAB Digital radio (440 euro), which in a car of this level should be part of the standard equipment.

2019 BMW 5 Series Touring Inside: A large Interior

Finished all the way, the cockpit of the new 2019 BMW 5 Series Touring conveys a feeling of luxury and, between colors, materials and moldings (like that, for the plank, aluminium, wood or lacquered black), offers several possibilities of customization. For the size of the car the space on board is good, but a few centimeters more for the legs of those who sit behind not hurt; Four adults travel comfortable, while a fifth person, in the middle of the sofa, is found to have to do with the tunnel and the cabinet between the seats. Satisfactory the availability of storage (albeit not very capacious), but the anti-noise coating in the pockets of the doors is only partial: some objects can generate annoying vibrations. The driving position, low and relaxed, has wide adjustments (electric for 1,710 euros, and with massage function for other 1,020) and is comfortable. The controls are well arranged and the many features of the Pro multimedia system with Navigator (standard), which require a minimum of apprenticeship, can be commanded with the practical “knob” between the seats or even through the large touch screen of 10.2 inches in the center of the bridge. For 260 euros There are also gestural commands: A camera “sees” some movements of the hand which corresponds as many requests. For example, turning the finger clockwise raises the volume of the radio. This option is innovative and works quite well, but it has seemed more scenic than useful. The trunk, covered with quality materials, has no steps and has an elegant chrome plate on the threshold (distant from the ground just 58 cm). For the type of car the capacity does not disappoint: with 570/1700 liters, it is better than that of the previous BMW 5 Series Touring (560/1670 liters). In addition, under the bottom, there are two large deep rooms about ten centimeters. The only downside is the bulky supports of the door opening mechanism, placed on the sides of the roof edge, with which you have to reckon when loading voluminous objects: altogether, they steal at the mouth of loading 26 centimeters in width (they remain available 77) and 9 in height (the distance between the bottom and the ceiling falls from 73 cm to 64).

2019 BMW 5 Series Touring Driving Test; Smooth!

Inserted the comfort mode (one of the four that varies the car’s responses) with the special key between the seats, the BMW 530d automatic touring M Sport makes travel in a muffled cockpit. The disconnections of the road almost do not notice (also due to the electronic control suspension, 3,210 euro) and the noises remain outside. The six cylinders with diesel oil turns “round” and silent, while the automatic transmission passes gently from one relationship to another: only accelerating abruptly laments an instant of indecision and responds with a certain hardness. Further enhancing the comfort of other devices. One of them, for the semi-autonomous guide (at 2,880 euros in the Driving assistant plus package): Using the radar and the cameras of the car, it keeps the car in the lane by itself, acting on the steering and respecting the safety distance from the vehicles that precede.

Selected Sports mode (which, among other things, it also changes the graphics of the digital dashboard), the BMW 530d automatic Touring M-sport becomes more responsive and, despite the imposing dimensions and weight of 1750 kg (still less than about 50 kg compared to the previous 530d) is also agile. This is a great help for the steering rear (1,290 euro): An electric motor orients the wheels up to 3 degrees in the opposite direction to the back ones up to 60 km/h, and in the same way from the 80 km/h up. The engine vehemently pushes (but always in a velvety way), the gearbox “keeps” the lower gears longer and makes the engine work at lower speeds to have more sprints (the ratios can also be manually selected with the levers behind the steering wheel), while the steering (precise even in comfort) weighs a little and the suspensions stiffen (but not so much as to make the passengers suffer) : Fully credible both the 5.8 seconds on the “0-100” and the 250 km/h of maximum peak (self-limited by electronics) that the House declares for the car. Thus, the guide becomes gratifying and you can take away some satisfaction with very brilliant gaits without penalizing too much consumption: at the end of the test, the computer on board calculated an average close to 12 km/L.

2019 BMW 5 Series Touring Trunk Space

2019 BMW 5 Series Touring Strenght and Weakness


  • Confort. The seats are comfortable and the acoustic insulation and the irregularities of the asphalt are effective.
  • Guide. Engine ready, quick change, precise steering, good agility: everything contributes to making it enjoyable (and easy) to have fun at the wheel of this BMW.
  • Technology. Standard or for a fee, all the latest refunds are available: One on all, the four steering wheels.


  • Tailgate. The large support arms and the electric opening mechanism steal a lot of space at the loading mouth.
  • DAB radio. It is surprising that for a car of this category is optional (440 euro) when it is standard also for some utilitarians.
  • pockets. Those in the doors are only partially coated.

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