2018 Volkswagen Golf Sportwage Review; Three van ESS and parks cylinders

Saturday, April 20th, 2019 - Volkswagen
2018 Volkswagen Golf R spy photos HD

2018 Volkswagen Golf Sportwage Review – Always timely, convenient and finished with care, the 2018 Volkswagen Golf is also available with the new “1000” three-cylinder turbo petrol engine. On paper may seem underpowered for a car engine 426 cm long and weighing nearly 1200 kg, instead with its 116 horsepower is equal to the situation and not only guarantees low energy consumption but, well supported by the dual clutch automatic transmission, also a nice sprint. So, besides that agreeable to ride this classic sedan is even funny. The Price of this new VW Golf is around EUR 24,600

This version of the 2018 Volkswagen Golf is aesthetically equal to the others and is appreciated for its balanced and not lacking in elegance. The cockpit well done conveys a feeling of wellbeing and is welcoming. The “thousand” three-cylinder turbo from 116 HP is so rocking and Park Station (we detected an average of 17 km/l), we can consider this version of German media an alternative to diesel fuel (arrangement, more expensive than at least 1,500 euros). Especially if combined with the dual clutch automatic transmission, quick and “soft” (with that manual save 1,900 euros), the new engine is smooth and almost free of vibration. For the rest, the car you drive like other Golf: it gives confidence and holds the road. Particularly successful brakes that guarantee stopping content (require only 60.3 metres to stop the car launched at 130 km/h). Moreover, this is a “five-door” safe, tests of Euro NCAP’s exit with heads held high: received the highest rating of five stars. Despite being the richest three-cylinder version, the Comfortline series doesn’t have much. The “climate” is manual, and for Bluetooth and Usb plus 170 euros (Connectivity), plus an additional 280 for the fog lights and 665 for distance sensors (behind you see shortly). On the other hand there is the anti-coup sleep.

2018 Volkswagen Golf Interior

The equipment into the dashboard of the Volkswagen Golf is easy to read and full of directions (also signals the engine temperature). But, the color display is required (155 euros). The Navigator with the screen (not so large: 6.5 “) into the console’s intuitive, but expensive: € 1,315. The driving position is comfortable: adjustable seat, well, is not yielding, and the steering wheel (crowded, however, keystrokes, too small) there is also deep. “Mini” are also indications of temperature set by “climate” Conditioner (465 euros), in the lower part of the console. Nothing bad to say about other commands, arranged neatly.

In the comfortable cabin four adults travel well (even behind does not lack space above his head and legroom). A fifth person finds a seat, in the middle of the couch, not as cozy, and the Cabinet in the way.

The carefully crafted compartment is easily accessible (not high load threshold), has a regular shape and a capacity average. Useful bottom adjustable on two heights and comfortable the couch that folded, creates no steps.

2018 Volkswagen Golf R spy photos HD

2018 Volkswagen Golf Test Drive

In town. The engine of this Volkswagen Golf ready in response (and with minimal vibration), the automatic transmission (sweet and quick running steps) and the light steering is a nice help in traffic. The suspension (lowered by 1.5 cm to improve aerodynamics, reducing consumption) are not a torture on the pave. We covered 15.4 km/l with a liter of gasoline.

Out of town. You can travel by souplesse consuming little (18.9 km/l in our test), but the liveliness of the engine, sport suspension, steering precise calibration and powerful brakes, invite to gaits. You can manually enter the gears, moving back and forth, but it is inconvenient, and paddle shifters behind the wheel costing well 480 euros.

On the highway. The seats are comfortable and the cockpit well soundproofed. At 130 km/h, in seventh gear, the engine works at 2800 rpm and consumes only 15.8 km/l, but her voice is barely noticeable. In the car ride turns high paths remains stable. After delays, thanks to the readiness of the DSG gearbox, filming takes place smoothly.

2018 Volkswagen Golf Pros and Cons


  • F
  • inishes. Quality materials and State of the art would not run assemblies in cars far more expensive.
  • Brakes. Promote them with honors: are resilient and ensure stopping curtailed.
  • Guide. Nice little reward and fatiguing, even athletes: the car is manageable and shiny.
  • Engine. Push with force, it is not thirsty and almost no one realizes that the cylinders are only three.

Why not

  • Standard equipment. It is good that includes devices like the warning of excessive driver fatigue, but the Bluetooth and Usb socket should not be subject to a fee.
  • Paddle shifters. Those behind the wheel, put the gears, are useful but are charged separately, and so much.
  • Buttons. The buttons in the steering wheel are too many and small.
  • Rear visibility. In reverse is hampered by massive rear roof pillars.


2018 Volkswagen Golf Sportwage Review; Three van ESS and parks cylinders Pictures

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