2019 Audi RS 5 Coupe TFSI Reviews, Interior is So Good!

Monday, October 28th, 2019 - Audi
2019 Audi RS 5 Interior Changes Dashboard

With the V6 2.9 TFSI Biturbo, the new 2019 Audi RS 5 coupé does not earn horses (450) but a couple, and it reveals a supercar “disguised” as a comfortable sports travel. Shame about the position, improved, of the gas pedal.

Under an authentic storm met on the highway E9/N20 (which leads from Toulouse to Foix, in France), plagued by Speedcams, and on the next state, narrow, tortuous and rather busy, which trudges towards Andorra, we often wondered why the Audi had decided to let us try the Audi Rs 5 coupe right around here. The answer came to the 2080 meters of the Pas de la Casa, not far from Soldeu, in the territory of the small principality of the Pyrenees, where the road has transformed into a real… open track to traffic, with beautiful curves and backbends, wide hairpin bends, asphalt with a sincere grip even with a damp bottom, and with an exciting scenario. , made of sharp and luxuriant peaks of vegetation. Here, also accomplice the small number of other vehicles in circulation, we could taste the true essence of the peppered Rs 5: The waiting sport variant of the A5 coupe, completely renewed in 2016.

2019 Audi RS 5 Redesign and Changes

Rival of the BMW M3 and the Mercedes C coupé AMG, the 2019 Audi RS 5 coupé is a generous and slender two-door (with four-seater) that, as the previous model, is accredited to Ben 450 CV. The difference is that to dispense it is no longer the well-known 4.2 V8 aspirated, but the unprecedented 2.9 TFSI, a biturbo V6 derived from the 3.0 TFSI of the S5, related to the engine of the Porsche Panamera S. Even more than the data relative to the maximum power (expressed from 5700 to 6700 rpm), of the new six cylinders impresses the pair: The official card speaks of well 600 nm available between 1900 and 5000 rpm: Stuff to do curl the asphalt under the wheels when you open the gas!

Faster with the dynamic package

With regard to the transmission, on the 2019 Audi Rs 5, we find the automatic gearbox Tiptronic with eight gears with special “sport” tuning and the permanent integral traction, with breakdown 40:60 in favor of the rear train (in conditions of normal adhesion) and central differential self-locking. The system involves the active management of the torque transmitted to each wheel, and interacts with the traction and stability controls: moving from the comfort (or car) driving mode to the sport (dynamic), it is commendable that more freedom is left to the rear, to make possible hints of oversteer, fun because it is well controllable under dry conditions. The possibility of unplugging the ESP (holding down the button for three seconds) is not lacking, especially for experienced riders. According to the Audi, the 2019 RS 5 Coupé accelerates from 0 to 100 hours in 3.9 seconds (0.6 seconds in less than the old model) and reaches the 250 km/h (automated), or 280 km/h (also electronically auto limited) with the optional RS dynamic package (15,000 Euro!). According to the official data, efficiency is also improved, which results in a certified average consumption of 11.5 km/l and CO2 emissions below 200 g/km.

Obvious sportsmanship, but not flashy

186 cm wide (the wheel are increased by 1.5 cm compared to those of the A5 “normal”) and high 136 (one in less of the other versions, due to the sporty trim), the 2019 Audi Rs 5 appears well planted on the ground. But it does not lack momentum, also because the length of the bodywork has grown by about 7 cm (for a total of 472) and the pitch now measures 277 cm (1.5 more than before). From the less-lending “sisters”, of which the elegant and “sculpted” lines of pronounced ribs running along the bonnet and flanks, the RS 5 coupé is also distinguished by elements that (without exaggeration) “inflate” the aesthetic: in front, the large and elaborate air vents in the bumper complete with aerodynamic elements coordinated with the frame of the wide and squared mask, as well as the LED headlamps (optional in matrix variant , 1,250 euro) with the burnished inside; Behind, instead, the specific extractor from which out two exhaust terminals with oval section (optional, 1,500 euro), and the edge of the bonnet completed by a small black spoiler.

2019 Audi RS5 TFSI Engine Performance

2019 Audi RS 5 Dimensions

With its 1655 kg, the 2019 Audi Rs 5 coupé is lighter than the previous edition of about 60 kg, 31 of them due to the new engine and the remaining also to the greater use of aluminum elements for the new bodywork. The steering, with electromechanical assistance (also with variable ratio) and the suspensions, with the five-arm pattern, both at the front and at the rear, have been modified; In option (2,450 euros), there are those of active type with Dynamic Ride Control (DRC). Among the many optional “technical”, there are the alloy wheels of 20 “with tires 275/30 (3,630 euros, replace those of 19” with tires 265/35), the front brakes with discs brakes (7,300 euro) of 400 mm in diameter, served by six-piston calipers (as, on the other hand, those self-ventilating series), the rear sport differential (1,700 euro) or the carbon fibre roof at sight (4,230 Euro) weighing 3 kg less than the original: All elements that can make the price rise a lot, which already starts from 89,900 euros.

