2018 Vauxhall Mokka X Review, Specs, Interior

Monday, November 25th, 2019 - Vauxhall
2018 Vauxhall Mokka X Boot Dimensions

The Vauxhall Mokka now has an X in the name, a more gritty front and a less crowded plank of buttons. The guide is OK, but the view remains sparse.

On sale from 2012, the Vauxhall Mokka renews and changes its name, adding an X; This letter will now distinguish all SUVs and crossovers of the house. To change more is the front, which now proposes a mask with a chromed wing-shaped mustache and led daytime running lights. The sculpted surfaces strengthen the image of the machine, which, however, appears even more elegant than the old version. The double wing motif is also found in the back, where it is repeated inside the headlights. The side is moved by decisive lines, lightened by large dug areas (including the wave, which goes back towards the tail, giving impetus to the whole).

New also in the cockpit of the Vauxhall Mokka X. The dashboard is all new and easy to read. The central part of the dashboard and the console, with the tactile screen of 7 “(or 8, according to the fittings), is also unpublished. Now many functions are commanded by the central screen, which allowed to free the console from most of the keys that crowded it (and that could be a source of distraction). Cured assemblies and even materials convince (especially the soft and pleasing plastic to the touch of the plank) while it is so the trunk, which does not excel in load capacity and has the threshold rather far from the ground (73 cm).

The Vauxhall Mokka X also features the OnStar system (standard, with the exception of the base). It is a service of connectivity and personal assistance that includes the automatic emergency call in case of an accident, the connection 24 hours a day with a dedicated operating station to have information of various kinds and an app to control with the mobile phone of many functions of the car. So, for example, if the sensors in the machine are activated due to a large impact, OnStar is automatically called the rescue. Or, by calling the operations center, you can ask what are the restaurants or hotels near the place where you are located. And, with the MyVauxhall app, you can lock or unlock the ports remotely, locate the vehicle and activate the horn or headlights; From the end of 2016, a hotspot will be available to create a Wi-Fi network in the cockpit to which up to seven mobile phones can be connected. Unpublished for the Mokka is also the IntelliLink: You can connect your smartphones to the multimedia system of the car through the protocols Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, displaying the screens in the display of the car.

Some Vauxhall Mokka X engines are already known: gasoline, there are the 1.6 from 116 hp and the 1.4 Turbo from 140 hp (the latter also to LPG), while the 1.6 a diesel engine has 110 and 136 hp. New is the 1.4 Turbo gasoline 152 CV, paired only with 4×4 traction and six-speed automatic gearbox. The Vauxhall Mokka X with the 1.6 turbo diesel 136 CV offers the right panache and consumption that, for an all-wheel drive, they are not at all high (in our instrumental test of the old Mokka 1.6 CDTI 4×4 We had detected an average of 16.1 km/L, and at the end of our test on the tortuous roads of southern Scotland we exceeded 17, at least according to the values read in the onboard computer). Even the vibrations and noise are never such as to annoy, but the gearbox has slightly contrasting grafts and the clutch pedal is not very lightweight to press. Too bad, that you can’t have the automatic gearbox, which would make life easier. Appreciable driving skills: they convince the precise steering response and good road grip, while abandoning the asphalt the integral traction with electronic control allows be of hindrance without fatigue even in low grip conditions. As in the old model, the visibility is not among the strong points: in the curves on the left the gaze comes across the long front upright, and in reverse, the small window obliges to rely on the sensors of distance (standard, both front, and rear).

2018 Vauxhall Mokka X 1.6 Active 5dr

Among the options of the Vauxhall Mokka X There are also the AFL LED headlamps (Adaptive Forward Lighting, to 1,250 euros): These are intelligent lights that adapt the beam according to the type of path and the presence of other vehicles, so as to have the best possible illumination without glare. The front camera Vauxhall Eye, on the other hand, reads the road signs them in the dashboard and keeps under control the safety distance, alerting the driver when traveling too close to the car that precedes (also through the red LEDs that are projected in the windshield). In the dealership in mid-October (with two days of open doors on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16), the Mokka X has prices between 19,750 euro of 1.6 petrol from 116 hp (on offer at the launch, until the end of the year, at 16,900) to 29,050 of the 1.6 CDTI 4×4 of this test and the 1.4 Turbo B-Color 4×4 automatic.

Pros and Cons


> supplied. As standard, there is everything you need, and even more: from the “climate” to the alloy rims, from the parking sensors to the OnStar system.
> Guide. The car is handy, easy to drive and holds the road well.
> engine. The turbo diesel is lively, it pushes smoothly and does not make too much noise.


>> Trunk. It is not very capacious and has the load threshold distance from the ground.
>> Change. The maneuverability is not the best, and for the 1.6 CDTI 136 CV with the 4×4 traction, you can not have the automatic.
> visibility. The long risers on the sides of the windscreen disturb in the turns and the small window creates problems in “back”.

2018 Vauxhall Mokka X Review, Specs, Interior Pictures

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