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Friday, November 22nd, 2019 - Vauxhall
2018 Vauxhall Vivaro Alloy Wheels

Thanks to the small mono volume shapes, the 2018 Vauxhall Viva Superminis with five doors takes advantage of only 368 cm long: Four adults travel comfortable (in five, instead, is the space in width to be lacking). The trunk of the Vauxhall Viva, however, is not the widest. Especially in this GPL version, in which the donut tank does not allow to use the compartment under the bottom of the trunk: the declared capacity falls from 206 liters (in itself, already few) to just 151. On the other hand, traveling to gas does not lose almost anything in terms of performance. Very small “sacrifices” compared to the advantage of halving the spending on supplies. Also worth notably the Dodotazione: as standard, in addition to the 6 airbags and the “Clima” automatic, there are the Bluetooth hands-free and the Teleservice Vauxhall OnStar.

The short and sloping bonnet, the wide windshield (good frontal visibility, not the rear) and the high roof give the Vauxhall Viva a compact MPV appearance. The New Vauxhall Viva moves agile in traffic and can comfortably accommodate four adults. The LPG system mounted by the House steals space in the trunk, but it allows to cut down the costs for the supplies: with gasoline at 1.474 euros/liter and the GPL at 0.563 (national average prices at the time of the test), according to our surveys, traveling to gas you spend on average less than 4.5 euros per 100 km, against the more than 9 needed in gasoline use. A nice saving, even if in accounts made recover the 1,500 euro extra cost of the LPG system requires well 31,000 km. If, however, the fear is to lose performance, our tests confirm that the differences in gas use are very modest: the “Mille” three-cylinder remains lively if held on laps, while only in recovery disappoints a bit (even gasoline): the “0-100” goes from 14.3 seconds to gasoline at 14.7 to LPG, the shooting from 40 to 70 km/h in fourth gear from 11.0 to 11.3 seconds. To be a city car, the Vauxhall Viva moves with some verve. In addition, the steering, although light in maneuver (especially by pressing the City button, which increases the electric assistance), is precise in speed. With regard to maneuvers, the rear visibility is not the maximum: better opt for the distance sensors (optional), to “save” the bumpers without protection. Among the options, also the alarm against the involuntary exits of Lane, a rarity among the cars of this segment. For the rest, the endowment is not bad: are standard ESP, 6 airbags (in the crash test Euro NCAP of 2015 the Vauxhall Viva had gotten four stars) and the Teleservice Vauxhall OnStar that sends the rescue in case of necessity and provides various information, also to find a workshop, or a restaurant.

Interior and Trunk

The dashboard of the 2018 Vauxhall Viva, from the personal shapes, can mount a 7 “screen to manage even the apps of your mobile phone thanks to the systems Apple car Play and Android car. Looking at the inner mirror, you can notice the keys of the OnStar system (standard for innovation): It also allows you to create a Wi-Fi network to connect up to seven between smartphones and tablets. Pity that the service can not be combined with a navigator (not foreseen among the optional): You have to use your mobile phone. The key for the petrol/LPG switching is to the left of the steering wheel, well integrated between the other commands. The cockpit is airy (besides well finished) to be that of superminis: in four your travel comfortable, and the third passenger on the couch has a discreet ease for the legs. Sure, you have to squeeze a little Good level the quality of the seats in fabric and faux leather, with the practical height adjustment for the driver. Ok accessibility, even at the rear seats.

Trunk. The trunk is the sore note of this GPL version. It is well finished but compared to the other Vauxhall Viva, which already do not stand out for the load capacity, due to the presence of the “donut” of the gas, you lose over 50 liters: The minimum capacity is 151 liters. It is not bad, however, the maximum: reclining the sofa you get to 958 liters, thanks to the shapes of the bodywork.

In the city. In the traffic (in the test the car has traveled on average, gas, 11.6 km/L), the Vauxhall Viva is really at ease: the clutch is light and, by pressing the City button, the steering wheel maneuvers with a finger. The bio is not lacking, but the visibility in reverse is not the best; However, by exploiting the rear distance sensors (optional) The contained dimensions allow you to park without difficulty.

2018 Vauxhall Vivaro Alloy Wheels

Out of town. Holding up the Mille a three-cylinder revolutions, the low-speed recovery is remediated. In the mixed this superminis does not disappoint: in the paths alternating curves and straights (average distance detected, 16.4 liters with a liter of LPG), it shows a remarkable agility and precision. The brakes are adjusted, while the stability control is sometimes too much ready for operation.

by the highway. At gaits from code (consumption detected, 10.2 km/L) the engine works in the fifth gear to 4000 laps, but the comfort is acceptable. Good stability in the bends, while you have to pay attention to the lateral wind: the high body makes it feel a lot (as well as, surpassing the Tir, the thrust of the air is felt).

Why Yes

habitability. In spite of only 368 cm in length, this supermini offers enough space for driver and passengers. Even the rear ones.
Supplied. As standard, in addition to the six airbags, the automatic “Clima” and the Bluetooth hands-free, there is also the sophisticated Vauxhall OnStar teleservice system.
Use at LPG. Traveling to gas halve the costs for supplies. In addition, the performance does not decrease significantly from petrol use.

Why not

Baule. Already the Viva gasoline does not have a large trunk. Here, there is also the presence of the cylinder that prevents the use of the compartment under the bottom.
Integrated navigator. It is true that you can use the Gps of your mobile phone, but a built-in system would be more practical, especially to make the most of the potential of the OnStar service.
Rear visibility. In reverse you see very little: the distance sensors help, but they must be paid separately.

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