Between luxury and technology

The Interior of the Audi RS5 coupé 2019 (four “real” seats and excellent finishes) is personalized with race armchairs upholstered in Nappa leather (standard), shaped and containment but also welcoming, and with the inevitable RS logos that recur a bit everywhere. From the sporty taste also the digital dashboard Audi virtual cockpit (on request, 600 euros), with the specific RS screen that includes the indicator of change (useful when you manually select the gears through the vanes at the wheel) and provides data on torque, acceleration, and pressure of the tires. Then there is the new infotainment system with 7 “screen, or 8.3” If you opt for the MMI navigation plus screen (3,385 euro): It also accepts voice commands and includes the LTE Internet connection (with three years of free data service and European roaming included) and the onboard Wi-Fi; For dialogue with smartphones (also rechargeable on inductive plate, if predisposed) are supported the Protocols Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, nor missing the automatic call of distress. In addition, always among the optional, the Hi-Fi Bang & Olufsen (1,030 euro) with 3d effect with 755 watts and 19 speakers. Logically wide the availability of “technological” aids that increase safety (on request can have even up to 30, many of them included in packages such as City assistance and tour assistance): from automatic braking in the city (active up to 85 km/h) to cruise control with Stop & Go function, to the lane maintenance systems (545 Euro), to the detection of traffic from the vehicle’s shoulders (975 euro) to the semi-automatic parking system (1,265 euro) and to What helps to save fuel by “predicting” the morphology of the route based on GPS data

If it were not for the low and elongated driving position, and for the feeling of total containment transmitted by the sporty and enveloping seat, it almost seems to be behind the wheel of a luxury flagship: on the 2019 Audi RS5 coupé you travel without apparent effort in a cockpit where you perceive a really low noise and with the suspensions that, in comfort mode, “Smooth” the roughness of the asphalt. Just proceeding on the highway with a gas wire (at 130 in the eighth gear the engine works just above 2000 laps), one of the few flaws of this car is highlighted: The accelerator pedal a bit too high makes the right foot an anomalous angle (bent backward) and the long indolence. Less bad that the car has an efficient cruise control… However, just increase the pressure on the accelerator to receive a decided “kick in the butt”: The V6, shortly after the 3000 laps, “shoots” literally forward extending then vehemently up to 6700. All with an absolutely exciting soundtrack, especially in climbing (with “double” automatic). Just too bad that the limiter intervenes when the engine seems to have a lot to say.

In sports mode, the change of the 2019 Audi RS5 Coupe is revealed punctually and able to best suit the aggressive driving, but it is improved in the march in Souplesse in D, where even with limited pressure on the accelerator, scale far too many gears by climbing the engine speed to the stars. Marginal problem in the paths all curves where, in addition to the formidable engine, the German coupe is able to take on the top of the supercar, counting on three other solid angular stones: an impeccable adherence (guaranteed also by the precise and efficient integral traction) that leaves ample possibilities of interpretation of the trajectories; An absolutely balanced arrangement also on uneven funds (based on suspensions that can adapt to any type of fund); One

From this comes an extremely dynamic car, with sincere and well controllable reactions, precise at high speed in the curves, but also ductile in the narrowest paths, while having to deal with mass and dimensions anything but contained. Precisely the readiness to reach the “rope” in the hairpin bends and in the delivery advise the utmost attention in opening the gas output, if you do not want to produce continuously in “glorious” drifting. In the long downhill braking, the brakes brakes of which they were equipped (as an alternative to the PUR valid standard self-ventilating) Some of the Audi RS5 coupes of the test made us realize that they are worth all (so many) money that cost: they never become “woody” but also exerting constant pressure, automatically increase the decelerating power.

2019 Audi RS5 Review Conclusion

Why Yes

  • finishes do not betray the expectations induced by the brand’s blazon (and price).
  • driving worthy of a supercar, but also very intuitive.
  • engine rich in torque and vigorous at low revs “scratches” ugly to the higher ones.

Why not

  • Change to d in the driving position “in Souplesse”, even without pressing much on the accelerator scale too many gears by pushing the engine speed: the comfort is affected.
  • The position of the accelerator the pedal is too high and angled: in the long distances “fixed gas” is the cause of soreness to the neck of the foot.
  • seats behind the access to the couch requires agility to the two passengers. They have little “air” over their heads.

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