2018 Toyota Supra Relase Date, Engine Specs

Saturday, March 30th, 2019 - Toyota
2018 toyota Supra interior real photo

The arrival of the new 2018 Toyota Supra is expected in 2018, but already now one can imagine its forms. The Toyota Supra is a Coupe eagerly awaited by fans as the heir of a lucky lineage and success: the first generation dates back to 1977, while the fourth remained in production from 1996 to 2003. The latter is also the most appreciated for its high dynamics and for the powerful 6 cylinder turbo engine 320 HP. This wait has almost come to an end, as demonstrated by the test camouflaged prototypes photographed road yet (read more here). The fifth generation of Toyota Supra should come on the market in 2018, but its arrival will be preceded by a concept car, very close to the final model, scheduled for Tokyo Motor Show by end 2017.

2018 Toyota Supra Redesign

based on “forklifts” of spy photos on site SupraMKV has rebuilt rather faithfully as it should be the new Japanese sports. The drawings are then a pointed front hood which dominates a very gritty, wraparound front side roof feature moves the wheel arch Moguls, reminiscent of the racing cars of the past, a wraparound glazing and a tail Duckbill linking horizontal headlights and pointed.

In COLLABORATION with BMW – Toyota Supra 2018 has been developed in conjunction with BMW that the common platform will implement the future spider Z5. The two houses signed an agreement in January 2013 and will share in the costs of development, based on a front engine and rear wheel drive mechanism. Of the agreement are not part the motors, considering that Toyota could use, according to rumors, an unprecedented V6 Biturbo (from approximately 400 HP) and should not miss a hybrid version.

2018 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo IV was providing 4.5 accelerate 0 to 100 from 320hp and in seconds, a record time for a relatively affordable sports produced by a mainstream brand and which allowed her to compete with supercars from the same era as the F430 Scuderia, the F40 and Diablo although the top speed was electronically limited to only 250 km/h (in Japan even at 180 km/h). With this performance, Supra represented what is GT-R today i.e. a car able to embarrass the Italian supercar emblazoned. Made this necessary premise someone explain to me where they think they go with 400 hp in 2018 … i.e. in 23 years power has grown by only 80 hp? But to me is what sends right off.

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2018 toyota Supra horsepower

I think they’re going to own a CVT because now is in their philosophy, after all, it was also used in F1 so it is applicable to a high-performance car. Me too I would convince a lot due to the excessive weight, such as the NSX weighs a casino only to 73 HP more, now was the same if it was less powerful but lighter and rear-wheel drive. It’s still a car which I appreciate especially the aesthetic but also because it uses hybrid technology performance purposes, although the system is still immature because of the weight of the batteries and because it uses electronics to win the physics in fact with torque vectoring appears to be less. Only I wouldn’t call NSX because NSX “Senna” has little or nothing.

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